Plastic bed sheets for incontinence are disposable and completely waterproof, enabling a more comfortable sleep for people with incontinence problems. The plastic sheet can be purchased in a variety of sizes from small to large and in varying quantities to meet your needs. We have a great selection of brands here at Medcare Direct including Carex, Guardian and Medline

Our plastic bed sheets for incontinence are specially designed for use in the prevention of skin breakdown, with a waterproof layer for maximum protection and comfort. This product is featured on a highly durable non-toxic plastic backing that’s easy to wash, maintain, and dry.

Plastic bed sheets are a great solution when skin gets irritated or sensitive due to incontinence. Vinyl-coated polyethylene plastic sheeting resists oils and stains, yet allows skin to breathe. It is hypoallergenic, durable, puncture resistant and water repellent and can be easily cleaned by wiping down with soap and water. Plastic bed sheets can be used in hospitals, nursing homes and at home.

The Store-Bought Plastics Bedding, also known as the Incontinence Bed Sheets for Adults, is designed to help keep you dry and comfortable all night long.

We bring to you the premium quality plastic sheet for incontinence. Our sheets are sturdy and sterile, perfect for selling in your hospital or clinic.

These plastic bed sheets are designed to keep your mattress clean and fresh. These can be placed over your own or a changeable linen sheet, as they are made of high quality plastic that is waterproof, hypoallergenic and durable. You can wash them in the washing machine and tumble dry them with no problem.

Our plastic bed sheets for incontinence are made of a comfortable, waterproof material that provides all over protection to the mattress and bedding. Our Incontinence Sheets come in a luxurious soft satin finish, with a tape border and an easy to use pull up system that makes changing your mattress fast and easy.

The plastic bed sheets are an essential item for those living with incontinence. Bed pads, underpads and mattress protectors can be used to help keep your bed and mattress clean and stain-free. The collection of waterproof bed coverings at Walgreens offers a variety of options to help maintain the safety of your home.

Great fitting and breathable, this plastic bed sheet is perfect for use with incontinence patients. The waterproof layer will provide protection against leakages, while the soft surface is comfortable to lie on. They can also be easily cleaned and maintained.

These bed sheets are made of plastic with a very high-quality plastic backing and a protective non-slip coating. The breathable fabric is light and flexible, with a soft feel. Extra absorbent material soaks up liquid very quickly and completely so that the victim stays dry and comfortable throughout the night. It is also waterproof as well as flame retardant, making it ideal for use on beds where someone with incontinence has accidents. These bed linens are washable at temperatures of up to 95 degrees Celsius / 5 times or 130 degrees Celsius / 2 times.

to protect the bed and the mattress from body fluids, vomit and urine.

The protective seal around the sheet allows you to change the sheets when necessary, keeping skin clean and dry.

The Plastic Bed Sheets for Incontinence and Those Needing a Lighter Liner, offers greater protection from bed germs. These sturdy plastic sheets have an ultra-smooth surface that makes for easy cleanup. The sheets are machine-washable, so come clean fast and easy! They fit standard size mattresses and are waterproof to protect against leaks or accidents.

Bed sheets specially designed for incontinence. The elastic contour sheet fits snugly around the mattress to prevent leakage. Specially designed side flaps seal the mattress edge, while keeping it looking neat and discreet. Each sheet comes with a waterproof layer and is machine washable, making laundering easy.

Our bed sheets are soft, strong and cut-resistant. The strong lint resistant mesh fabric helps keep your incontinence products in place while the smooth anti-slip surface prevents sheets from sliding off the bed.

The soft, luxurious feel of a cotton linen blend is combined with plastic backing to create the ultimate in incontinence sheets. These ultra-soft and cool to the touch garments offer protection against accidental leakage and have an exceptional breathability factor that creates a comfortable sleeping environment. The Techno Plastic backing is also hypoallergenic and keeps your bed dry, as well as preventing body moisture from penetrating into the sheet below.

Our incontinence bed sheets are made of high quality, tear-resistant material for a waterproof barrier that keeps you dry. They are easy to wash and dry and can be reused multiple times.

Protect the bedding and mattresses of your loved one with these comfortable and durable, antimicrobial sheets. Available with a waterproof backing or breathable cloth that allows moisture to evaporate through the pad. Keep your loved one protected when they sleep on a hard mattress with this soft 100% cotton sheet that is designed to fit any size hospital bed.

These Plastic Bed Sheets for Incontinence will provide a clean and dry environment for the patient. The plastic cover provides protection for the mattress and other items in the area. The disposable Plastic Bed Sheets are easy to use, comfortable and hygienic, ideal for use in hospitals, care homes and other medical institutions that require containment of fluids.

The Plastic bed sheets for incontinence are waterproof protection for your bed. The bed sheets are soft to the touch, comfortable and easy to clean. For more comfort and peace of mind, our incontinence bedsheets will keep you dry at night and during the day too.

Best plastic bed sheets for incontinence

Pick up a set of bed sheets for incontinence today and breathe easy knowing that your loved one is protected. Our high quality washable waterproof plastic bed sheets are manufactured with the finest materials and assemble to fit beds of all sizes.

Soft, breathable plastic bed sheets are ideal for individuals who experience incontinence and other discomforts. These polypropylene sheets fit any standard hospital-style mattress to keep patients warm, dry and comfortable.

The perfect solution for incontinent adults, the BestRest Classic Series Plastic Bed Sheet provides the most secure fit for all bed lengths and a leak proof surface to ensure that patients remain clean and dry throughout their entire night of sleep. The tight fitting elastic band acts as a hospital recommended retention system, keeping this adult diaper on securely.

Our bed sheets for incontinence are designed to fit mattresses that are standard in size, so you do not have to purchase an expensive custom size. Our bed sheets are offered in multiple colors and designs, so you can choose to find sheets that match the decor of your bedroom.

Plastic bed sheets for incontinence are made of the latest material wicking technology to rapidly absorb moisture, dry quickly and keep patients dry. The breathable fabric allows air to circulate around the entire body, promoting health and comfort. These high-quality products allow you to focus on patient care by providing quality care at home.

Our plastic bed sheets for incontinence are specially designed for the protection of patients. They give maximum protection against leakage, minimizing the risk of cross-contamination between patients. Made from a single layer of waterproof 28lb paper with a high concentration polymer adhesive, these plastic bed sheets are easily removed and replaced for regular cleaning.

Secure and reliable, these plastic bed sheets for incontinence provide a comfortable, leak-proof barrier between the bedclothes and the mattress. The breathable waterproof layer prevents moisture from absorbing into the sheets or mattress, protecting it from staining or becoming waterlogged.

A quality plastic bed sheet is an important tool for anyone who suffers from incontinence during the night. These vinyl sheets are waterproof and can be easily cleaned, so your loved one’s bedding doesn’t have to be washed as often. You may also want to consider buying a mattress protector and regularly airing out the room where your loved one sleeps.

Our incontinence bed sheets are made of soft, comfortable plastic. This type of plastic is not as stiff as rubber and feels more like fabric. These eliminate the friction and pull on the skin that disposable underpads cause when they adhere to sagging skin without absorption. Available in multiple colors.

This is a 100% breathable, soft and comfortable bed sheet designed specifically for people with incontinence. Designed to help reduce the risk of skin related problems associated with frequent changing and repeated cleaning.

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