Best No-Show Socks

When trying to determine the best no-show socks, there are a number of factors to take into consideration. One of such factors is the best no-show socks UK men have a love for. This of course is because the country has a knack for only quality products and so, anyone can trust their choice in

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Traditional wedding attire for bride

Traditional wedding attire for bride Buyandslay has curated the best traditional wedding attire for the bride. suitable for your traditional wedding party. In Nigeria and other african countries today, we cannot keep a blind eye to the fabrics being displayed at traditional weddings, naming ceremonies, political gatherings, churches and mosques even in our offices. in fact

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what are boyfriend jeans

what are boyfriend jeans         Looking for where to buy boyfriend denim jacket for women. Buyandslay has a variety of womens boyfriend denim jeans for  your slouchy and relaxed outings.However, this doesn’t mean that boyfriend jeans always have to be worn extra baggy. In fact, more and more, new iterations of the boyfriend

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Wholesale Mini Bags in Nigeria


NGN 10000

L-10 CM

Colour: White, Black, yellow, green, ash and orange

 Bulk order :

3 – 10 pieces $ 17.95 or NGN 7000,                                 10-20 pieces $15.38 NGN 6000

Whatsapp now on :+2347026688108 for inquiry


Delivery Within Nigeria: 3-5 Working days

Shipping to other countries 1 -2weeks 

Charges depending on country and location


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Closed Toe Strappy Heels

Do you have an idea of shoes in vogue in 2021? If you have no idea, we will go through some of the trending shoes in 2021. 2020 witnessed a shift in women’s footwear. The closed toe strappy heels is one of the major shoe trends of 2021. Like I said in my earlier article, the

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Bow Tie Blouse

The bow tie blouse also called tie neck blouse is as old as fashion. This piece was a trend in 1970s. Fashionable women of the first generation set the pace for the bow tie blouse trend  which is now a hot item in contemporary times. The bow tie blouse made a huge come back in

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