Navy blue net fabric is an opaque, sheer fabric that provides a light sheer appearance to a garment. It can be used as a sheer overlay on tops or dresses, providing structure while offering a very lightweight fabric. Navy blue net fabric is a simple and elegant fabric, best for home decor and wedding decor fabric. Its high quality make the fabric durable at a competitive price.

Strong and durable, this navy blue net fabric is perfect for crafting and sewing projects. Made of 100% cotton, it has a soft hand feel and can be used for sashing and borders on quilts, hanging draperies, table runners and much more.

Lightweight, sheer and beautiful, this navy blue net fabric is a staple for any sewist looking to craft fabulous projects. It’s super easy to work with and has gorgeous drape. This Blue Net Fabric is a beautiful, high quality fabric that can be used to make dresses, table runners, lamp covers, curtains and more.

This fabric made from polyester and polyamide, this Net Fabric is design to provide extra privacy while still allowing fresh air to circulate. This fabric is not see-through so your outdoor living room won’t look like one big open space. The navy blue color will blend in with a variety of outdoor furniture styles and create a relaxing effect.

Navy Blue Net Fabric is a versatile light-weight fabric that can be used for various applications: household textile, clothing and accessories, home furnishing and decorating, quilts and other craft project, wall covering, etc.

Our Navy Blue Net Fabric is perfect for fashion, home decor and more! Crafted with a soft and stretchy cotton/spandex fabric, these navy-blue net curtains are designed to hang beautifully. The 2-inch-long pleats create dimension and depth. The opaque fabric allows light to filter through the open weave but still provides privacy. You might want to make them in all your favorite shades!

Our Navy Blue Net Fabric is perfect for creating many projects, including curtains, soft toys and baskets.This fabric has a lovely texture and appearance, providing that upmarket look.

Gorgeously lightweight, this truly versatile Navy Blue Net Fabric is perfect for curtains and window treatments in any room of your home. This fabric can also be used for table linens, pillows, slipcovers and more.

Nautical blue net fabric is woven from 100% spun polyester, which means the material will not stretch or shrink in the wash. The crisp navy blue shade of this 4-way stretch background fabric contrasts beautifully with bright colors and provides a smooth and professional look to any project.

Best Navy Blue Net Fabrics

The navy blue net fabric is used to make the gown and training linen. It is used in many fields, such as garments, shawls and so on. This product has good resilience, wash fastness and color fastness characteristic. This lightweight, breathable fabric is perfect for window treatments, table overlays, and more.

Navy Blue Net Fabric is a smooth and sheer fabric that can be used for curtains, window treatments and table-covers. The netting is made of heavyweight 100% nylon with a tightly woven finish, this high quality material is flame resistant and mildew resistant so you can use it outdoors without fear!

If you are looking for a soft and light weight cotton net fabric, then this Navy Blue Net Fabric is a great choice. The shade is dark enough that it can be used as a backdrop for creating a casual look, or even dressing up your ladies. The fabric is available in different colors and sizes.

Get this highly attractive navy blue net fabric that is ideal for making curtains, table cloths, bedding and other decorative items. It can be used to make clothing as well as visible weaves, inlays for furniture and other household items. The quality of this fabric is excellent, and can be easily washed with machine washing.

This is the perfect fabric for a stunning skirt, blouse or dress. It is 100% Polyester and has a gorgeous floral pattern. It has a sheer and net combination type of construction that creates just the right amount of shimmer and shine. The length measures 60 inches in total with 60 inches width.

Navy Blue Net Fabric is a high-quality, lightweight polyester fabric with an acrylic weave. It features a 4 oz. density and feels smooth to the touch. Its medium weight allows for use in a variety of home decor projects

It is lightweight, soft and flowy. You can use it to make dresses, nighties, party wear or beachwear. The fabric has an elegant look and feel that is perfect for home decor projects such as curtains and table covers. Navy blue net fabric with a matte finish and smooth texture.

This fabric is available in navy blue and features a netting design. The fabric is perfect for curtains and other home décor projects. The high quality polyester net fabric can be used as a home decorating material to create beautiful curtains, window coverings, crafts and fashion accessories.

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