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The Igbo horse tail is a symbol of wealth and status, and is used for traditional wedding ceremonies. The horse tail is placed on the bride’s head during the wedding ceremony, and is worn by her for the rest of her life.

The bride’s mother or father will often be responsible for making this part of the wedding day special by finding a suitable horse to purchase. The horse must be strong but also gentle enough to handle being cut at its tail. If this isn’t possible, then it’s acceptable to just buy two pieces of horse hair instead of an entire tail.

Once you have your tail, you’ll need to take it to a priest who can bless it. Once blessed, you can use your Igbo horse tail in your traditional wedding ceremony!

Igbo horse tail for traditional wedding. The horse tail is one of the most common symbols of wealth and beauty in Nigeria, used in fashion and as adornment for weddings.

This Igbo horse tail is used in traditional Igboland wedding ceremonies to beautify and enhance the bride. It is believed that this horse tail conveys good luck on the bride. This will be an asset for your Igbo traditional wedding.

Weddings are not complete without our Traditional Igbo Horse-tail in your highlight as it is a symbol of wealth, prosperity and good fortune. It comes in various colors and styles to fit any occasion

The horse tail is an important part of the traditional Igbo wedding ceremony. It is worn by the groom to symbolize that he has now married a woman and has become responsible for her welfare.

The Igbo wedding is a pompous event, where luxury and opulence are the order of the day; it’s not a celebration to be missed. When it comes to dressing for your Igbo wedding, you want to make sure that you look just like a king or queen should. We offer beautiful, ready-made horse tail wraps made from handcrafted faux animal hair.

Igbo horse tail for traditional wedding. Igbos are known for the beautiful horses that they breed and it is not surprising to see them in every social event, and wedding celebration. Horse tail with long feathers is one of the best representation of this beautiful country; just like the bride who will be wearing it has to be at her elegant best.

The Igbo horse tail is an important cultural item, and has been used for centuries as part of the traditional wedding ceremony. In addition to its use within wedding ceremonies, horse tails have a wide range of uses including decorative braiding and hair-braiding.

Horse Tail attached to a horse’s tail is a symbol of marital power and fertility. It is believed that the possession of Igbo has influenced the marriage of the couple, and it also serves as a symbol of wealth.

Traditional Igbo wedding attire. Tail is usually made of horse hair, and is worn over the back of the head. It may also be made of ram’s wool or human woven strands.

Igbo wedding is a genuine matter of celebration. For Igbo people, there is no choice but to have the best traditional outfit on for his or her wedding day. Each culture has its own way of dressing up and Igbo is no exception.

The Igbo horse tail is a tradition of the Igbo people of Nigeria. Traditionally, parents pass on their cultural practice to their children when they can begin to understand as they grow up through storytelling and mimickry. So it is with the horse tail, a large waxy mane cut from an undomesticated horse during special ceremonies performed by priests in the community. The horseman offers prayers and sacrifices before cutting off the mane with an adze made out of iron ore (it has been noted that there were no metal axes available in ancient times). The tradition also stipulates that no one excepting the priest should touch or cut hair directly from any human head.

Igbo horse tail is the main component of a traditional Igbo wedding dress. It is only worn by the highest social class of women. The Igbo horse tail is a symbol of beauty, honor, and purity.

This is a beautiful igbo horse tail. One of the traditional items required at a traditional wedding. The horse tail was used by the bride and her female family members when they did the traditional dance just before the groom comes back with some security men to claim his wife.

What better way to symbolically unite two soon-to-be spouses than with a Igbo horse tail? The beautiful white tassel is woven into a horse’s tail and knotted together with red thread, symbolizing the couple’s union.

Traditional Igbo horse tail is used for the wedding as a symbol of wealth and good luck, also a gift from one family to another. Every Igbo man would love to use this magnificent tail especially on his wedding day.

The horse tail is a symbol of Igbo people. The ornament is used in traditional wedding and is put on the neck of the bride by her mother to show that she has been selected for marriage.

Igbo Horsetail is used by the Igbo people in south eastern Nigeria as well as some other tribes in Africa during traditional ceremonies.

This is a traditional Igbo hairpiece worn by the bride and groom during their wedding ceremony. It signifies that they are now wed, with their new family. The tails are braided together and woven into a rug-like piece, then worn as a headdress during the ceremony. This beautiful horse tail is made using real horse hair.

Igbo horse tail is a traditional hairstyle for most women in Igbo land. It is also known as “Odionwere”. The Igbo horse tail tradition is connected with their agrarian lifestyle and they use it to perform many traditional activities like greeting guests at a wedding or naming ceremony. The horse tail hairstyle makes them very attractive, stylish and beautiful in their culture.

Aigbo horsetail is an essential part of Igbo traditional wedding. It has several functions, including that of decoration, decoration, fan and water sprinkler used in the bridal chamber before and after the wedding ceremony.

Horse tail is the most important part of the traditional Igbo wedding attire. It is the centerpiece of the ensemble and must be worn behind the head at all times.

An Igbo wedding without the horse tail is unthinkable, meaning that the bride has not been presented in all her splendor. The horse tail is used for attaching a beautiful fabric which compliments the bride’s dress and possibly completes it by adding other adornment to it.

Traditional horse Tail

Traditional horse tail is a great way to add a touch of class to your next party.

If you’ve ever wanted to add some elegance and sophistication to your next event, traditional horse tail is the perfect solution.

Traditional horse tails are made from real horses’ tails, which are cleaned, sanitized, and preserved so that they look as natural as possible. Traditional horse tails can be used in a variety of ways:

-As a centerpiece on the table at your next dinner party

-As a conversation piece at the end of each guest’s chair at a wedding reception or anniversary party

-To decorate tables outside for an outdoor wedding or event

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