Polka dot organza fabric

Polka Dot Organza Fabric

Polka dot organza fabric
Polka dot organza fabric

What is Polka Dot Organza Fabric?


Polka dot organza fabric is a lightweight material designed with bold, medium or tiny dots. Organza fabrics generally are transparent weave materials. which makes it flimsy to touch. Polka dot organza fabrics are made from slightly hard polyester. Polka dot organza fabrics are highly breathable and non stretchy. Its easy to wash and light iron friendly.


Organza Polka Dot Fabric Material


Overtime, textile companies have been producing organza fabrics from silk, but today, polyester and nylon are also being used in large quantity to produce polka dot organza fabrics and every other organza design fabrics.  Organza polka dot fabrics are used to make clothing that mostly overlays hard fabrics. this means that; organza blouse can be worn on a thick skirt or pants. This brings out the best in organza polka dot outfit. These thick fabrics are usually plain because the polka dot fabric is already busy. see illustration below:

The lightweight material is preferably washed with hand than using the washing machine. Most of the polka dot fabrics require light ironing. Always put your organza polka dot fabric on a hanger to avoid burning the organza fabric when ironing.

Polka Dot Organza Fabric Styles
Polka dot organza dress

Polka dot organza fabrics can be used to make trendy tops, shirts, gowns, palazzo’s, dresses and blouses, just name it. In order to  ensure comfort, always line or use an inner to wear your polka dot organza fabric outfits. This is because, polyester, nylon and silk are low heat absorbent fabrics. Organza polka dot fabrics is more suitable for adult clothing but if you have to use it for kids, you must use cotton linen to avoid skin to skin contact with kids.

Where to Buy Polka Dot Organza Fabric in Nigeria

Buyandslay is an online store you can get different designs and textures of organza fabrics. Polka dot organza fabric is one of the organza fabric we have among others. Buyandslay has organza animal print fabrics, plain organza fabrics, lace organza fabrics and so on. We are here to make you slay. Kindly click on our WhatsApp link below for more details on the price of polka dot organza fabrics and others.

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