Cashmere clothing has always been the ultimate luxury item, but we’ve never seen anything quite like this. Naked Cashmere are passionate about their one brand policy, which means no logos or labels on the outside of any item at all. They believe that the only thing you should need to know is that you’re wearing cashmere and nothing else. This makes us love Naked even more than we already do.

A cashmere sweater is an enduring classic and this merino-mix version from Naked Cashmere is a real winner. The sweater is made in Scotland, where many cashmere garments are crafted, meaning the wool is of exceptional quality and comes from responsibly sourced sources. It’s knitted with a fine gauge rather than a bulky yarn, creating a more comfortable feel with traces of stretchiness.

Discover the luxuriously soft, warm and durable cashmere products for men and women at Article. Our collection includes sweaters, hats, scarves and more which are available in various styles to suit every body shape and taste.

Discover the ultimate in understated luxury. The softest cashmere yarns are blended with soft cotton for an incredibly smooth and lightweight scarf. Each finished piece is wonderfully detailed in a delicate print or pattern, adding a soft visual element that inspires wear after wear.

Our 500-thread count cotton sateen sheets are made using Percale, the finest 100% Egyptian long staple cotton and a meticulous process of quality control. These cleverly designed sheets are soft and smooth, with an exceptionally luxurious feel for each sensual touch. Every thread is carefully inspected—whether it’s the hand-stitched hem or diamond-like double stitching at the corners, so you can enjoy the luxury of your own home and not just the hotel room.

Naked cashmere is a superior product that is easy to wear and care for. Naked cashmere has the highest-quality fibers, which give it that soft touch and incredible warmth. It’s also extremely durable — you can enjoy your Naked cashmere now, or pass it down to future generations.

Naked cashmere’s pima cotton is grown in Peru by farmers who use sustainable and environmentally friendly growing methods. It’s dyed with a zero-carbon footprint and the dye is water-based, free of heavy metals and free of plasticizers or additives.

Naked cashmere is our go-to when there’s a chill in the air. Our collection of easy, breezy, and comfortable sweaters is made from 100% Mongolian Cashmere to keep you warm all winter long.

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The luxury of cashmere is yours in all its refined, pure, and soft glory with this unparalleled merino wool-Cashmere blend. The subtlety of cashmere comes through in the softness and pillowy feel of the yarn, while wool’s warmth and durability keep you cozy. PURE NAKED Cashmere is available in a wide range of weights to suit various projects—butterscotch (light), ivory (light), cream (light), off-white (light), champagne blonde (light-medium), honeydew (medium), almond (medium dark), coffee bean dark).

Naked Cashmere is crafted from the finest cashmere fibers, spun into a ultra-lightweight yarn for a soft, breathable and luxuriously cozy feeling.

Whether it’s the undyed natural wool or the way it feels on skin, naked cashmere continues to win hearts and minds. Grown in the European Alps, it’s a fiber that was originally used for socks and gloves. But lately it’s developed a life of its own: knit into scarves and sweaters or draped over tables or chairs for a touch of ultimate luxury.

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Naked Cashmere is a company that sells the world’s finest cashmere on a direct-to-consumer basis. They sell exclusively through their website and offer free shipping worldwide.

Naked cashmere is a luxury cashmere brand that was founded in 1991. With a flagship store in New York, they have been designing and distributing cashmere, pajamas and sleepwear to prominent retailers worldwide.

Naked Cashmere’s collection of cashmere clothing and accessories is made by skilled artisans in the traditional way. Started by two childhood friends who fell in love with the country of Nepal, Naked Cashmere makes luxury cashmere clothing and accessories for men, women and kids.

A perfect addition to your everyday repertoire, our cashmere is extremely versatile and effortless. It takes on the shape of your body and moves with you.

We’re obsessed with this cashmere top. The shoulder gathers and relaxed fit is perfect for any wardrobe, and the bright colors make it easy to combine.

Naked Cashmere is a line of luxury cashmere pajamas and robes for men, women and kids that are the ultimate in luxury. Each item is handcrafted with exceptional care to ensure high quality and comfort.

Discover the luxurious, silky and soft natural 100% cashmere. Naked cashmere is made with pure cashmere fibers, which are not treated and therefore retain their natural luster and softness. By combining technology with expertise, Naked cashmere creates pure luxury for you.

Naked cashmere is a luxury, pure and simple. Hand-picked at the source, it’s spun in Austria and dyed by hand in Italy before being knit in small batches by master weavers in Europe. The result is a super-soft, breathable fabric that you won’t want to take off.

A lightweight cashmere scarf that is cozy and silky soft, this one is truly a work of art. The delicate twill weave is made even more special by the hidden detail of hand-sewn coin border.

Our finely knit cashmere blankets are handcrafted in small batches from superfine yarn using a special finishing process that gives them longevity and a beautiful, luxe feel. Designed for outdoor use and available in seven different colorways. Each blanket is about 57” x 57”.

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