Kettlebell Workout For Weight Loss Dvd

Kettlebells are an excellent tool for losing weight and toning your muscles. They’re versatile, easy to use, and can be incorporated into a wide variety of exercises.

Kettlebells were originally used as a measurement of weight in Russia, but they’ve since become popular in the United States as a way to build strength and endurance. The best way to use them is by challenging your body with high-intensity interval training (HIIT) or circuit training. These types of workouts will help you burn more calories while building muscle mass.

It’s important that you choose the right size kettlebell for your height, weight, and fitness level before starting any exercise program using these weights.

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Kettlebell Workout For Weight Loss Dvd

If you’re wondering ‘what is the best Kettlebell workout dvd?’, you’re in the right place.

From workouts for beginners to more intense exercises for those of you who can confidently swing a kettlebell, we have reviewed all of the best kettlebell DVDs.

There’s no need to waste your money on a workout DVD that you’re only going to watch once.

Instead, check out our kettlebell workout DVD reviews to find the very best option for you. Lets get stuck in!

#1 Kettlebell for Beginners with Ellie Crawley 

llie Crawley Kettlebell workout dvd as seen on tv

If the name didn’t already give it away, this in-depth workout DVD is a strong contender for the best kettlebell workout DVD for beginners in 2020.

Created by personal trainer Ellie Crawley, ‘Kettlebell for Beginners’ is ideal for those who are complete beginners to kettlebell training, made up of 5 workouts, as well as separate warmup and cool-down sessions.  

All of these workouts are specifically designed to teach you everything you need to know about training with kettlebells while also helping you to build strength and get fit.

So for anybody looking for a Kettlebell basics DVD, this is a great option.

In the warmup, Ellie demonstrates how to properly use the kettlebell and perform a kettlebell swing, which prepares you for the main training session.

This is then followed by a set of 5 workouts, which include:

  • Two Upper Body sessions, each of which is 10 – 11 minutes long and designed to strengthen your arms, chest, and back.
  • A Full Body session which is 12 minutes long. This session works on strength, mobility, flexibility, and coordination.
  • A Lower Body session that is 11 minutes long, and focuses on strengthening your glutes, quads, and hamstrings.
  • A Core section which is also 11 minutes long, and is designed to strengthen and define your abdominals.

After you have completed your workout, the DVD also includes a cool-down session, where Ellie will take you through how best to stretch out your muscles to prevent soreness and injury.

As we mentioned a little earlier, this ultimate kettlebell workout DVD is designed specifically with beginners in mind, so this could be an ideal kettlebell pregnancy workout DVD if you need to take it slow. 

However, if you fancy more of a challenge, it is also possible to increase the intensity and difficulty of the workouts by using a heavier kettlebell.

This makes this DVD a great option to stick with as your fitness and overall strength improves.

Furthermore, this workout DVD is also available for purchase on amazon prime, so you can still do all of the workouts if you don’t have a DVD player!

Length of workout(s): 10 – 12 minutes 

#2 Kathy Smith: Kettlebell Solution

Kathy Smith kettlebell dvd uk

Kathy Smith’s Kettlebell Solution is the most affordable kettlebell DVDs on this list. Kettlebell training is perfect for engaging your entire body, which is why Kathy Smith’s workouts are so effective for both building strength and burning fat.

Her DVD and is designed for building strength, weight-loss, and general wellness.

If you’re looking for a 20 minute Kettlebell workout DVD, this is a great choice! On this disc, you get 4 x 20-minute workouts, each of which are designed to target a different part of the body. The workouts include:

  • Upper Body
  • Buns & Thighs
  • Core
  • Fat Burning 

These workouts are great on their own if you are pushed for time, or, if you are looking to increase the intensity, you can do multiple workouts in one session to really get a full-body burn.

Whilst this is a great kettlebell DVD for beginners, it is easy to increase the difficulty if you are in need of a more challenging training session. Simply increase the number of reps you are performing for each movement or use a heavier kettlebell. 

Length of workout(s): 20 minutes 

#3 Ultimate Kettlebell Workouts for Beginners 

ultimate Kettlebell dvd uk

If you’re completely new to the world of kettlebells, this DVD is perfect for you! 

Designed by Hollywood personal trainer, Paul Katami, this kettlebell DVD workout moves at a fairly slow pace and is focused on teaching you the correct technique. 

The DVD contains 3 separate workouts, all of which are 25 minutes long and come with step-by-step instructions. The workouts are all focused on providing an in-depth introduction to kettlebell training by teaching the correct form and technique.  

Each workout also comes with safety tips so that you can push yourself during your workouts without fear of injuring yourself.

The first is a great beginner Kettlebell workout DVD as it contains tutorials that take you through the correct technique for different kettlebell movements.

The second then puts those movements into some simple drills and combinations and, lastly, the third workout is a little more intense, focusing on helping build core strength.

Once you are comfortable with all of the workouts, it’s really easy to increase the intensity by adding more weight and repetitions. 

If you aren’t already convinced that this is one to watch, another great feature of this kettlebell workout DVD is that it is available for purchase on amazon prime so you can still do all of the workouts even if you don’t have a DVD player. 

Length of workout(s): 25 minutes 

#4 Lauren Brooks’ Kettlebell Body

Kettlebell workout dvd lauren brooks image 

Lauren Brooks is a renowned female fitness coach who specialises in kettlebell training and is dedicated to helping people get in the best shape of their lives. 

She has released a number of different workout programmes, but ‘Kettlebell Body’ is the ultimate kettlebell DVD for men and women who want to build strength and power. 

Kettlebell Body focuses on the quality of your movements, which is why the DVD comes with a 30-minute demonstration video that teaches you the correct form and technique for each of the exercises. 

The DVD also comes with 3 separate workouts, which include:

  • KettleSculpt: this is a 22 minute long, strength-focused workout that will help to sculpt and tone your body.
  • KettleButts: this is a glute workout, which is also 22 minutes long and helps to build strength in your lower body. 
  • The Kettlebell Body: this workout is 25 minutes long and is designed to target every muscle in your body, providing you with an intense and challenging training session.

And if that’s not enough, this DVD also comes with a mobility warmup and cool-down section so that you can stretch out your muscles and prevent injury. 

This kettlebell workout DVD is perfect for beginners as the detailed demonstration video teaches you everything you need to know about kettlebell training. 

However, it is also suitable for those seeking a more intense workout as, if you feel you want to make the workouts more challenging, you can just increase the number of reps or use a heavier kettlebell.

Length of workout(s): 22 – 25 minutes 

#5 Jillian Michaels: Shred It With Weights  

Best Kettlebell workout for women dvd shred it image

Jillian Michaels is a world-famous, personal trainer and fitness expert, who is known best for her role as a trainer on the hit show ‘The Biggest Loser’.  

Michaels has dedicated her career to helping people reach their fitness goals, regardless of how or where they like to work out. 

Her workout DVDs are extremely popular with people all over the world who like to workout at home as they offer an effective, efficient way to get fit without having to leave your living room!

Michaels’ kettlebell workout DVD, ‘Shred it With Weights’, is one of her most popular workout programmes.

It comes with two workouts: Level 1 and Level 2. Level 1 is a beginner-friendly, 28 –minute workout, jam-packed with a variety of kettlebell exercises in 3 circuits. 

Similarly, Level 2 is also a 28-minute workout consisting of 3 circuits, however, the skill level of this workout is much more advanced than the first. 

What’s good about these workouts is that you can modify the difficulty or intensity of them by switching up the weight of your kettlebells or varying the speed at which you perform the exercises. 

Moreover, the ‘Shred it With Weights’ DVD comes with a 10-minute kettlebell tutorial, where Jillian takes you through all of the basic kettlebell movements and demonstrates the correct form for them.  

This part especially is really helpful if you’re a complete beginner to kettlebell workouts and you feel you need a little help to get started.

Length of workout(s): 28 minutes 

#6 Kettlercise Lean In 14

lean in 14 Kettlebell dvd uk

Kettlercise Lean in 14 is one of the best kettlebell workout DVDs for weight loss on the market. It is suitable for people of all abilities and fitness levels who are looking to burn fat from the comfort of their own homes. 

The DVD comes with 4 discs and consists of 6 workouts: 2 Beginner Workouts, 2 Intermediate Workouts, and 2 Advanced Workouts. 

Disc 1, led by Kettlercise instructor Stacey Waite, is arguably the best kettlebell workout for beginners DVD on this list. The workouts are both 30 minutes long and are designed to introduce you to the Kettlercise ‘Lean in 14’ system.

On disc 2, the intermediate workouts are taken by renowned fitness trainer, Anouska Moore. Just like the beginner ones, they are both 30 minutes each and are focused on building strength.

Disc 3 contains the advanced workouts, which are run by the creator of Kettlercise himself, Guy Noble. These two 30-minute workouts contain a series of intense complexes which are specifically designed to help you burn the maximum number of calories possible.

Lastly, disc 4 is the ‘Instructional Programme’, where trainers, Guy Noble and Mandy Cooke, take you through each movement, showing you the correct technique and form to ensure that you get the most out of the ‘Lean in 14’ workouts.

And just when you thought having 4 kettlebell DVD workouts in one was enough, there’s more!

When you purchase the ‘Lean in 14’ DVD set, you gain access to an online guide, which contains full nutritional support plans, workout plans, and tips on how to get the most out of your training. 

Length of workout(s): 30 – 40 minutes 

#7 Iron Core Kettlebell 

Iron Core Best Kettlebell workout dvd uk image

Iron Core Kettlebell is a collection of 4 Sara Lurie kettlebell DVDs, including Kettlebells the Iron Core Way Vol. 1 & 2, Iron Core Warrior, and Iron Core Bootcamp. 

Together, they offer a progression of kettlebell workouts, from beginner to advanced level so that you can buy one DVD to see you right the way through your exercise journey.

Kettlebells the Iron Core Way Volume 1 is 52 minutes long in total, with a 7-minute introduction, a 3 and a half minute warm-up, and a 45-minute main workout. 

The workout itself is made up of 3 circuits, with each circuit increasing in intensity and difficulty. 

The reps in this workout are not high and you are given plenty of rest time between sets, which is perfect if you’re more of a beginner. Once you feel comfortable with this workout, you can increase the intensity of the workout by grabbing a heavier kettlebell.

Kettlebells the Iron Core Way Volume 2 is 45 minutes long in total, with a 6-minute introduction, a 3-minute warmup, and a 39-minute main workout. 

This workout is a similar style to the first, but at a slightly higher intensity. 

Similar to the first workout, this option is also really versatile. The reps are low and there are plenty of opportunities to take breaks, but if you want to make it more challenging you can use a heavier kettlebell. 

Iron Core Bootcamp is a shorter workout, coming in at just 30 minutes long. Because this is aimed at the more experienced fitness fanatics, there is no warm-up or cool-down, so you will have to get creative and do that on your own.

This workout consists of 4 circuits, with 1 – minute rest in between sets, and one shorter ab circuit to finish off the routine. 

Iron Core Warrior is made up of 2 different workouts: Warrior 1 and Warrior 2. 

Much like the Iron Core Bootcamp, there is no warm-up or cool-down included in either of these workouts. 

The Warrior workouts are more advanced than the previous ones, so if you’re new to strength-training it’s best to start with some of the earlier workouts and work up to this.

The Warrior 1 workout is 32 minutes long in total with 4 main circuits and a 1-minute rest in between each set. 

If you’re feeling extra motivated, there is also a fifth and final ab circuit to finish with.  

As this is one of the more advanced kettlebell workouts on the DVD, you can use a lighter Kettlebell and still ge a really good training session in.

Warrior 2 is a shorter workout at just 28 minutes long, but don’t be fooled, this is the most advanced workout on the DVD. 

This workout requires you to have a pair of kettlebells, and it contains some quite challenging movements. For that reason, prior experience with kettlebells is definitely required before attempting this specific workout!

Much like Warrior 1, this workout is made up of 4 circuits, each with a 1-minute rest in between sets, as well as a final killer ab circuit to finish off. 

Length of workout(s): 28 – 52 minutes 

#8 Kettlebell Kickboxing: Scorcher Series 

Kickboxing kettlebell dvd uk

Kettlebell Kickboxing is a kettlebell workout DVD that was created by martial artist and kettlebell expert, Dasha L. Anderson. Dasha combined her master’s degree in Exercise Science and her experience with martial arts to create this unique style of exercise. 

Kettlebell Kickboxing started as an in-person class in New York but has grown immensely over the years. 

Now, the brand has 6 different at home programmes, including this particular product which is potentially the best Kettlebell DVD workout for women and men on our list!

These programmes target a range of different fitness goals such as weight-loss, strength gains, and mobility.

One of our favourite things about this product is that it’s suitable for people of all abilities as there is a range of beginner, intermediate, and advanced workouts.

The programmes include a great range of workouts, so you can guarantee that there will be something suitable for you regardless of your fitness or strength abilities.

Their ‘Scorcher Series’ is one of their most popular programmes and has been used by many happy customers to help them achieve their goals. 

But don’t just take our word for it, there are tons of ‘best kettlebell workout DVD’ reviews and comments for this DVD on Amazon.

The programme promises to help you burn over 800 calories in just a short 25 to 40-minute session. All of which you can achieve with just one kettlebell and plenty of space. 

Some features the programme includes are:

  • 4 workouts: 25, 30, 35, & 40 min sessions 
  • A video discussing nutrition, training & form 
  • A Programme Guide
  • A Clean Eating/ Nutrition Guide
  • Beginner Modification in Each Workout
  • High Intensity workouts at Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced levels
  • Strength, Cardio, and HIIT workouts
  • Low Impact options for workouts
  • 5 free books, including Belly Fat, Guiltless Sweats, and Burn 500 Anywhere Workout.

Length of workout(s): 25 – 40 minutes 

#9 Kettlercise Ignite 

Ignite best Kettlebell workout dvd uk

Kettlercise describes itself as ‘the single most effective Kettlebell fat burning workout, designed to shape and sculpt your body in as little as 20 minutes’.

It prides itself on catering to people of all different abilities so that everyone has the opportunity to reach their fitness goals through using Kettlercise. 

Kettlercise offers a number of different kettlebell DVD workouts, such as Lean IN-14, Kettlercise Just For Women Vol I, Kettlercise Just For Men, and Kettlercise Unplugged. 

However, arguably the most popular programme on their kettlebell workout DVD is ‘Kettlercise Ignite’. 

Unlike its more beginner-friendly ‘Lean in 14’ programme, Kettlercise Ignite is an intermediate to advanced level programme, designed for those who have prior experience with kettlebells. 

It includes 3 x 30-minute workouts that are designed to get you the results you want in a short amount of time. 

The workouts include:

  • Workout 1 (‘After Burn’): Fitness Trainer Anoushka Moor takes you through this full-body workout utilising kettlebell complexes that Kettlercise have dubbed as ‘fat melters’.
  • Workout 2 (‘Detonator’): Trainer Stacey Waite runs this traditional Kettlercise workout which uses their special system of training called ‘BSM’. This workout is perfect for working up a sweat and burning fat!
  • Workout 3 (‘Melt Down’): This workout is also run by Anoushka Moore. It combines kettlebells with body-weight exercises to provide the ultimate calorie-burning, cardio training session.

Length of workout(s): 30 minutes 

 #10 Kettle Jitsu Revolution – Joey Alvarado 

revolution Kettlebell dvd uk

Created by former Mixed Martial Arts and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu champion Joey Alvarado, Kettle Jitsu Revolution is a kettlebell DVD workout that provides an 8-week fitness and conditioning programme. 

The programme combines both kettlebell and bodyweight training to give you 8 balanced, challenging, and effective workouts. 

This particular kettlebell exercise DVD comes with two discs. On the first disc, there is an introduction and a joint and mobility warmup, both of which will help you to limber up before you launch into the main training session. 

There are then 4 workouts included on this disc. All of these workouts offer a variety of different training styles, including, core work, burpees, bodybuilding training, and kettlebell circuits. 

On the second disc, there is another introduction and joint mobility warmup session along with 4 more workouts. 

These workouts include more combat style movements, such as, ‘yoga Jitsu flow’, ‘shadow Jitsu flow’, and ‘Thai knee combo’, as well as the traditional kettlebell exercises.

On the whole, the workouts can last anywhere from 19 to 33 minutes and are suited to those who have prior experience using kettlebells in their training. 

Some of the exercises used in the workout are too complicated for complete beginners, so this workout DVD is more appropriate for those at an intermediate or advanced level.

Length of workout(s): 19 – 33 minutes 

#11 Bob Harper Kettlebell: Cardio Shred 

Bob Harper kettlebell workout dvd reviews image

The Kettlebell Cardio Shred is part of Bob Harper’s Inside Out Method series and is perfect if you’re looking for kettlebell DVDs that combine cardiovascular and strength training. 

Bob acts as a trainer in this DVD, explaining the correct form and technique for each and every exercise. 

This is a really great kettlebell DVD for beginners to kettlebell training because Bob gives in-depth advice on technique and on screen, he has another person alongside him who demonstrates the moves, too.

The workout itself is 52 minutes long, complete with a 5-minute warmup, a 6 minute cool-down and stretch, and a 41-minute main training session. 

The workout itself is made up of a wide range of movements, such as:

  • Squats
  • Tricep pushups
  • Kettlebell swings
  • Squat with overhead press
  • Burpees
  • Hip raises
  • Clean and press

Whilst Bob offers a lot of coaching and advice throughout the workouts, which is really useful for those who are new to kettlebell training, beginners to fitness completely may still find the intensity of the workouts too much.  

Therefore, this DVD may be better suited for those at an intermediate or advanced level of fitness.

Length of workout(s): 52 minutes 

#12 Kettlercise Unplugged 

Unplugged best Kettlebell workout dvd uk

Kettlercise Unplugged is great for both building muscle and burning fat so it is no surprise that this is one of the brand’s most popular programmes.

All of the workouts included in this DVD are run by the creator of Kettlercise himself, Guy Noble, with each workout designed to specifically target each major and minor muscle in the body. 

These workouts will tone you up, slim you down, and help you to get long-lasting results in a record amount of time. 

This kettlebell workout DVD consists of 3 workouts, with warm-up and cool-down sessions to go with each workout. 

The first workout, titled ‘Inferno’, is 3 minutes long and all about intensity. This workout encourages you to truly push yourself to the limits in this fast-paced and demanding training session.

The second workout ‘Express’ is also just 30 minutes long. This workout is perfect if you are working on a time limit, as it provides you with a challenging and effective workout in a short amount of time.

The third and final workout comes in slightly longer at 50 minutes, and this one is called the ‘Incinerator’. If you’re looking for an intense, full-body workout designed to help you burn fat, this is the one to try. 

All of these workouts can be very challenging at times and so may not be suitable for those who are complete beginners to kettlebell training.  

With this level of intensity, the workouts are much better suited for those at an intermediate to advanced level, but by all means, this is a great kettlebell workout DVD for men and women.

Length of workout(s): 30 – 50 minutes 

#13 Kettlebody by Brook

Kettlebell dvd uk Brook Benten

If you’re looking for good value for money, this is definitely up there with the 10 best kettlebell workout DVDs available in the UK. 

Kettlebody by Brook includes 3 different kettlebell workouts, all of which have been created by trainer and fitness enthusiast herself, Brook Benton. 

These workouts are all designed to help you reach your fitness goals by improving your power, cardio, strength, and flexibility. 

The first kettlebell exercise DVD on this disc is called Cardio Kettlebell. This includes a short warmup and a 25-minute training session which is focused on building strength and a cool-down at the end.  

The workout is extremely fast paced and requires some prior level of knowledge surrounding kettlebell training, meaning that this DVD is best suited for those at an intermediate level. 

The second DVD is called Yogaburn and is the only workout out of the three that does not incorporate a kettlebell but trust us, this is still a really intense workout on its own. 

The Yogaburn workout is a 30-minute power yoga workout that combines traditional yoga movements with exercises like mountain climbers to help you improve your flexibility whilst keeping your heart rate up. 

Lastly, the third DVD is called Bell Body Sculp. This is another intense 30 minute full-body workout that targets every muscle in your body in a way that is fun yet challenging.

This is a great kettlebell workout DVD for weight loss and is guaranteed to make you break a sweat. 

All of these workouts can be quite challenging and, thus, would be better suited to those at either an intermediate or advanced level. 

However, if at any point you find any of the movements to be too difficult, there are 2 other trainers who do the workout with Brook but demonstrate slightly easier modifications to all of the exercises.

Length of workout(s): 25 – 30 minutes 

Before You Go!

Whether you want to lose weight, build muscle, or start exercising for the mental health benefits, we hope that this list has helped you to find the best kettlebell workout DVD to achieve your exercise goals!

Benefits Of Kettlebell Workout Routines For Weight Loss

Other than helping you lose those extra unwanted pounds, these exercises have more benefits. They include:

  • Improved Aerobic Power, Strength And Overall Fitness

Research published in 2019 proved that kettlebell exercises were quite effective in improving muscle strength and aerobic power in people.

  • Improved Posture And Balance
  • Lower Blood Sugar Levels

This is especially beneficial to patients with diabetes. Unlike fat, muscle burns a higher amount of energy, thus effectively helping bring down your glucose levels. However, if you are diabetic, be sure to consult your doctor, not only before incorporating kettlebells to your workout routine but also before attempting any form of exercise.

  • Prevent Heart Disease

Since you will be getting in some cardio, this form of physical activity may enable you to control your weight and reduce your chances of developing conditions that may put a strain on your heart. It also helps lower blood pressure and LDL cholesterol (aka bad cholesterol)

  • Restore Muscle Mass And Improve Grip Strength In Older Adults

In 2018, a clinical trial involving older women aged 65 – 75 years old, proved that kettlebell workouts enabled these women with sarcopenia (loss of skeletal mass and function), increases the sarcopenia index, grip strength, and back strength.

Please note that you must always make an appointment to talk to your doctor before attempting any new workouts or incorporating kettlebells or any other forms of weight into your exercise routine. This is especially important for pregnant women or anyone with a pre-existing health condition such as heart disease, arthritis, or diabetes, among other illnesses.

Beginner Kettlebell Workout For Weight Loss

Before you tackle any of these exercises, please note that as a beginner you will not be using the same weights as your friend who has been working out for several years. Or even the same kettlebells as that friend who started working out with them six months ago.

Guidelines for beginner kettlebell weights are:

  • 8 kilograms (18 pounds) – For women who are new to both weight-lighting and kettlebell training.
  • 12 kilograms (26 pounds) – For any woman who has lifted weights before but is new to kettlebell workouts.
  • 16 kilograms (35 pounds) – Any man new to both weight-lighting and kettlebell training.
  • 19 kilograms or more (44 pounds) – For men who have done weight lifting before but are unfamiliar with kettlebell exercises.

Now that you have the perfect weight for you, here are examples of easy beginner kettlebell workouts for weight loss:

The Kettlebell Slingshot

This is a great warm-up exercise that does wonders for your shoulder flexibility.

  • Stand with feet shoulder-width apart.
  • Hold the handle of the kettlebell in both hands and extend your arms to waist level in front of you.
  • Release the left hand, so you are gripping the handle with the right hand. Pass the weight around you counterclockwise for 45 to 90 seconds.
  • Change sides and rotate it clockwise for an additional 45 to 90 seconds.

Kettlebell Swing

This is probably the most known kettlebell inspired workout.

  • Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, with a kettlebell between your feet.
  • Engage your abdominal muscles and set your shoulders back.
  • Push your hips back and bend your knees and grab the weight with both arms.
  • Exhale as you make an explosive upward movement to swing the kettlebell out in front of you.
  • Your arms should finish parallel to the floor.
  • Lower your body, bringing the weight down between your calves.
  • Repeat for 20 seconds. Rest for 10 seconds, then repeat for another 20 seconds.

This exercise is great for arms, shoulders, glutes and quads.


  • Stand with your feet about shoulder-width apart with a kettlebell just outside each foot on the floor.
  • Engage your core and lower your shoulders as you try to squeeze your shoulder blades together.
  • Push your hips backwards, and bend your knees to reach the kettlebell handles (like a squat position).
  • Firmly grip the kettlebells, keeping your arms and back straight.
  • Slowly raise your body until you are standing straight.
  • Pause and inhale before lowering your body.
  • Repeat this ten to 12 times for one set.

This is a great exercise for your glutes, core muscles and quadriceps.

The Walking Lunge

Just like traditional non-weighted lunges, this variation with the kettlebell is fantastic for your hamstrings and glutes. The added weight helps with the intensity of each lunge.

  • Start by standing with your feet together.
  • With both hands around the handle, hold the weight close to your chest. Alternatively, you can hold a kettlebell by the handle in one or both hands, with your arms at your sides.
  • Slowly step forward with your left leg, bending your knee while keeping your right foot in place. Make sure your left knee doesn’t extend over your toes.
  • Pause for a few seconds, then push your body upward, and bring your right foot up next to your left foot.
  • Continue alternating legs with each lunge.
  • Repeat this 10 times for each leg.

Kettlebell Goblet Squat

The goblet squat is a great example of a compound exercise. This is because it engages several muscles at once, namely, the core, quads, hamstrings, calves, and glutes.

  • Stand with your feet a little wider than shoulder-width apart, and your toes pointed out slightly.
  • Hold a kettlebell with both hands around the side of the handle, not from the top of the handle, and keep it close to your chest.
  • Slowly bend both knees so that your thighs are almost parallel to the floor. Keep your elbows locked and your back straight.
  • Using your leg muscles, with your upper body still, straighten up to your starting position.
  • Repeat this ten to 12 times.

Kettlebell High Pull

  • Start with the kettlebell on the floor between your feet. Your feet should be set slightly more than shoulder-width apart.
  • With your spine in a neutral position, bend your knees and lower into a squat position.
  • Using both hands, pick up the kettlebell and push through your heels. Engage your core as you move back up to your original standing position, pulling the weight to hip level as you go.
  • Raise the kettlebell until the handle reaches chin level, pointing your elbows up in the process. Be careful that you do not hit yourself in the face.
  • Lower the kettlebell back to your waist and get back into the squat stance.
  • Repeat this ten to 12 times.

Also, note that, if you do not have a gym membership, or are not willing to purchase one, these exercises are also perfect examples of home kettlebell workout for weight loss. As long as you have a go-ahead from your doctor and are dedicated, you can use the above workouts to shed the extra pounds in the comfort of your home.

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