When you’re shopping for plus size western dresses, it can be difficult to find styles that work well with your favorite pair of boots. You want something that will make you look gorgeous and confident, but not too over-the-top or slouchy—and that’s exactly why we’ve put together this guide. Here are four options for plus size western dresses to wear with boots.

The first option is a classic: the chiffon maxi dress. This type of dress has been around for years, and it doesn’t seem like it’ll be going anywhere anytime soon. The best part about this style is that it works with almost any type of footwear—even if it isn’t technically “western.” (As long as you’re wearing boots!) If you’re looking for something that’s more fitted than loose-fitting, then this could be a great option for you!

Another option is a denim skirt. If you love getting dressed up without feeling like you have to go all out with your outfit, then this might be perfect for you! The denim skirt looks great with boots because they have such an edgy feel themselves; they’re both casual enough to

Plus size western dresses to wear with boots

Whether you want to dress rustic for fun or wondering what to wear for the coming western gala, cowgirl outfits just work wonders for you.

As a perfect blend of rich textures, country vibes, and retro flares, a western look is just irresistibly tasteful.

Think iconic rancher hat, rhinestone belt, rusty horse ring necklace, and of course, cowboy boots!

Since most of the cowgirl outfit ideas didn’t include the tips for curvy queens, I thought I’d love to make one!

Ahead, I’ve gathered 11 looks from classic to modern chic style and share how you can accentuate your curves in the right way!

Ready to add a dash of whimsy to your wardrobe? Read on the plus-size cowgirl outfit ideas ahead!

1. Wear the Cowboy Hat as a Bold Statement

plus size cowgirl outfit ideas, western girl fashion plus size
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First thing first, the cowboy hat! I mean, you just can’t feel like a real cowgirl without this darling.

From a classic black felt hat to rowdy leather hat to causal straw cowboy hat for the hot summer days, the choices are simply endless.

As a statement piece, it just goes well with everything. Whether you pull on the hat with a cool all-black look or a simple tee and jeans ensemble, this is how you look full of attitude even in the simplest look.

For the girls who want to look feminine in cowboy hats, I’ll urge you to try the white one! Trust me, it just boosts the aesthetic tenfold instantly.

For a preppy girl look, team the white cowboy straw hat with a dusty pink polo dress shirt and beige pants, this look is to die for.

And one more tip, if you are the girls with chubby cheeks like me, don’t lower your beam too much as that will make your face looks even rounder.

Instead, show a bit of a forehead out for the contouring effect.

2. Complete the Western Look with Cowboy Boots

plus size cowgirl outfit ideas, western girl fashion plus size

When it comes to another great symbol of the countryside style, you guessed it, the cowboy boots.

Featuring the leg-elongating pointy toe design with all kinds of modern hues and twists, it’s not hard to understand why these boots take the fashion world by storm.

From high streetwear to western country style, these boots just seal the deal. Whether you tuck it into the jeans or team it with hot pants, the rodeo outfit just screams “I’ve got a style and I KNOW it!”.

3. Embrace AZTEC Top for a Tasteful Look

plus size cowgirl outfit ideas, western girl fashion plus size

Many plus-size ladies prefer a relaxed cut top for the cowgirl look but worry that will look too boring and mature.

Well, not with the Aztec top!

With all the exotic prints and classic ethical art hues, a billowy dress shirt just tell others you are the fashion explorers that are open to trying out new things!

And if you wonder what earrings to pair with this shirt, may I suggest you the feather earrings as they just echo with the exotic vibes!

4. Flannel Shirt s Cowgirl’s Best Friend

plus size cowgirl outfit ideas, western girl fashion plus size

If you want to look like a cowgirl with minimal effort, just put on a flannel shirt, jeans, and cowgirl boots and you are ready to go!

To look more put-together, it’s always a perfect time to showcase your vintage western belt.

If you are into a more artsy style, a flannel patchwork tunic shirt just can’t go wrong. For the experimental girls out there, feel free to sew some patches yourself.

Or else, you can find some really nice ones from Etsy!

Seriously, a nice quality flannel shirt is a real deal and it just proves ever more versatile.

Whether you wear it as outerwear or front knot the shirt for a trendy look, it never fails to create a hot and rowdy look for you!

5. Stay Modern Casual with Denim

plus size cowgirl outfit ideas, western girl fashion plus size

Instead of going for the cowgirl look hardcore, some ladies just want to add a dash of western vibes to their modern outfits.

So yes, it’s all about mix and match.

You can actually team your favorite floral dress with cowgirl boots for a dazzling look.

When it comes to the outwear, switch out the fringed suede jacket for a cropped denim jacket to dress down the look.

A tip here, if you want to elongate your arms and figure as a whole, always roll up the sleeve of the jacket. That truly makes a difference visually!

6. Stay Rustic with Western Jeans

plus size cowgirl outfit ideas, western girl fashion plus size

Do you know how to make your OOTD looks tasteful in one minute? Switch your ordinary pants to western jeans!

In a world where everyone is wearing skinny jeans, you just effortlessly stand out from the crowd with retro bell-bottom pants.

If you want to flaunt your curves, these pants never fail to disappoint you with an hourglass shape.

To maximize the effect, I’ll urge you to wear sandal wedges inside for the leg flattering effect. Want to look 4 inches taller in comfort? Cool and easy!

7. Get Bold with Light Hues

plus size cowgirl outfit ideas, western girl fashion plus size

When it comes to the classic cowgirl look, people always think of dark hues like black and brown.

While these shades are classic, perhaps it’s time for us to get out of our comfort zone for an extra pop of fun!

A pink cowboy hat with pastel exotic print blouse and sleek white boots? Congrats as you’ve just unblocked new ways to express cowgirl look!

8. Western Cowgirl Dress for Weddings

plus size cowgirl outfit ideas, western girl fashion plus size

Can you look romantic in a cowgirl ensemble? Well, the challenge is real but guess what, it’s possible!

If you are looking for cowgirl-style wedding shoot outfit ideas, try teaming the white lace dress with cowboy boots together for a mysterious yet rebellious vibe.

For hair accessories, go for an Aztec print headband to finish the look with a distinctive note.

If you want to be the coolest bride, well, consider this look!

9. Utilise the Cowboy Belt as Plus Size

plus size cowgirl outfit ideas, western girl fashion plus size

Every great ensemble needs a great accessory. That said, the cowgirl belt is always worth collecting for your cowgirl wardrobe.

From the classic tan brown leather belt to turquoise cowgirl belt to the aesthetic rhinestone belt, it’s always delightful to match them with all kinds of looks.

If you want to accentuate both your fashion taste and figure even more, the western corset belt is the winning option for plus-size ladies!

The study structure just smoothens out our belly area and accentuates the curves even more.

Whether you wear it with a simple shirt or cowgirl ensemble, this statement look is sure to turn heads.

10. Get Bold with a Sheriff Look For Western Parties

plus size cowgirl outfit ideas, western girl fashion plus size

If you need some party night costume ideas, well, what about a western sheriff look!

As we all know, people in uniform always look so great.

If you are feeling flirty, go for an olive green one-piece and fishnet tights to totally steal the show!

11. Accessorize your Cowgirl Look

plus size cowgirl outfit ideas, western girl fashion plus size

A real cowgirl won’t let her wrist empty.

When in doubt, spoil yourself with turquoise pendant necklaces just look classy with a dash of a western feel.

But of all, my favorite piece is the horseshoe ring bracelet, whenever I need luck, you will see me wearing it!

And if you really want a killer look, always pick a fringe bag to complete your look.

For the crafty girls out there, feel free to revamp your LV bag to your ultimate cowgirl bag if you want! (To be honest, I’m not quite sure about this idea…)

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