Pants to wear on the beach

There’s no doubt that when you’re on the beach, your pants are going to get wet and sandy. So, what’s a girl to do?

If you want to look good and feel comfortable, here are some tips for choosing the best pants for lounging around in the sand or splashing around in the water.

  1. Look for an elastic waistband that doesn’t have drawstrings. Drawstrings are great if you’re wearing a shirt or tank top as well as pants, but if you’re just wearing pants, drawstrings can create unsightly bulges around your waistline.
  2. Look for lightweight fabric that dries quickly after being exposed to water or sand from waves crashing against you while swimming or playing in the waves. Cotton is great because it breathes well and is comfortable even when it gets wet; however, cotton will take longer than other fabrics (like polyester) to dry out after getting wet due to its low absorbency rate compared with other materials like nylon (which has a high absorbency rate).
  3. Look for styles with pockets so that you can carry items like keys or money safely while enjoying activities on the beach (without having them.

Pants to Wear on the Beach

Look: It’s beach season, which means everyone’s stocking up on sundresses and short-shorts. What if that’s not your game, though? If you don’t really like shorts, what are some pants that are comfortable to wear at the beach? Pants at the beach do make a certain kind of sense, after all. They offer extra sun protection to help keep you from getting burned, and, if you choose wisely, they’re easily just as comfortable (perhaps even more comfortable) as shorts are.

Add all that practicality to the fact that easy-breezy styles are very in at the moment, and you’ve got yourself quite the case for beach pants. After all, can you imagine anything more stunningly chic than a nice pair of palazzo pants set on a backdrop of a sunset dotted with palm trees? Or, how about a gorgeous printed jumpsuit to drink a mai tai in, as you watch sail boats disappear over the horizon? Culottes certainly cut a gorgeous silhouette when it comes to taking a romantic stroll on the sand at dusk… basically, your options are endless. So, to get your search for beach pants nicely kickstarted, here’s a handful of fun styles to look out for for your next trip to the sea:

1. Scarf Print Beach Trouser

Scarf Print Beach Trouser, $52, Topshop

You pretty much can’t go wrong with stylishly cut, stylishly printed pants like these.

2. Jersey Pants Loose Fit

Jersey Pants Loose Fit, $18, H&M

You could positively light up the beach in ultra-comfy style with these.

3. H&M+ Jersey Pants

H&M+ Jersey Pants, $18, H&M

Another day, another eye-catching print.

4. Mosaic Beach Pant

Mosaic Beach Pant, $225, Tory Burch

These might just represent the prettiest cover-up of all cover-ups.

5. Shorewalk Cover-Up Pants

Shorewalk Cover-Up Pants, $50, Madewell

If you’re looking for something a touch more subdued, these simple joggers are a great option.

6. Canyon Pants

Wildfox Canyon Pants, $129, ASOS

Here’s another stylishly laidback option, if you want to keep your look on the more lowkey side.

7. Drawstring Trousers

Drawstring Trousers, $26, Zara

Is there anything better than bubblegum pink when it comes to the beach?

8. Navy Pleated Beach Pants

Oysho Navy Pleated Beach Pants, $49, ASOS

Ah, perfect for the white sand beaches of Hawaii, no?

9. Paisley Print Trousers

Paisley Print Trousers, $50, Mango

Ah, the very definition of “summer pants.”

10. Culottes

Culottes, $50, H&M

These cream-colored culottes will look lovely in pretty much any setting, especially including the waterfront.

11. Lace Trim Studio Trousers

Lace Trim Studio Trousers, $50, Zara

Like something a modern-day Marie Antoinette would wear as loungewear.

12. Printed Flowing Jumpsuit

Printed Flowing Jumpsuit, $40, Zara

There’s perhaps nothing quite as instantly stylish as a brightly-printed jumpusit.

13. Culotte Jumpsuit

New Look Culotte Jumpsuit, $37, ASOS

Ooh, very “Hello, sailor.”

14. Paisley Jumpsuit

Oysho Paisley Jumpsuit, $65, ASOS

Nothing says je ne sais quoi quite like a loose-fitting paisley jumpsuit does.

15. Strapless Jumpsuit

HM+ Strapless Jumpsuit, $50, H&M

Strapless is another fun option for the beach.

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