Pink Sapphire Engagement Ring Meaning

Mythology of Pink Sapphire Engagement Ring

For many centuries, pink sapphire engagement ring has been a symbol of love. In Asian mythology, pink sapphires are sometimes equated to the venerated lotus flower which represents beauty, knowledge and virtue.

In ancient Roman tradition, sapphire engagement rings are presented to the bride to the bridegroom as a symbol of marriage commitment. On the other hand, sapphire are worn as lucky charm by men in medieval Europe while Indians wore sapphire rings in the past to remedy Scorpion bites if mixed with water.

All over the world, it is believed that pink sapphires has a supernatural effect on people that use it. This supernatural power represents trust, faithfulness and love. They’re likewise accepted to bring favorable luck and passionate love between couples.

What you Don’t Know About Pink Sapphire

Pink sapphires are eye catchy Prescious stones that is known all over the world. Sapphire engagement ring is widely believed to have a blue tone. Sapphires have other natural colors such as pink, yellow green and so on. Sapphire pink stones can be dark or light. There are also Padparadscha sapphires which have a purplish pink and orange pink tones. These sapphires are not easy to find.

Pink sapphires engagement ring is made from stone minerals from the corundum family. Sapphires are made up of natural minerals such as iron, titanium, magnesium, copper and chromium which aids to define the tone of the sapphire engagement ring. This means that “ the higher the level of chromium, the deeper the pink sapphire tone.

When making a choice of sapphire, colour is one of the main factors to consider while more profound tones will in general be more important. You ought to pick the color that is most desirable to you. At that point, choosing a pink sapphire wedding ring is great option.

In certain scenarios, ruby is regarded to be pink Sapphire because of the tone of ruby stone. It is so difficult to differentiate except if a gemologist is consulted. For example, in United States, a little color saturation is enough for a stone to be called a ruby while in other nations, the term ruby is used loosely.

Pink Sapphire Rings Among Royals and Celebrities

Pink sapphires stand for love and elegance in women. They are frequently seen on fancy jewelries worn by royals and the elite class. At the 2014 Oscars, Amy Adams an actress was seen wearing her elegant pink sapphire together with opal and garnet rings.

In 2013, Queen Elizabeth II was spotted putting on her dazzling pink sapphire brooch. As long as Pink sapphire continues to be the jewelry of royalty, it will always maintain its famous estate and additionally become a moderate choice to pink diamond.

Pink Sapphire ring has gained so much popularity which brought a hike on the demand of pink sapphire wedding rings. Countless of ladies prefer the unique, ladylike pink color to a white precious stone or blue sapphire. For weddings with a blush or baby pink color , pink sapphires are the gemstones for women.

Pink Sapphire and Corundum Mineral

Pink is probably the most extraordinary color in sapphires from the mineral corundum. sapphires are found in numerous tints – like yellow, green and blue – and every assortment gets its tone from various minor elements.

The more the presence of chromium in a corundum precious stone, the deeper its pink color. This implies that pink sapphires comes in different shades, however beautiful red corundum crystals are called rubies.

The word “sapphire” is derived from the Latin word “sapphirus”. Corundum is the third most hardest mineral in history with 9 on the Mohs size of hardness.

The Top Miners of Pink Sapphire Stone in History

Pink sapphire stones are mined in Europe, Africa and Asia. The top countries include; Madagascar Australia, Sri Lanka, Thailand and China among other 22 countries. Pink Sapphires from Thailand are know for it’s quality.

Pink sapphires were considered unimaginably uncommon preceding the 1990s when the Madagascar mines were found. The quality and quantity of pink sapphires from Madagascar makes these gemstones all the more generally accessible and moderate. Pink sapphire mines are additionally present in Myanmar, Sri Lanka and East Africa.

Until the new stores in Madagascar were found during the 1990s, pink sapphires were viewed as very uncommon. Presently, these pink gemstones are as yet uncommon but at the same time broadly accessible.

In Thailand, the mining and cutting of sapphire stones is passed from one generation to another. This culture brought huge success in manufacturing the best sapphire in the world.

What is the Cost of Pink Sapphire Engagement Ring?

Pink sapphires, for instance, are significantly less costly than pink diamonds. The cost of pink sapphires are measured by their color, carat and cut of the stones. For instance, the stone of 2.86 carat dull pink sapphire ring is $1,900, while the lighter pink of 2.0 carat stone price is about $920.
Where on Earth?

Pink Sapphire Birthstone in and Anniversary

If you are celebrating your 10th or 50th wedding anniversaries, pink sapphires is a good choice for you which offers a striking modern alternative to the conventional blue sapphire. Also in the month of September, Sapphire rings are used as birthday gifts for loved ones.

Pink sapphire are known for its longevity, charm and uniqueness which makes it one of the best engagement rings for brides.

Check List for Pink Sapphire Engagement Ring


Purchasing a sapphire of any color is less difficult than purchasing a Diamond. Like other valuable gemstones, the worth of a pink sapphire is to a great extent reliant on its color. Pink sapphires come in various colors, ranging from light pink to magenta, also from pale pink to striking fuchsia. The most valued pink sapphires convey a rich pink tone with purple tones, similar to the 9 Carat ring from James Allen.

We recommend buyers to go for unique solid tone. Regardless if it is light or dark pink, your choice of sapphire should be attractive. This will obviously be measured by standard clarity. While diamonds have a detailed, standardized color-reviewing scale, sapphires don’t have a typical framework for assessing color. This absence of consistency makes it more hard to differentiate the pink sapphires colors.

In other words, it’s ideal to use your own jurisdiction to find out which pink sapphire is appealing to you, regardless of whether it is a more glittery pink or a a non vibrant gemstone. By and large, the deeper the sapphire color, the higher the price. It’s essential to realize that many pink sapphires go through warmth treatment to reduce their purple tones.Generally, untreated pink sapphires are very uncommon while heated pink sapphires are more preferable.


You’ll additionally need to think about the Cut, Clarity, Carat and Shape as you figure out which pink sapphire to purchase. Cutting is a basic segment of any Prescious stone. Cutting brings out the beauty of Prescious stone engagement rings. With pink sapphires, notwithstanding, there aren’t normalized cut alternatives like there are with diamonds.

A decent cut adds elegance to a sapphire tone and draws out its inward beauty. Talented cutters know how to cut out the most ideal gem out of a hard sapphire. They will regularly limit the visibility of any slight inclusions. This is one reason why our gemologist suggests sapphires from Thailand, a country that brags some the world’s best gem cutters. Since pink sapphires are uncommon, they are regularly cut with the goal that a greatest measure of the hard stone can be kept. In this manner the most well-known pink sapphire cuts are oval, or round.

In any case, with sapphires—and most colored gemstones, we depend on the jewel shaper to boost the individual sapphire’s interesting blend of clarity and beauty. Ensure that sapphires are cut even at the edges to improve the stone’s brilliance. Ordinarily, jewel cutters select a more profound cut if the pink sapphire displays a light tone. The profound slice causes the stone to seem to have a more extravagant, more obscure tone. The inverse is additionally evident: if the sapphire is dim, the jewel shaper may pick a shallow slice to bring more light in and harness the general look of the stone.

In a situation where pink sapphire is ineffectively cut, it will seem dull and dead. Talented cutters take these components into consideration, just as the inclusions while blemishes, for instance, are more clear in lighter colored stones.


Sapphire carat weight is dependent on your own style and financial plan. While carat weight is vital to some wearers, we suggest shifting attention from the general beauty and tone of a pink sapphire and concentrate on the carat weight. There are lovely pink sapphire with a carat weight, similar to emerald-cut pink sapphire twofold corona engagement ring. You can find pink sapphires at bigger weights, similar to 2.59 oval sapphire ring.

However, large Pink sapphires that are totally clear are very uncommon. Since clarity decides a sapphire’s worth, this implies that large, high grade sapphires are more costly per carat than more little ones of a comparative quality. If you are searching for a high grade sapphire ring without breaking a bank, with a large single stone, 1-carat pink sapphire can look very great. Perfect clarity will guarantee additional shimmer and any encompassing diamond work will give it a greater feel.


When purchasing a pink sapphire, deviate from those that are not vivid. Great quality sapphires ought to be clear and shimmering. In some cases, pink sapphires may have some scarcely noticeable lines. Impeccable pink sapphires without any inclusion are uncommon and would just be excessively costly for use in jewelry business.

The Padparadscha Sapphire Engagement Ring

The Padparadscha sapphire is a profoundly attractive gemstone. This uncommon and sought-after orange pink sapphire was initially found in a Sri Lankan mine. Padparadscha sapphires is worth more than $20,000 per carat! The name originated from the Sanskrit/Sihalese word “padma raga,” which signifies “lotus color,” as the gemstone’s color looks like that of a lotus blossom.

Pink Sapphire Style Tips

Pink is a shade that suits all colors with an exception to bright red and orange colours.

Pale pink sapphire jewelry, like diamonds, is known to compliment practically all outfits from pinstripe suits to denim.

Stunning pink sapphires go well with blue, light green, white and lighter pink attire. A pink sapphire ring looks adorable on a hand with well manicured nails.

There is need to review the clarity of sapphire engagement ring before purchase and it doesn’t affect the stone’s worth.

Gemologists make use of 10x magnification to investigate a diamond inclusion. Colored gemstones, again, are assessed with an accurate non-amplified measurement. Above all, we hope to check whether the gemstone is “eye-clean” to the eye. The cleaner the stone, the higher the price.

It’s exceptionally far-fetched to locate a pink sapphire with no flaws or inclusions, however, in order to justify that there are no defects in the stone, gemologists carefully speculate that sapphire is clear with no holes.
However, we suggest finding a pink sapphire with a lucidity grade in the VS (Very Slightly included) or VVS (Very Slightly Included) range.

It is worthy to note that most pink sapphires in the market today are heat-treated in other to improve their lucidity and colour. In the case that they aren’t treated in any way, they can be sold at enormous costs.

Natural vs Treated Sapphire Engagement Ring

Unlike most natural precious stones, crystal clear pink sapphires without any inclusions are valuable, and not found in any jewelry store. Regular stones will consistently have some extremely slight inclusions or lines, regardless of whether scarcely perceptible to the eye.

You need to be very careful about pink sapphires which are sold as “totally clear”. These types might be heat treated or crack filled pink sapphire engagement ring. While these treatments may at first enhance the looks of a sapphire ring, they may diminish its worth and hardness.

Pink Sapphire Maintenance

Pink sapphires are extremely durable, but all jewellery should be treated gently. The safest way to polish pink sapphires is to carefully scrub them with an old toothbrush, using warm water and a drop of mild soap. Always do this in a bowl, because jewellery washed over a sink could accidentally drop down the drain.

After washing, pat your sapphires dry or leave them to air-dry. Don’t expose pink sapphires to sudden, intense heat – or direct sunlight for long periods of time. These could damage their colour and crystal structure.

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