Linen Fabric is a natural fabric made from flax linen fiber. Linen is comfortable and breathable, with a natural fabric quality that makes it ideal for lightweight dresses. Our Lightweight Linen Fabric for Dressmaking are high-quality and durable to be used for both indoor and outdoor occasions. This Fabric is suitable for making outfits, beach wear, travel clothes, etc.

This lightweight linen fabric is perfect for any type of dressmaking project, especially in warmer months. Made from sturdy 100% linen this lightweight fabric will allow your dresses to breathe while still keeping them structured and firmly put together.

Our 100% linen fabric is lightweight and soft. It drapes beautifully, has a slight sheen with a slub/textured appearance, and is perfect for making blouses, tunics, dresses, skirts and more. This fabric can be washed at home on a delicate cycle and air dried. No ironing necessary.

Our linen fabric is lightweight and airy, the perfect choice for summer clothing and dresses. The natural characteristics of our linen make it easy to work with, fabric is soft and drapes beautifully.

Make a statement with this striking lightweight linen fabric for dressmaking. Its subtle, textural irregularities lend it a unique handfeel, while its soft drape makes it comfortable to wear. Use it alone as a lightweight yet chic fabric in your wardrobe, or layer it with a neutral-colored knit or denim to add some texture and warmth.

The pros know that linen is one of the best fabrics for dressmaking. It can make for a stylish and breathable final product, but it’s often tricky to work with because of its natural crinkled nature. Our lightweight linen fabric is pre-washed, making the fabric much easier to handle while you work. It’s available in multiple colors and patterns so you can find something perfect for your next project

This lightweight linen fabric is perfect for making dresses and shirts. Made from 100% linen, this sturdy material has a sophisticated feel to it and breathes well, keeping you comfortable all day long. Use it alongside other fabrics in your sewing projects for a classic look.

A versatile and popular fabric, linen made from the flax plant is enjoyed for its natural absorbency and smooth texture. This lightweight variety of linen can be used in dressmaking, quilting and more.

Lightweight linen fabric is ideal for dressmaking, with a soft and breathable natural look and feel. It wears well in warm weather and retains colour well. This fabric is perfect for creating timeless pieces for the modern woman and at an incredible value.

This lightweight linen fabric is ideal for creating elegant dresses, skirts, and blouses. It is made of 100% linen, so it is durable, comfortable, and breathable

White Linen Fabric

This lightweight linen is a natural material that has been cultivated for thousands of years. It is hand-spun and woven, making it soft to the touch with a light drape and natural sheen. This fabric is perfect for straight and draped styles like dresses, skirts, tops, pants, and jackets.

Linen is one of the most versatile fabrics available to sewers because it is lightweight, hard-wearing and crease resistant. This easy care fabric has a natural texture and drapes beautifully making it ideal for creating clothing that’s flattering to any figure

This lightweight Linen Fabric is made of 100% linen and is perfect for garments such as pants, shirt and blouse. Linen fabrics are lightweight and breathable which provides a comfortable wearing experience.

Linen is a natural fiber which is well-known for its high absorbency and fast drying time. Delicate, soft, and cool to the skin, linen is an ideal fabric for summer dresses and shirts for men.

Lightweight Linen Fabric for Dressmaking is a 100% natural fabric, and is suitable for bridal wear, ceremonial wear and formal occasions.We have best collections of these products at affordable prices.

Our Lightweight Linen fabric is a high quality, 100% pure linen fabric. It is lightweight, breathable and durable. This material is best suited for maximum comfort and wearability at all times while maintaining its shape and drape. It also has moisture managing properties that make it ideal for pairing with other materials during the summertime.

A light-weight, lovely fabric for dressmaking, curtains and tablecloths. This linen has a luxurious appearance but is easy to work with. Made from high quality linen fibres which have been steam pressed to give it its softness, smooth finish and high drapeability factor. Available in a wide range of colours with many shades being on stock. Suitable for sewing, quilting and patchwork.

We are selling the finest quality linen fabric online in the USA. Get our 100% linen fabric at cheap price with guaranteed premium quality. You can buy this linen dressmaking fabric in wholesale quantity and get to save shipping cost.

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