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Dress synonyms - 2 019 Words and Phrases for Dress

Other words for dress

dress to impress

dressing up


dress shirt

dress down

dress form


There are many different words for dress and fashion. Here are a few of them:

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Dressmaker: A person who makes women’s dresses.

Dress Shirt: A shirt with no collar or cuffs, worn by men. It is usually white or a light color.

Dress Down: To dress in casual clothes.

Dress Form: A mannequin that simulates the shape of the human body to help dressmakers fit clothes to people more quickly and easily.

Other words for dress

Dressing up is a common practice in the United States, Great Britain and many other countries. The word “dress” has many meanings. It can mean to put clothes on, to wear special clothing and many other things. In this article we will show you some of the most common ways that people use the word “dress”.

Other words for dress up

To “dress” something up means to make it look better or more attractive by adding something else to it. For example:

“She dressed up her outfit with a ribbon.”

“I want to dress up my apartment with some new furniture.”

Dressing up is one of the most important aspects of grooming. It’s your chance to look your best, and make an impression on everyone you meet.

Dress up is also a verb that means “to put on formal clothes” or “to style hair so it looks nice.”

Here are some synonyms for the word dress:

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suit (noun) — A suit consists of a jacket and matching pants or skirt. The pants are called “trousers” (plural) and the skirt is called a “skirt” (singular).

blazer — A blazer is a type of jacket that has a strip of fabric along each sleeve, usually in contrasting colors, that buttons over the shirt cuffs. It’s usually worn with dress pants or a skirt.

dress shirt — A dress shirt is part of a man’s suit or tuxedo, although women may also wear them separately with jeans or other casual clothing. They’re made from soft cotton fabrics like oxford cloth or poplin, which can be plain white or patterned with stripes or checks. Dress shirts have buttons down the front rather than zippers, and they

other words for dressmaker,

other words for dress shirts,

other words for dress down,

other words for dress form

Other Words For Dress Down: Casual Attire, Casual Wear

Dress Down Day is an unofficial holiday observed in the United States and Canada on the third Friday of every September. The idea behind this day is to encourage people to wear casual attire to work instead of their usual business attire. Employees are encouraged to wear jeans or other casual clothing that they would normally wear outside of the office. This practice is intended to increase morale among employees by providing them with an opportunity to relax at work and spend time with their co-workers outside of their normal working environment. The concept behind Dress Down Day was first introduced by American Express in 1984 as a way to increase employee morale while also saving money on dry cleaning costs. The concept caught on quickly as many companies began adopting similar policies as well as creating their own Dress Down Days throughout the year.

Casual dress

Casual dress is the dress code most commonly worn in the western world, particularly at work. It is typically defined as a combination of casual, semi-casual and smart attire. Casual dress may be worn by both men and women, but men’s casual clothing differs from women’s casual clothing in many respects. Men usually wear trousers, while women usually wear skirts or dresses.

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Casual dress may also refer to smart casual, a term borrowed from British English referring to semi-casual clothing that is more formal than typical everyday clothes but not as formal as traditional business suits; for example a pair of pants with a collared shirt and jacket. The use of the word ‘smart’ indicates that smart casual can be used for evening engagements such as dinner parties if paired with appropriate accessories such as cufflinks or jewellery.

Other words for dress down:

Other words for dressmaker:

Other words for dress shirts:

Other words for dress down (noun):

Dress form (noun):

Dress down:

Dress to impress:


Dress shirts:

Dress form:

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1. Dress down

2. Dress to impress

3. Dressmaker

4. Dress shirts

5. Dress form

6. Casual Friday

7. Smart casual

8. Business casual

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