Plain net fabric is a simple and lightweight fabric that has an open mesh weave. It’s popular in many different types of clothing, and can be used to create shorts, dresses, tops and more. Net fabric is often combined with other fabrics to add dramatic flare and style to garments. Our Plain Net Fabric is a classic and versatile decorative fabric with a soft, weighted and open weave. This plain net fabric is ideal for home decorating and craft projects such as drapery, stage curtains and more.

This plain net fabric is lightweight and will add a bold touch to your projects. It comes in a variety of colors, has good opacity and drapes nicely, so it will work well for creating dresses, skirts, coats and more.

This plain net fabric is perfect for creating unique home decor, stretching across a bed or couch to hide messy wires or covering the neckline of a garment. This no-sew fabric can be used for clothing refashioning, upholstery and millinery.

The plain net fabric is a construction element for soft furnishing systems. It is woven in a high-quality material that gives free movement to the fashion item, bag or interior. The pattern of the webbing gives a natural look and feel to the finished product, which makes it particularly suitable for bedding and soft furnishings.

Net fabric can be used to make any type of clothing, including tops, dresses and skirts. It is also commonly used for curtains and drapes because it is extremely strong yet lightweight. This fabric is transparent and allows light to pass through it, which makes it rubbery. Net fabrics are usually made from nylon, polyester or cotton. They are extremely durable and lightweight.

Plain Net Fabric is a light-weight fabric that has a net weave pattern. It provides privacy and can also be used as a decorative room divider. Plain Net Fabric is made of 100% cotton and is highly durable. It is suitable for making dresses, blouses, shirts, pyjamas and more.

This Plain Net Fabric is made of high quality fabric. You can use them as curtain, tablecloth, and so on. Plain net fabric has good breathability, excellent drape and softness. Our plain net fabric is ideal for many products like home decor, clothing etc.

Our plain net fabric is a woven cotton faced, plain weave fabric with a slight sheen. It is lightweight and great to use when you need a draping or sheer effect of your project.

High-quality plain net fabric, sold in metres by the length ordered. Supply of nets is from stock, with next day service from receipt of order. Delivery can be made within two working days to most parts of the UK.

Made from a high quality polyester, this Plain Net Fabric is soft and lightweight. It has a plain weave that allows the fabric to breathe and is great for many home décor projects, including window treatments, curtains, table cloths, lamp shades and more.

Plain Net Fabric is available in many different colours and sizes. Plain net fabrics are a great alternative to embroidered net curtains and can be used to create stunning window dressings that add elegance and style to your home or office.

Where to Buy Plain Net Fabric Online

Plain net fabric is used in design to create transparent or sheer curtains, table linens, and apparel. Plain net fabric can also be used as a medium for needlework, such as embroidery and cross-stitch. Made of 100% polyester yarns, this flat-woven fabric has high strength, tenacity and durability.

Plain net fabric is a lightweight, translucent and sheer fabric used to make form-fitting garments. Net fabrics are often used for linings, bridal wear and dance costumes. Plain net fabrics are available in light and dark shades that work with most colours and patterns.

A very fine mesh, with holes less than 1/10th of a millimetre across. The fabric is used in making net curtains, nets for tennis and badminton etc. Plain Net Fabric is a lightweight, semi-sheer fabric. It is often used as a lining or can be used as an accent on sheer curtains.

Our Plain Net Fabric is a lightweight, soft, and versatile netting fabric. It features a light quality that works perfectly for masquerade, wedding dresses and other special occasion wear. Due to its thinness, this cloth can easily be draped over other materials to add texture or design. You can use it as a dust cover when transporting clothing items and it won’t rip or tear like plastic would! Use our Plain Net Fabric for almost any project you want!

Plain net fabric is a light to medium weight plain net that can be used as a sheer, semi-transparent or opaque fabric. Used for fashion and apparel, this net is also perfect for home decorating applications. Plain net fabric is not suitable for use with children under 12 years old – it is too lightweight to make safe play items

Plain net fabric is a plain, durable and lightweight fabric. It is frequently used in the manufacture of garments due to its unique characteristics. Plain nets are less expensive than other types of nets and have excellent shape recovery capabilities

Our plain net fabric is available in two different weights, a light and heavy-duty grade. Perfect for a variety of uses including window treatments, bedding and upholstery. Our plain net fabric will also work well with your new or existing valances.

Net fabric is a lightweight, open mesh fabric made from nylon. It’s ideal for creating window treatments like sheers and curtains, or for draped tablecloths and other decorative accessories. Plain net fabrics can be used on their own or paired with a solid-color curtain backing to offer extra body. Note: If you’re looking for sheer organza, check out our plain crinkle organza page.

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