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Poly Dupion Fabric is a lightweight fabric that is extremely versatile for clothing, curtain fabrics and upholstery. Poly Dupion Fabric is made from the finest fibers on the market and has excellent drape, retention, holdout and durability. This fabric will not wear excessively with use or laundering. It has great abrasion resistance as well as shrinkage resistance making it very popular in drapery fabrics. Poly Dupion fabrics are often used to reupholster furniture because of their durable wear resistance.

Faux Silk Dupioni Fabric

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Dupioni Silk is a material which is used to create items like clothes, tablecloths and curtains. When it comes to poly dupioni fabric, the most common names that come up are poly dupioni, poly dupion and poly dupion silk.

Dupioni Fabric is known for its soft but silky texture. It has been a favorite fabric of many designers as it is durable and can be used on both formal and casual attire. The patterns on the dupioni fabrics are generated using a spinning process which creates high definition patterns and designs in texture.

Our faux silk dupioni fabric collection is a great alternative to silk. Dupioni is a very lightweight and easy-to-care-for fabric with a distinctive crinkle texture that creates visual interest in your projects, whether garments or home décor items. This fabric features 1-1/2″ horizontal slubs and 3/8″ vertical slubs at 45 degree angles.

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Poly Dupion Fabric Manufacturer

Our beautiful faux silk dupioni fabric is a luxurious alternative to silk, with a rich and soft drape. It’s perfect for special occasion dresses, draperies, or any project where an extra-special look is desired.

Dupioni is a type of silk fabric that can be found in many luxury fabrics. It’s a beautiful, flowing fabric that reflects light but drapes more in comparison to other silks. Faux dupioni is made from polyester or rayon fibers and has been treated with a unique process to give it many of the same characteristics as real dupioni.

Poly Dupion Fabric Uses

Polyester Dupioni fabric was first used in the 1930s and is a very popular choice for drapes, upholstery and home decorator fabrics. It is very similar to silk dupioni but much less expensive. Dupioni fabric has a fine texture that takes dye well and holds its color over time. It is named after the city of Diu in India, where it was originally woven from silk.

This is a high quality, 100% polyester dupioni silk fabric. Dupioni silk is the perfect fabric for creating elegant and timeless tote bags and clutches that will never go out of style.

dupioni is a fabric with a unique decorative effect, often used in making up women’s garments. It is manufactured as an imitation of silk satin, but with cotton warp and weft. The manufacturing process is similar to that of raw silk, but differs in the use of cotton instead of silk fibres in the warp and weft threads giving it its characteristic softness, sheen and weight. Dupioni is less expensive than true silk satins since it does not require hand-dying.

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