Stretchy lace fabric in ivory is made entirely of synthetic materials. As a result of its excellent drape and regular weave, this high-quality fabric is perfect for clothing. It can also be used for decorating purposes. The stretchy Ivory Stretch Lace Fabric provides superb ease of movement, breathability, and comfort.

Ivory Stretch Lace Fabric is a beautiful lightweight fabric that’s both durable and flexible. This ivory lace is perfect for bridesmaid dresses, garter belts, or any item that needs a touch of delicate elegance.

Ivory Stretch Lace Fabric is a pefect choice for bridesmaid dresses and evening wear. This fabric is made of 100% mulberry satin with a beautiful ivory color.

Ivory Stretch Lace Fabric

This ivory stretch lace fabric is ideal for a wide range of clothing items, from bridal and formal gowns to blouses, tops, lingerie and more. Stretch lace gives you the stretch you expect but also the durability you need—fabric that doesn’t wrinkle or tear easily.

Ivory stretch lace fabric with a soft, crinkly texture. This 98% nylon and 2% spandex lace fabric is great for making lingerie, swimwear, bridal wear, costumes and more

Lightweight, soft and comfortable stretch lace fabric. Smooth and elegant skin-friendly material makes this a great option for dresses, tops and shawls. It is a sheer, lightweight and durable fabric that can be used for many different garments like blouses, dresses, skirts etc.

This soft, smooth and elegant ivory stretch lace fabric is perfect for wedding gowns and formal dresses. This ivory stretch lace fabric is soft to the touch and works well for a variety of projects including bridal gowns, lingerie, and formal wear.

Ivory Stretch Lace Fabric is a lightweight, sheer fabric made stiffer by being given an extra layer of elastic threads. It’s ideal for tops, dresses, sleeves and more where you want to create a sheer but structured look.

This Ivory Stretch Lace Fabric is a classic lace fabric that is perfect for sewing and making garments, paper crafts, home decor projects and more. This fabric is stretchy and comes in a variety of sizes to meet your needs.

Type of Ivory Stretchy Fabric

Perfect for bridal or special occasion wear, our Ivory Stretch Lace Fabric is designed to hug your curves in a flattering way. It’s made with a soft stretch lace that moves with you and works best when paired with a top or dress with an empire waistline.

This ivory stretch lace fabric is a versatile choice for a variety of projects, including wedding accessories and apparel. This ivory stretch lace fabric is a versatile and luxurious choice for making all kinds of knit, woven and sewn garments. Use it to create lingerie, bridal gowns, costumes, home décor and more.

This ivory stretch lace fabric is perfect for your next DIY project. Use it to make a lace bodice, a pair of undergarments, or even an evening dress! This lace fabric can also be used in skirt panels, sleeves, armholes and collars. The possibilities are endless!

18ct ivory stretch lace fabric mesh gossamer organza veil with beautifully hand beaded loops. This gorgeous bridal shawl is ideal for creating a stunning wedding dress or special occasion dress. The lightweight fibers make it perfect for warmer weather.

Made of 100% Nylon, our Ivory Stretch Lace Fabric is consistent in quality and color. This sheer fabric can be used for a variety of purposes such as evening wear, bridal robes and wedding dresses. It is available in 24+ colors and sold by the yard (1 yard= 36″ x 45″: 92cm x 114cm).

This ivory stretch lace fabric is a perfect choice for sewing garments and home decor. The lusciously soft, 84% polyester and 16% spandex blend makes it comfortable to wear close to the skin. This fabric is machine washable, easy to care for, and quick to dry.

This ivory stretch lace fabric gives you a trendy look. This lace fabric is made of high quality yarn, soft and stretchy, practical for women and girls. Many items can be made by this fabric, such as shirt and dress, etc.

Our Ivory Stretch Lace Fabric is a beautiful light ivory, in the softest stretch jersey fabric. Perfect for your next lace project! This premium quality lace is 5% Spandex/95% Nylon, and has a wide variety of uses such as bridal, costumes and dancewear. This fabric is opaque enough to be worn alone or sheer enough to be worn beneath outer skirts or dresses.

All About the Lace –Your Guide To Lace Types And Uses

Lace is a beautifully fine fabric incorporated in home décor, wedding dresses and many styles of apparel. It is produced from woven cotton, rayon Polyester or silk displaying a unique pattern and weave. The creation of lace includes hand weaving or machine manufacture. Also referred to as tatting, webbing, mesh, net or tulle; the exceptional type of embroidery remains a staple in fashion and in the manufacture of fine materials. The following lace guide looks at the different types of products available including its application.

Elastic Lace: Stretch lace or elastic lace is a very versatile and flexible textile. Its favorability is in its ability to stretch. It is commonly added to fabrics such as headbands, tops and all types of trim details. The elasticised fabric is also great for use in various arts and crafts projects. The creation of a stretch lace includes the combination of viscose with lycra. The elastomeric type of yarn is incorporated in the creation of a stretch lace.

Chemical Lace :The machine production of lace includes an embroidered patterned base fabric, which is then chemically treated to breakdown the base to produce a chemical lace. Also known as Schiffli lace, the fabric incorporated in its production is disintegrated to leave the fine lace pattern behind. The chemically created product is used in embroidery, sewn onto materials for decorative purposes, and incorporated in the design of undergarments. 

1. Crochet Lace : Crochet lace is the most intricate and pleasing of all lacework. It involves fine stitching and weaving, using the technique of crochet, to produce the pleasing lace design. Many different styles of crocheted lace are available. The best and oldest examples of crochet lace are vintage style doilies and collars. Shawls, clothing patterns, fabric enhancement, ponchos and even arts and crafts projects are created with crochet lace. Also widely incorporated in tablecloths and homeware, clothing and a variety of accessories.

1. Non Elastic Lace/TULE/Tuli Lace: The tulle lace is mesh or net like, best described as a delicate and fine material. It is among the lightest fabrics available and manufactured from polyester, silk, nylon and rayon. Its floral and patterned designs have contributed to its popularity in the creation of wedding gowns and dresses for very special, formal events. 

TC Lace:TC lace includes polyester and cotton manufacture. It is a lace trim that is not as fine or delicate as crochet lace but provides the common lace features added to all types of apparel. TC lace is characterized by the use of a thicker thread. It is a popular style of trim available in wavy, straight, curved or loose design. 

Organza Lace: Organza lace is a soft, velvety fabric manufactured from a thinly woven silk. The flowing lace is included in a range of striking colors. The lace is commonly purchased to create evening wear and home décor owing to its lasting elegance.

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