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What are they saying about your feet? They say, Good shoes take you to good places. Looking for exquisite mens shoes brands?, Buyandslay is the home for men’s shoes. We are known for our regular promo tagged “discount mens shoes”. We believe in making every man look his best in our  wide catalogue of shoes, foreign and local designers, which will surely steal your heart and meanwhile look easy and sassy.

Imagine yourself getting dressed as sharp as it gets and when someone looks down to your feet, they find nothing but flip-flops. That’s ridiculous, the downfall of impression is here and it would go so down that you might want to dive Mariana Trench to find back the lost impression. Yes, that’s how one makes a disaster out of nowhere wearing the wrong shoes. Having a great pair of dress shoes in your closet is not a luxury, it’s a necessity. Even men who default to casual shoes and sneakers will eventually need to suit-up. Opportunity favors the prepared.

Buyandslay guides you to make a wiser choice on your next shoe purchase with all our shoes on display. Once you understand the differences between the options available, you will be half-way to looking your best at any event, interview, meeting, or date that requires a formal shoe. In order to understand a particular style, you should first understand the components that make up a dress shoe. Working from front to back, a dress shoe is divided into four parts: toevampfacing, and quarter. It is the placement and construction of these pieces that help give a dress shoe its individuality.

Drop by and complete the look you desire and slay in buyandslay mens shoes. the best shoe online store in Nigeria.

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