Folding a sheet set is not as simple as it might seem. It requires the proper technique, so that your sheets don’t wrinkle or get creases in them. The following steps are designed to be easy to follow and will ensure you have perfectly folded sheets every time.

Lay out all of the sheets in the set on the bed, with their right sides facing up.

Fold each pillowcase in thirds lengthwise, then fold them once more so that you’re folding them in half crosswise.

Starting at one end of one of the flat sheets, fold it in half lengthwise so it looks like a rectangle. Then fold this rectangle down into half again, so that you have two layers of fabric stacked on top of each other.

These layers should line up perfectly with one another at both ends of the sheet—this will create a crease down one side when unfolded later on in this process!

Flip over this folded layer so that it’s now facing downwards on your bed (with top layer facing downwards as well). Then take another flat sheet and repeat

First, lay out your fitted sheet with its top facing down and its bottom facing up. Then fold in half lengthwise, making sure that all four corners align perfectly with one another so that when you unfold it later on they’ll still be perfectly aligned with one another.

Next, fold it in half widthwise to create an envelope shape with all eight corners aligned perfectly together so that when you unfold it later on those eight corners will still be perfectly aligned with one another; this is called “square-folding” because if someone were standing above this square-folded piece of fabric from above their eye level.

First, take off the pillowcases and lay them flat on top of each other. Then, fold the flat sheet lengthwise (like a mini-portfolio) and place it over the two pillowcases, with one corner of the flat sheet at an angle on top of the other three corners.

Next, grab those corners and pull them down into a triangle shape—you should have three triangles that look like this: [diagram].

Now fold those triangles in half diagonally again until they form another triangle shape—this time, with four points instead of three!

Finally, grab all four corners of this new triangle shape and pull them down into yet another triangle shape—this time with five points instead of four.

Lay the first sheet on top of the second sheet, wrong side up. Fold the bottom of the first sheet up to meet the top edge of the second sheet.

Fold the right side of the first sheet over so that it meets its left side, meeting at the top edge of the second sheet. You should have a rectangle with two vertical seams and one horizontal seam.

Fold in half vertically (like a book) so that both sheets are inside each other, with their wrong sides facing out. You should have a rectangle with four vertical seams and two horizontal seams.

Now fold in half horizontally (like a book) so that both sheets are inside each other, with their right sides facing out. You should have an open square with six vertical seams and three horizontal seams!

Finally, fold your square into thirds vertically so that you’re left with three “squares” within each other—two on top and one on bottom. Your final product will look like an envelope!

How do you Fold a Full Sheet Set?

Fold the sheet in half, with the top of the sheet folded over to meet the bottom of the sheet. Fold the bottom of the sheet up to meet the top.

Fold one side of your flat sheet in half to create a rectangle, then fold that rectangle in thirds, like a business letter, so that you have three layers on each side of your folded flat sheet. This will make it easier for you to store your sheets when they’re not in use.

Lay the sheet flat, with the top facing up. Fold the top of the sheet in half, lengthwise, so that the two long sides meet each other. Fold in half again so that all four sides meet each other and form a square shape.

Gently fold up one corner to create an origami-like triangle shape at one end of the square; this will be your starting point for rolling up your sheets.

Roll tightly from this corner up to about halfway down its length (about 2/3rds of the way across its width). You want to make sure that you’re keeping everything neat and tidy as you go! It’s okay if some wrinkles appear along the way—they’ll come out later on anyway.

Roll from this point down until you reach your starting point; this should be about 1/3rd of an inch away from where you started rolling up at first (this will vary depending on how much fabric there is left over). Make sure that you’re making tight rolls as you work through this process—it’ll help keep your sheets looking neat and tidy once they’re done!

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