You know that feeling when you’re wearing your favorite cashmere sweater and you get to the bottom of the washing machine only to find that it’s shrunken and stretched out? What a bummer.

As much as we love our cashmere sweaters, they do have their own unique set of care instructions. When you wash them, you have to be careful not to use too hot of water or dry them for too long—but if you follow these tips, you can avoid the dreaded “shrinkage” that comes with washing your precious cashmere.

I have some bad news. You’ve heard the old adage “you can’t wash a cashmere sweater.” Well, I just did. And now I’m here to tell you that it’s not true.

Here’s what happened: I took my favorite cashmere sweater out of the dryer after it was done drying and it looked like a poodle had just taken a bath in it. It was completely ruined—a total mess!

There are two things that I learned from this experience:

  1. You CAN wash a cashmere sweater (trust me).
  2. It needs to be dry cleaned regularly or else it will look like an animal has been living in your closet (also true).

There is an old saying that states that it is impossible to wash a cashmere sweater. To be honest, this is not entirely true. However, if inconsideration is not taken into account when washing a cashmere sweater, then it will end up being ruined.

How to wash cashmere by hand

You shouldn’t wash your cashmere sweater. It is true that after years of cleaning and pressing, the fibers of cashmere become jammed into an odd, fluffy matted weave. However, if you are like me and are not willing to part with the cozy comfort of cashmere clothing, then you need to find a way to keep your sweaters looking their best without frequent professional cleaning.

It’s time to get the (expensive) wool out of your ears and take a better look at why you’re actually doing laundry.

It is the nature of the beast: When cashmere shorn from a goat’s back is carded and spun into yarn, it is soft and luxurious. Smooth to the touch; loved by all.

I washed my cashmere sweater in the washing machine, and now it’s ruined.

I’m not sure if you’re aware of this, but washing cashmere is a delicate process. It requires special care, and it’s not something you want to do incorrectly. That’s why I was so upset when I realized that I had just ruined one of my favorite sweaters by washing it like any other piece of clothing.

But don’t worry! There are some things you can do to salvage your beloved cashmere sweater.

I was recently the victim of an unfortunate mistake: washing my cashmere sweater in the washing machine.

It’s important to know that washing cashmere incorrectly can easily ruin a sweater. To avoid mistakes, Suzanne Kretz offers some tips on how to care for a cashmere sweater.

We sincerely apologize if you have encountered any difficulties while trying to restore your prized cashmere sweater. We have provided instructions that will restore your garment to its original condition.

I pre-sorted my laundry properly, and still ruined my sweater.

It has come to my attention that the instructions in your oatmeal box are unclear.

I washed my cashmere sweater in the washing machine and it came out with a lot of pilling. I don’t know what I did wrong, but I want to make sure that doesn’t happen again. How do I keep my sweaters from pilling?

I washed my cashmere sweater in the washing machine and it came out with a lot of pilling. I was wondering if there is anything I can do to prevent that from happening again?

How can I keep pilling from happening on my cashmere sweaters?

I am having trouble with my cashmere sweaters pilling. Please provide information on good care for my sweaters to ensure that this does not happen again.

How do I keep my sweaters from pilling?

Cashmere sweaters are exceptionally luxurious. However, they can be damaged in the washing machine. Before washing your cashmere sweater, it’s important to first visit a professional dry cleaner and have them clean it for you. Aside from staining problems or shrinkage, excessive pilling is one of the most common laundry mistakes that can happen to a cashmere sweater.

What happens if you put cashmere in the dryer

Pilling is one of the biggest problems we face with cashmere. Some types of fibers are very prone to pilling and cashmere fibers are usually not one of them. However, you might have received a fabric that was treated or a sweater that was not properly cared for.

I have never been a fan of cashmere. It’s just too soft for me. I’ve always felt like it was too casual for the office and too expensive to wear casually. But when I saw this sweater on sale at the outlet mall, I couldn’t resist and bought it without thinking twice.

It was a great decision—at first. The cashmere was so soft and warm that I wore it all winter long, including in some pretty cold weather. But then spring came, and one day I decided to wash my new sweater by hand (because I’m old-fashioned like that). And then something terrible happened: It started falling apart!

I had no idea that washing cashmere would cause so much damage; now all of my sweaters have holes in them, even though they’re brand new!

Cashmere is a soft, lightweight material of wool and goat hair. There are many benefits to wearing this material, but it can be damaged if not cared for properly. Some easy-to-follow tips on how to wash cashmere without ruining it include:

I’ve always been a fan of cashmere jumpers, but I never expected them to fall apart so quickly.

While I enjoy the softness of cashmere sweaters, I find that the fabric lacks the versatility for everyday wear. Despite owning multiple cashmere sweaters, I only tend to wear them occasionally before washing and wearing again. However, due to their delicate composition, my sweaters don’t last long after they’re washed. When they’re laundered in a traditional manner, they lose their appearance faster than I’d like.

There is a delicate balance between maintaining the luxury feel of cashmere while not lengthening the lifetime of the sweater.

Cashmere was once reserved for the elite and royal.  These days cashmere sweaters can be found in most clothing stores, and they come in a large variety of colors and patterns.

Cashmere is a luxurious fabric. Who doesn’t want to feel like they’re wrapped in a cloud when they’re wearing their favorite sweater or scarf?

But what happens when you wash your cashmere? Does it still feel like a cloud? Or does it end up looking more like a pile of cotton candy?

The answer depends on whether or not you know how to wash cashmere correctly! So here are some quick tips for keeping your cashmere soft and fluffy:

  1. Do not use hot water! The heat will break down the fibers of your sweater, which means that even if you dry it out, it won’t be as soft as it once was.
  2. Don’t use fabric softener! Fabric softeners trap dirt inside the fibers of your cashmere, which means that any dirt or grime that gets trapped inside will be impossible to clean out later on down the line (and we all know how much we hate having to clean our clothes!).
  3. Use an eco-friendly detergent that’s free of phosphates (which can cause damage to our waterways). We recommend Ecos’ Free and Clear laundry detergent—it’s gentle on your clothes while still getting them clean!

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