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Naadam is the Mongolian national sport. It consists of wrestling, horse racing and archery. The word Naadam means “let’s go”. Each Mongolian nomad’s family had his own horses and archery set. Naadam was held once or twice a year to celebrate the victory of sun and God over the cold darkness or winter.

The festival of naadam is an important part of Mongolian culture. Traditionally it has been held five times a year, but now naadam is held only twice a year with the most recent one held in July. At the time of the summer festival there would be wrestling, horseback riding and archery competitions; whereas during winter there were three events: wrestling, racing on horseback (mounted wrestlers) and riding with arrows pulled from a target.

Festival of the Three Games, or Naadam, is the biggest national holiday in Mongolia. Three games are played as part of this competition: traditional Mongolian wrestling known simply as “wrestling”, mounted horse archery and two-person team mounted wrestling called buuz

Nadaam are traditional winter festivals in Mongolia that have been celebrated for centuries. First organized as horse races, Nadaam now include wrestling and more modern sporting events such as athletics and archery

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naadam is about more than just the games. The festival aims to strengthen ties between people, fostering unity and national identity, a theme reflected in the national flag.

Naadam – Naadam, the Mongolian version of a sporting festival, has been held for over 800 years and is one of the most popular national traditions. As a multi-sport event, it combines horse racing, archery and wrestling. These sports were chosen as they were symbolic to the Mongols’ nomadic lifestyle and important for their survival as hunters, warriors and riders.

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Nadanam is Mongolian national sport, consisting of three main categories: horse racing, wrestling and archery. It combines sports and tradition, as part of the Naadam celebrations. A typical Naadam will see groups of wrestlers compete against each other in what appears to be a chaotic free-for-all, but the rules are actually very strict.

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For the first time in history, the International Naadam Festival will be held outside Mongolia with a host of sports expetes from across the world coming together in Ulaanbaatar.

If you have the opportunity to attend naadam, wear the traditional clothing. You must wear a mongolian hat and a belt around your waist. It is usually considered inappropriate for women to wear hats. Men should not remove their hats unless inside or under certain circumstances like in a respectful greeting. Women are not required to wear hats in modern times, but most children wear them on their own accord because they enjoy it so much.

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This menswear article is about one of the biggest festivals of Mongolia. It’s held on the first weekend of the month of July and last three days. The naadam festival is a national celebration to honor their ancestors and cultural heritage.

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Mongolian Naadam is the most prominent national festival in Mongolia. Competition includes horse racing and archery, wrestling, and handballing

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