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Organza Top is a Nigerian style of blouse that has gained popularity in recent years. The top is made of sheer material. It is typically paired with a skirt or pants, but can also be worn on its own.

In Nigeria, organza tops are popular as part of casual and formal wear for women, especially at weddings or other occasions such as parties or dinners. In addition to being used for clothing, organza can also be used to decorate other items such as furniture or curtains.

Latest Organza Tops in Nigeria

Organza blouses are a very popular type of top in Nigeria. They are made of a lightweight fabric that allows the wearer to move easily while still providing a great amount of coverage. Organza tops come in many colors, patterns and styles so you can find one that matches your personal style. The fabrics used can range from sheer to opaque and from light colors like white and cream to dark colors like black or navy blue.

The material is usually made from silk or synthetic fibers such as polyester or nylon rather than natural fibers like cotton because these materials tend to be more durable than cotton does over time; however, some manufacturers will use cotton if they are trying to make an eco-friendly product by using recycled materials instead of virgin ones (which means there’s less waste).

There are many different types of organza tops available including sleeveless versions as well as long sleeve ones which offer protection against sunburn if worn outdoors during summer months. Some people might think that these types of tops look too casual for them but they should reconsider because they can easily be dressed up with jewelry such as necklaces or earrings without looking overdone at all

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