The luxe supima cotton fabric is sold at $4.50 per yard. Supima cotton is renowned for its softness, strength, durability and lustrous appearance. Ultra-fine fibers make up the long staple fibers that give Supima cotton its fine texture. While most other cottons are made from short staple fibers that have been carded together to form a single strand, Supima’s ultra-fine fibers are woven together into a strong fabric with a smooth surface.

Supima is known for its unique ability to be processed into a wide range of products including woven fabrics such as sheets, towels and duvet covers; knits such as shirts, T-shirts and sweat suits; nonwovens such as diapers; technical fabrics such as automotive interiors; furnishing fabrics such as carpets and rugs; bedding including sheets and pillow cases; apparel such as jeans; home furnishings including window treatments,

You can make a choice from white luxe supima cotton fabric by the yard  to blue luxe supima cotton fabric by the yard, the options are many. The collection is displayed for you to choose.

supima cotton fabric by the yard is a Luxurious and versatile fabric. Supima cotton is a great fabric for home decor projects, apparel, and more. Supima cotton fabric is grown in Central California and finished in North Carolina using the finest natural fibers. Our signature Supima has a soft hand and beautiful drape that makes it perfect for everything from quilting to apparel to home decor. The natural luster of our Supima makes it perfect for any project you have in mind. Not only does this fine fiber produce exceptionally smooth textiles, it resists wrinkles so well that ironing isn’t necessary with many uses!

Supima cotton fabric is known for its long staple length and strength, making it a premiere choice for high end fabrics. It’s also more resilient to pilling than other cottons. Supima fabric by the yard is a comfortable and durable choice in home decorating.

Luxe Fabric by the Yard

Supima cotton is sold at $4.50 per yard. It has extra-long staple and super soft, which makes it an ideal fabric for clothing. Luxe Supima is a beautiful new range of quality fabrics made from 100% Supima® cotton that has been imported from the USA.

Luxe Supima Cotton fabric is a dreamy, buttery-soft pima cotton with an elegant drape. It’s available in several weights, from a sheer mousseline to a sturdy canvas, making it a versatile choice for all kinds of sewing projects.

This cotton fabric is ideal for making garments and accessories. The soft, fine and durable weave of this yarn is perfect for summer clothes, giving it a refined appearance that’s right on trend.

Supima cotton is a longer, stronger and finer fiber than conventional cotton. It has excellent moisture management properties and is also resistant to pilling and shrinkage—which makes this premium fabric ideal for all your sewing projects.

Luxe Supima Cotton Fabric by the Yard is crafted from 100% Pima Cotton. This finely woven, lightweight fabric is perfect for creating summer dresses, curtains, home decor and more. Each yard of our Pima cotton measures approximately 36″ x 54″.

Supima cotton fabric by the yard is ready to become your next delightful DIY project. Simply measure, cut, and sew to get started making gorgeous home decor in no time. Cotton is a durable right-hand twill that is an ideal choice for everything from bedding and table cloths to curtains and draperies

This soft, durable fabric is perfect for both garments and home decor. Machine washable, this versatile fabric can be used as a top layer to add texture or can be printed on. Shop our selection of both solid and patterned Supima Cotton by the yard today. Supima Cotton is grown in the USA and is 100% Pima cotton.

Our luxe 100% Supima cotton fabric is an amazing base for a wide variety of projects. It features a beautiful, silky hand touch and a subtle sheen to help elevate the style of your project. You can machine wash this easy-care fabric, but take care to make sure it’s not exposed to bleach or harsh detergents. This fabric is great for creating soft, luxurious elements like blankets, draperies and more in your home.

Supima cotton is one of the finest cottons in the world. Its long staple length and supersoft nature give this premium fabric an incredible hand. Our luxe supima cotton fabric by the yard has minimal stretch, is extra-absorbent, and extremely durable for years of wear

Supima is an extremely fine, long-staple cotton with a silky hand. The Supima® trademark indicates that a fabric contains the most desired and all-American type of cotton which is grown throughout the year. Our upholstery options feature our luxe supima cotton fabric by the yard so you can choose your own color palette for your sofa and other furniture in your home or business.

Supima cotton fabric by the yard (43″/44″) has a lustrous finish, soft hand feel and beautiful drape. The perfect choice for fine sweaters and apparel, quilting and home décor projects.

Our luxe suptima cotton fabric is perfect for your next sewing project. This soft, 100% cotton fabric boasts a cool hand and beautiful drape. Sew it into a casual dress or use it as an elegant backdrop for evening wear.

Supima cotton is the finest and most luxurious of cottons. It is a long staple cotton, which means that the fibers are longer than most cottons, and this allows for a more refined finish that is soft to the touch. A must have for every home!

Supima cotton is the world’s finest long-staple cotton and a key component of luxury bedding. The resulting fabric is soft and luxurious, breathable and durable. The Supima line blends are designed for your style and comfort all year round – light for summer and heavy for winter.

luxe supima cotton fabric by the yard. Luxe is a soft, 100% Supima Cotton fabric to accent your favorite garments. The perfect weight to layer atop any bodysuit, dress or sweater. Featuring a luxe medium weight, Supima Cotton is ultra soft and has superior colorfastness. This fabric is ideal for dresses, pants, skirts and more

Supima cotton is the gold standard for luxury textiles. Its extra-long staple length, coupled with a fine spun architecture, makes this cotton incredibly soft and strong. Perfect for summer whites, drapey linens, sensuous nightgowns—just about anything you can think of that requires a touch of elegance.

The fibers are exceptionally soft, fine and ultra dense, which creates a yarn that’s exceptionally supple and strong enough to be used in the world’s finest garments. It’s no wonder why Supima® has become the most sought after of all cottons.” Supima® cotton is made from the finest long-staple fibers that are chemically processed to eliminate any impurities, and then woven with precision.

Fine cotton fabric for clothing, accessories and home decor.

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