Machine Washable Cashmere

Our cashmere is machine washable, so you can care for it at home and keep it looking fresh and new. This reduces the need to take your item to the dry cleaners and helps ensure that your garment stays in top condition longer.Machine washable cashmere is a great way to care for your garment and reduce the need for dry cleaning. We eliminate the hassle of caring for your item, leaving you with more time to focus on what matters most.Perfect for travel and easy care, our cashmere is machine washable for your convenience.

Machine Washable Cashmere. The most luxurious weave of fine, soft cashmere in the world.Ideal for a wide range of projects from felting to embroidery and more, this fine blend features long fibers that trap air during felting, creating the ultimate soft feel and warmth.The name comes from the plant that produces it, known as cashmere wool or silky goat’s wool.

Our purveyors at the Gobi Desert in Mongolia source the highest quality cashmere, which is then delicately spun and knitted into these beautiful blankets. Due to their delicate nature, we will be washing them by hand — but fear not, they should last for generations.

How to wash cashmere by hand

Machine Washable Cashmere

Cashmere is durable and versatile, allowing you to take care of it at home without fear of losing its appearance over time.

Our cashmere is dry clean only

Machine Washable Cashmere

All our cashmere is machine washable and can be tumble dried on low heat. We recommend washing cashmere by hand in cool water, then laying it flat to dry. You can also take advantage of the delicate cycle on your washing machine or dryer (if you have one).

All our cashmere products are machine washable and may be dried on low heat. We recommend washing our cashmere by hand.

All of our cashmere is made from a blend of the very finest fibers, specially treated for extra softness and durability. It can be machine washed and dried on a low heat setting.

We use the highest quality cashmere that is both machine washable and dry-cleanable.

Machine Washable Cashmere

When you think of cashmere, you probably don’t imagine it being machine washable. But our [product name] is! We believe that the best things in life should be easy to maintain, so we created a line of cashmere that’s machine washable for your convenience.

Our cashmere is made from the finest fibers on earth, which means it will feel soft and light in any weather. It’s also super durable—it won’t pill or fade over time. And because it was designed with comfort in mind, it will keep you warm even when it’s hot out.

Our cashmere is made from the finest fibers on earth, which means it will feel soft and light in any weather. It’s also super durable – it won’t pill or fade over time. And because it was designed with comfort in mind, it will keep you warm even when it’s hot out.

Cashmere, by nature, is quite delicate. But ours was designed with durability in mind. It can be hand washed or machine washed and tumbled dry low—at no more than 40 degrees Celsius. The fibers remain strong and vibrant, even after many years of washing.

Our cashmere sweaters are manufactured in small batches to ensure that every sweater is made to perfection. The unique blend of fibers makes our sweaters breathable and comfortable in any season—from the sweltering heat of summer to the snowy cold of winter—while maintaining the highest quality standards.

Fine 17.5 micron fibers designed for ultimate softness and durability

Machine Washable Cashmere

Washable cashmere ralph lauren

Washing cashmere can be a bit of a hassle, but not with our machine washable cashmere! Our cashmere is soft and luxurious, and we make sure to only use the best quality yarns so that you can feel great in your new wardrobe.

Our machine washable cashmere is soft and luxurious. We only use the highest quality yarns, ensuring that you have a product that you can enjoy wearing for years to come.

This luxury cashmere is made with high-quality yarns that will wear like iron. Machine washable, you can keep your cashmere looking new for years to come.

Our highly skilled knitters work with premium cashmere fibers to create a cashmere sweater that is not only wonderfully soft, but also durable and long lasting.

Machine Washable Cashmere

When it comes to cashmere, you want to be able to wear it every day. That’s why we make all our cashmere machine washable. You can throw your sweaters in the washing machine and dryer with a load of jeans, or in your regular delicates cycle with some silk handkerchiefs. Not only will they come out soft and fluffy, they’ll be ready for another day of wearing.

Our industry-leading cashmere is richly knit with a unique construction that creates smooth lines and texture. Designed to impress, our sweaters fit seamlessly into any wardrobe and can be combined with other garments to create endless styles.

Our cashmere is soft, comfy and easy to care for.

We make our hand-knit cashmere sweaters with wool of the highest quality. Our fabric is composed of 18 to 20 microns – that’s fine enough to trap warm air, keeping you comfortably warm in any weather.

Fine cashmere is expertly blended with DuPont Teflon to create a fabric that is both stain and wrinkle resistant. This makes it easy to clean at home or in a hotel cleaning service, three times a week, no ironing necessary, gently use soap and water.

We emphasize fabric quality and garment care, while always maintaining a fashionable appearance that never compromises comfort.

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