Black Sling back lace up pumps

Lace up Pumps Black


Lace up Pumps Black


Black Sling back lace up pumps
Black lace up pumps


2020 welcomed a transition  in shoe trends just like the popular saying “ New Year New Shoes. Believe it, pumps are back. What are you adding to your closet this season?
The closed toe strappy heels or lace up pumps are the trend setting shoes in 2020.
These shoes are built in flattery designs. They are colorful  and elegant for a modern day woman. These strappy shoes or lace up heels are trendy for weddings, dinner dates, corporate casuals and other fashion events. These pumps are fashion statement shoes that leave people starring at your feet.

Where to Buy Closed Black Lace up Pumps in Nigeria

Buyandslay Lace up pumps are available in beautiful colors and sizes. These leather pumps are elegant  and stylish. Closed toe lace up pumps were seen on the Spring/Summer 2020  runways, like wise other footwears. There is more to this shoe trend, the style, elegance at which models and celebrities displayed them.

Scroll down your Instagram feed and see the fashion statement of this classic modern lace up heels on fashion brand influence’s, celebrities and models. The most evident colors are Red, Purple, Orange, yellow, blue and little black. But for timeless fashion, Black is the best and suits a lot of outfits.

Red lace up pumps
Red sling back lace up pumps


Without much ado, Lace up pumps and strappy heels have made a huge comeback, When looking for a place to buy closed toe lace up heels, buyandslay is a store you can trust.

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