Pleated Fabric in Lagos Nigeria

There’s one trend you definitely wouldn’t want to miss this season, and that is pleated fabric trend. It’s back and surprisingly making waves this season.

There are so many different styles of pleated fabric that have evolved as time scrolled by. There has been a comeback for pleated fabrics since the 70’s and there is something about their elegance that stands out.

Valentino, Dior, and Joseph are just a few fashion houses bringing pleated styles back, especially in midi and high-waisted styles.

Throughout history, fashion designers and seamstresses have used pleating to create volume, texture, and depth in garments. From pleated front trousers to accordion-pleated skirts, this dynamic folding technique is used today on a variety of garments.

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How Are Pleats Used in Fashion?

An aesthetic function of pleats is to create volume in a garment The fabric is gathered or folded, which creates a fuller silhouette Pleats are practical as they enable a garment to move freely and provide airflow.

You will often need a lot more fabric for a pleated item, so pay attention to the material requirements in the sewing pattern. When sewing pleats, leave an extra seam allowance at the top, as you’ll need the extra room to sew and fold the pleats.

What Fabric is Good for Pleats? 

The finest fabrics, such as handkerchief linen works best for narrow pleats where bulk isn’t an issue Cotton, wool, and silk hold their shape when pressed. Synthetic fabrics require more effort to hold their shape.

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