Olive Drab Green Silk Satin is perfect for anyone looking to make a bold statement with their outfit. Whether you’re preparing for a role in the theater or simply ready to dress up, this Olive Drab Green Silk Satin will make you feel at ease and confident.

Olive Drab Green Silk Satin has a medium-weight, satiny feel and luxurious drape. It possesses excellent hand, which gives it softness, which can be further enhanced with the addition of silk embroidery or weaving. The durable surface makes it perfect for table linens, window treatments and upholstery.

This olive drab silk satin is a great fabric choice for all your green decorating needs. The heavier weight of this silk will work well as upholstery fabric on chairs and sofas, creating a formal look that blends well with any color scheme. It can be used as drapery fabric or bedding fabric as well.

Dramatic and vibrant, this material features a silk satin weave in a rich olive drab green hue. Lighter than traditional silk, it’s the perfect fabric for a variety of uses including formal wear, draperies and upholstery.

Olive Drab Green Silk Satin is a luxurious, high-quality silk satin fabric with a subtle sheen produced on the finest warp and weft yarns spun from raw silk. It features a dual finish of lustrous satin on both sides and a backing with diamond weave pattern. This special silk fabric is ideal for both formal and casual wear, especially for skirts and jackets.

This luxurious Silk Satin fabric is perfect for any elegant evening wear or upscale day wear. This silk satin is breathable, lightweight and drapes beautifully. Available in 3 gorgeous colors, it’s sure to be a great addition to your wardrobe!

This silk satin will make a statement in your next design. With its ultrashiny surface and smooth texture, this fabric is ideal for adding luxury to any project including evening wear, accessories, jackets, or coats.

This silk is light, comfortable, and breathable. Use it to make ties, bow ties, and pocket squares. Add some flair to your suit with a bright green silk tie. Make an impact with this bright color!

Our Olive Drab Green Silk Satin is the perfect fabric for dressing up your military uniforms, home décor, crafts and other DIY projects. Each bolt of silk fabric is made from 100% pure silk. Each roll measures 2 yards in length which comes to a total of 4-foot by 20 yards on a bolt. Available in a variety of colors including olive drab green, forest green, black and white

Olive Green Satin Dress

The luxuriously soft, smooth and shiny fabric is a stretchy material that is great for making dresses, tops, scarves or anything else you can imagine. Our Olive Drab Green Silk Satin fabric is available in multiple colors and bulk discounts are available too.

It is designed for military uniforms and accessories, but is also great for western-style clothing, costumes and theatrical productions. The satin has a very smooth texture and the color creates a look of quality.

Silk satin has a subtle lustre, which is soft and solid. This fabric is made from the threads of silkworms, who are raised for their cocoons, then harvest after these are spun into thread.

Olive Drab Green Silk Satin is a light weight silk fabric that drapes beautifully. Fabric has a matte finish, with a fine sheen and is perfect for garments, home decor items and more.

Olive Drab Green Silk Satin is a medium-weight silk satin with a textured surface. It has a subtle sheen that creates depth and richness to any design. The fabric is extremely soft and luxurious, creating a comfortable garment for the wearer.

This olive drab green silk satin is perfect for creating a wide assortment of dresses, skirts, blouses and party attire. It can be used as a fashion accent or even create military-inspired attire. This fabric features a smooth hand and a shiny finish.Customers will appreciate this fabric’s high quality and rich colors that are perfect for embellishing outfits with intricate details such as embroidery and beading.

This is one of the least expensive colored silk satin we have available. Silk satin material is commonly used in sewing and craft projects, such as making silk flowers and wedding decorations.

A luxurious and amazing quality silk satin from Italy, soft and delicate. It has a fine weave that allows for an easy flow but maintains a body. This is a great fabric for dresses or any design project.

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