Knitting Cashmere 

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Knitting Cashmere is a brand of high quality, professional yarns and fibers for knitting. This cashmere blends has more strength than your everyday shop-bought yarn and is designed to be the ultimate base to design your next fabulous Fitted Knitwear piece.

Knitting Cashmere by Schulana offers the utmost in superior quality and fashion, featuring a premium 20% cashmere, 80% merino blend. This yarn is perfect for garments needing a soft drape with a subtle halo and is appropriate for any season. Knit patterns using this luxurious yarn will have you feeling like the princess of the ball.

Knitting cashmere yarns is an art form practiced in small workshops all over the world. Our cashmere yarns are spun from the fibers of the finest grade of Kashmir goats, who roam free and thrive on organic herbs, shrubs and grasses in the Himalayas.

Knit cashmere. It’s what we do. And we do it well. The result? Finely spun yarn of extraordinary quality, that’s supremely soft and warm to wear, thanks to its incredible insulation qualities, perfectly balanced with a lightness that has made cashmere an essential ingredient in the wardrobes of the world’s most stylish women for centuries.

Crafted with the highest quality, knitted in Italy and made from 100% cashmere. This sweater is perfect to pull over for a chilly night or layered under a jacket for warmth.

The richness of this yarn is perfect for cold weather wear. The cashmere content makes the fabric very soft, while the variety of stitches gives the knitting a light, delicate appearance.

Craftsmanship and quality are central to our knitting cashmere, which is produced in a traditional way by families that have followed this craft for generations. Cotton is carefully blended with cashmere before being spun into yarn which is then knitted into garments that are soft, yet durable.

Knit the soft and dreamy Cashmere. This yarn is composed of a 70% cashmere, 30% silk blend, perfect for all your knits. A little color never hurt anyone, so mix it up and have fun with this beautiful shade!

Our Cashmere is made from a unique blend of the finest Mongolian and New Zealand cashmere fibers. The result is a luxurious yarn that will make your next knitting project shine. Or, just choose it for a wonderfully soft scarf!

Give yourself the gift of warmth with this premium cashmere blend. The ultra-fine fibers provide sophisticated softness and incredible drape, while a built-in Tencel™ keeps you cool with moisture-wicking technology. Silk gives it a beautiful shine, while a slightly thicker weight provides coverage. Perfect for all seasons!

Knitting Cashmere is a luxurious blend of cashmere and premium wool for warmth and softness. Knit our classic mohair sweater this season, or embark on new projects like the armchair or crocheted afghan.

Knitting Cashmere is a knitting pattern made from soft and cozy cashmere. Easy and fun to knit, these simple patterns are great for beginners and more experienced knitters alike.

Our super soft cashmere is the perfect blend of luxury and comfort. Ideal for customizing with your favorite colors and prints, this is a sweater you’ll want to wear all the time.

A luxurious, super soft yarn with a fine gauge and natural shine. A perfect knitting experience–great for sweaters and long-wearing accessories.

A luxurious cashmere knit brings a graceful look to your favorite Fall looks with this style.

Soft and supple, this yarn is made from the finest cashmere fibers. Its pure merino wool content adds natural resilience and durability, while the sophisticated color palette of neutrals and earth tones are perfect for an array of knitting projects.

Cashmere for Knitters

Knitting cashmere has a light, soft and sensual texture. It’s perfect for creating light garments and accessories.

super-soft cashmere is knit to a beautiful drape. Crafted from the finest fibers, this two-ply cashmere is easy to care for and never loses its luster from day to day. Knit it in bold colors to add some punch to your wardrobe.

We knit our cashmere on circular needles and in the round so that you get a smoother, seamless result and avoid stitches slipping off the needle. Hand wash cold. Lay flat to dry.

Our unshrinkable wool and cashmere blend, knitted with a fine gauge, is the ultimate in luxury. The perfect sweater to wear with everything, and it’ll last forever—no matter where you take it.

Combining the luxurious warmth of cashmere with a comfortable fit and modern look, this sweater is ready for everyday wear.

This premium, luxe yarn makes a luxurious and cozy knit. The resulting soft, lightweight garment is breathable and drapes beautifully. The heathered palette allows you to create color experiments on any project

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