Price of Sequin Fabric in Nigeria

The price of sequins is about NGN 3000 and above. The quality determines the price. Sequin fabric is the perfect addition to any outfit. It’s shiny, shimmery and makes the ordinary extraordinary.

The Sequin fabric is a classic that never goes out of style. It’s perfect for evening or special occasions, and will never be a show stopper if paired with the right accessories. For a festive look, try this Sequin fabric. It features an eye-catching sparkle that will bring your designs to life.

Sequin fabric is a beautiful, shiny fabric with specks of glitter that reflect the light. It’s a fun and modern fabric perfect for embellishing clothing, accessories, and more! Sequin fabric is a fancy little number you can wear in the dark. One of its most popular uses is to use it as a tablecloth because they are so bright and sparkly.

Best Sequins Materials

Sequin fabric is ideal for crafting projects, apparel and home décor items. It features a pressed iridescent fabric with a large sequin design and metallic finish. Sequin fabric is created from an opaque base fabric and a glittering, sparkly surface that is stitched on top to give the picture a shining effect.

Sequin fabric is a durable but lightweight fabric that’s perfect for clothing and home decor. This glittering fabric has a shimmery appearance, so it looks lovely when the light hits it. In its most basic form, sequin fabric is produced by weaving threads into a weave called satin or grosgrain, which creates horizontal lines. These threads are then hand-stitched to create small rhinestones called sequins.

It’s hard to believe that such a bright, shiny and gorgeous fabric could be so lightweight, but our Sequin fabric is! This super-stretchy fabric features a sequin surface with a white background on one side and black on the other. You could sew it up into anything from a party dress or a teen stocking to a winter headband or clutch bag.

Sequin fabric is a luxurious fabric that glitters and sparkles when the light hits it. It’s perfect for evening wear, party dresses and even accessories. Sequin fabric is available in many sizes and colours so you can find what you need to get your project started today.

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