Buyandslay is online fabric store you can trust for your velvet fabrics. Our collection of velvet fabric comprises of Korean velvet fabric, china velvet fabric, silk velvet fabric, upholstery velvet fabric and many more. We also sell velvet fabric wholesale in Nigeria. The price of velvet fabric on Buyandslay ranges from NGN 1500 per yard to 4000 per yard.

Our collection of velvet fabric comprises of Korean velvet fabric, china velvet fabric, silk velvet fabric, upholstery velvet fabric and many more. Buyandslay is the best place to buy all types of velvet fabrics in Nigeria. You can get your hands on our wholesale quality fabrics at an affordable price

We offer a wide range of Korean and China velvet fabrics with different colors, prints and designs. You can buy velvet fabric wholesale at the most affordable price on Buyandslay. Buyandslay is the best place for you to buy your velvet material. We have a variety of velvet fabrics for use in different types of fabric spanning from furniture covering, clothing, upholstery and many more. Buyandslay offers several sizes, can be custom-made as per your specifications and comes at an affordable price. And this is just the beginning of our total customer satisfaction package.

Velvet is a luxurious fabric that is strong and durable, yet soft to the touch. Velvet fabric is perfect for upholstery and dresses, such as flowing skirts and tailored jackets. The high density of fibers makes velvet perfect for heavier weight garments as well as upholstery projects such as headboards, slipcovers and throws. You can also find velvet in place on accessories like pillows and purses. Our collection of velvet fabrics includes Silk Jute Velvet Fabric, Cotton Double Brushed Velvet Fabric, Milled Woven Shimmering Velvet Fabric, Lycra Spandex Roughed Up Stretch Sparkle Velvet Fabric and many more.

Our high quality cotton, wool and linen velvet material has been carefully chosen to reflect our commitment to deliver only what we consider the best in terms of quality, design and price. We pride ourselves on our customer service and we welcome you to browse our extensive collection of premium fabrics and help guide you in making your choice.

Buyandslay is a leading online fabric store selling high-quality velvet fabrics at most affordable prices in Nigeria. We sell a variety of upholstery fabrics ranging from Korean velvet fabric, China velvet fabric, optical velvet and many more. Our collection of silk velvet fabrics include full silk velvet, stretch silk velvet and many more. Start shopping now for all your home décor needs by browsing through our wide range of home decor products including Bedding sets, bed skirts, fitted sheet sets and so much more

We have a wide range of velvet fabric price in Nigeria. You can buy china velvet, Korean velvet and other brand fabrics at the most affordable prices here or order for some custom made velvet fabric in Nigeria. Also check our homepage for latest updates on the best selling velvet fabric in Nigeria.

Velvet fabrics are suitable for different types of interior decors, especially for formal and formal-looking interiors. In addition to the spotlights on the top, velvet fabrics have a beautiful, thick nap that gives an even more lavish, velvety look and feel. Velvet fabric is both luxurious, soft and elegant in appearance.

Buyandslay is the best fabric store in Nigeria to buy velvet material. Our vibrant collection of velvet fabric comprises of Korean velvet, china velvet, silk velvet, upholstery velvet and many more. We also sell wholesale fabrics in Nigeria such as pure silk satin and viscose satin. Velvet fabric is a beautiful and elegant fabric that can be used for upholstery projects. We carry a wide variety of colors in our velvet fabric collection at Buyandslay.

Buyandslay is your one-stop fabric store you can trust. We offer the best collection of fabrics and at the best price. Our velvet fabrics are made in Korea, China and even India. You will find all the colors you want in our yardage. We sell in all sizes, some popular ones are 60 and 45.

Our velvet fabric is durable, beautiful and luxurious. Our velvet fabric is made from different materials including silk, polyester and cotton. Velvet fabric is also inexpensive when compared to other fabrics. Buyandslay offer great prices for our velvet fabrics in Nigeria

Velvet fabric is a popular fabric used in the fashion industry. Our collection of velvet fabrics comprises of soft, luxurious and comfy Korean velvet fabric, china velvet fabric and satin velvet fabric. Our range of upholstery velvet fabrics includes silk velvet fabric, polyester velvet fabric, polyester cotton velvet & woolen velvet. We offer beautiful collection of modern and vintage style upholstery fabrics at reasonable prices.

Velvet materials are commonly used for making upholstery and pillows. The material is usually sold either ready-made or as continuous rolls, typically 54” wide. If it is not a pure cotton velvet, then silk, polyester or polypropylene may be combined with the cotton to give the required trimness. Velvet fabrics are available in several colors and a large number of prints.

Velvet fabric is a type of woven fabric in which the warp (lengthwise) and weft (crosswise) threads are interlaced to give it a specific, soft appearance. The pile surface is smooth and soft, while the back side is usually plain so that the face can be seen more easily. It is often used for women’s apparel and upholstery such as curtains.

Velvet fabric is a luxurious fabric with a satin-like sheen. It is made of the softest fibres in the world, such as silk and cotton. It has been used for centuries to create luxurious evening gowns and many other items of clothing. Therefore, this material can be very expensive in comparison to other fabrics. Buyandslay is an online fabric store where you can get all kinds of velvet fabrics at affordable prices

velvet is a fabric that has a soft, sumptuous nap or pile. It’s traditionally made by weaving a dense, heavy fabric of silk, wool or synthetic fibers. The word derives from the Latin velutum meaning velvet. Our velvet fabrics keep you comfortable and stylish all at once. Buy velvet material from

If you are looking for velvet fabric in Nigeria, Buyandslay is the right place. We offer a wide range of velvet fabrics at affordable price with excellent quality assurance. Our selection of velvet fabric comprises of Korean velvet fabric, china velvet fabric, silk velvet fabric and many more.

Velvet fabrics are classically luxurious, but also modern and distinctive. Our collection of velvet fabrics comprises of Korean velvet fabric, china velvet fabric, silk velvet fabric, upholstery velvet fabric and many more. We also sell wholesale velvet fabric in Nigeria. If you need any further information on how to buy and avail our products please contact us via WhatsApp.

At Buyandslay, we believe that you should be able to buy velvet fabric in Nigeria at pocket-friendly prices. Our team of well trained staff has prepared an extensive collection of velvet fabric in Nigeria with different colors, designs and sizes to cater for your fashion needs. We keep our collection affordable by offering velvet fabric wholesale in Nigeria at great price.

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