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A pair of heeled womens brogues makes a perfect companion for a range of activities. Whether you’re arranging a night out, or you’d just like something classic to wear around the office, the shoes you’ll find in this section of the buyandslay site will offer something perfect for the job. This variety of shoe is named after the decorative perforations and serration across the surface of the leather.
This technique is called ‘broguing’, and while it first came to be widespread in sturdy, outdoor footwear, it can now be found in a host of modern styles. Our collection contains heeled brogues as well as flat ones, lace-up brogues as well as slip-on ones, and leather styles alongside black brogues that make a perfect fit for an office environment. Brogues make a good match for a range of outfits as well as occasions; pair them with jeans or formal trousers and they’ll work equally well.
Each of the women’s brogues you see here comes at a reasonable price, and some even come with additional discounts. Whatever occasion and style you’re shopping for, you’ll find a brogue to match here. What’s more, you’ll even get free standard delivery.
Shoes in the class of brogues over the years when mentioned reminds people of words such as “brogue shoes” is school uniforms, and the second thing is, “brogues are kinda cute, but what the hell would I even wear with them?” But if you look to some of fashion’s biggest bloggers and influencers, you’ll find oxford inspiration galore. Upon doing a little research, we noticed that brogues look just as killer with feminine dresses, full skirts and skinny jeans as they do with the menswear they’re usually associated with.

Sometimes we think of what we are going to wear that suites our dresses one can think of wearing brougue shoes to the movies or music festivals. .Style influencers, photographers, models, and celebrities all head to festivals like Coachella, JazzFest, SXSW, and Bonnaroo to dance and sing—but also to show off the chicest festival outfits they can put together.

A brogue shoe is characterized by a shoe lace icelet tabs that are attached under the vamp a feature termed “closed lacing”.This contrasts with )which have shoelace eyelets attached to the top of the vamp. Originally, brogues were plain, formal shoes, made of leather, but they evolved into a range of styles suitable for formal, uniform, or casual wear. Based on function and the dictates of fashion, brogues are now made from a variety of materials, including calf leather, faux and genuine patent leather  suede, and canvas. They are normally black or brown, and may be plain or patterned (brougue).

Women’s brogue shoes are till date; however, this trend dates back to the 19th C.  Borrowed from men’s footwear style, women’s brogues have received immense popularity since the 1920s including much attention in the 1940s–1950. The body of the brogue shoe is created to appear as a flawless portion of leather, with a second leather piece forming the toe-cap. The differences in styles are generally due to the ornamentation: taller heels and designer colours. Since the current women’s brogues draw ideas not only from the men’s shoe, but also from almost any conceivable source, the women’s variety has more freedom in terms of design, choice, and less adherence to tradition. This implies that brogues shoes can fit almost every woman’s preferred style

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