Feminine Tops To Wear With Jeans

Right here on Buy and slay, you are privy to a litany of relevant information on feminine tops to wear with jeans, ladies casual tops to wear with jeans, long tops to wear with skinny jeans, and so much more. Take out time to visit our catalog for more information on similar topics.

Feminine tops are the perfect way to look put-together without being overly dressy. They can be worn with jeans and a pair of heels, or even shorts and sneakers. Here are some of my favorite feminine tops to wear with jeans:

Silk blouses

Silk blouses are probably my favorite feminine top. They go with almost every bottom in your closet, from skirts to jeans, and they’re so easy to take care of. I have several that I’ve had for years and they still look great.

Romantic blouses

If you’re looking for something a bit more romantic, romantic blouses are the way to go. They come in a variety of cuts and styles so you can find one that speaks to you.

Lightweight sweaters

I love lightweight sweaters because they’re so versatile. You can wear them with anything from jeans to skirts or even dresses if you want a more casual look!

Feminine Tops To Wear With Jeans

Jeans And Tops Combination

8 Jeans And Tops Combination For All The Stylish Women Out There

Ripped jeans outfits with tees or crop top outfits with jeans? Which one would you pick for a day out with friends? For day wear or casual occasions, choose stylish tops to wear with jeans. You can find a carefully curated extensive collection of college or casual clothing by Campus Sutra right here. We will guide you through but before that as an interesting add-on, we have also included how to wear a shrug with jeans. Learn more about jeans and tops combination on our blog!

What To Wear with Jeans- Essential Style Tips For Women

Everyone is a denim person, whatever be the season or the occasion. Jeans are everyone’s go-to for indecisive days and wearing jeans becomes second nature!  when you cannot decide what to dorn or if you do not want to dress up. However, if you are under the misconception that wearing jeans is about dressing down, you’re surely living under a rock because we are going to break that myth with this post. Maybe ripped jeans outfits with tees are your thing, and you’d like to to rock this look better than crop top outfits with jeans. We’ve thought of 8 jeans and tops combination which you would love to sport on any occasion.

Pair long kurti with jeans:

Long Kurti with jeans -jeans and tops combination Bewakoof blog

A light blue jeans combination with long cotton kurtis in brighter colours can help you breathe during a gruelling 9 to 5 schedule.

Want to wear your jeans to work but are worried that it will come off as too casual? Try the kurta-jeans combination. Pair those jeans underneath a long knee-length floral kurti. The floral trend is always the highlight during summer, so be trendy, formal and chic in this indo-western outfit with a matching pair of juttis, kolhapuris or wedges. A long top with jeans is a fashion statement that can work out beautifully for all the tall and lovely, ladies!

Pair short kurtis with jeans

short Kurti with jeans - bewakoof blog

If you’re more comfortable in short kurtis and are eager to try something new in try newer looks in the jeans with tops category, there are plenty of options available for you. Wear a summery short kurti probably designed with an all-over buti print, and pair it with high-waist jeans and gleaming stilettos.

Pair black shirt with jeans for a black-all-over attire

black shirt with jeans - jeans and tops combinationbewakoof blog

Denim on denim has been a big trend for the longest time. Black on black never disappoints and with a black top with jeans combination, you can be sure that with this trend will never go wrong.  For an easy-going outdoor even, a well-thought-out denim outfit for ladies could be a great pick! There are few things that you’d like to keep in mind before trying out this look.  Ensure that you do not have to walk under the sun too long in this outfit. This black top with jeans combo can be your go-to for office wear as it is semi-casual and will keep you ready for office. Colour block this outfit with golden strapped flats or a coloured pair of wedges and some neck accessories like some gold chains. Denim on denim outfit is yet another trend that has not left the fashion circuit, it is easy to style and easier to carry if you want to try ripped jeans outfits, just colour-co-ordinate it.

The unusual jeans and tops combination- Try out a ripped jeans outfit with a kurta or white shirt

ripped jeans with Kurti - bewakoof blog

If you think wearing a ripped jeans outfit to work was against the norm, think again! You can easily divert anyone’s attention from those rips on your jeans to an amazing white women’s kurti with jeans ensemble. Blue jeans and a white shirt is a loved combination for many which never fails, so why not give it a try on a weekday! A watch on your wrist and black pumps, and you’re ready to strut in with that confidence and style.

Jeans with top combinations- Pair bell-bottom pants with Tees

jeans with top - bewakoof blog

As much as you love your narrow pants and tight-fit pants, but it is always advisable to play around with fashion. If you are not keen on experimenting, wide legged pants or bell-bottom jeans are safe options to choose. They can be your best companion this summer, too with a simple white graphic tee knotted up to make you look breezy, especially for an outing with your girlfriends or for a long day in college! Such top and jeans combinations are a go-to which is simple but quirky.

Crop top outfits with jeans you should get your hands on!

crop top with jeans - bewakoof blog

As we were already discussing summer, and the heat is already at its peak, this is a given tip. If you want to adorn something casual and sporty, go for a cotton bright colored crop top outfit with jeans. If you do not have a crop top or don’t want to purchase one, don’t fret because your graphic or simple tee can be tied into a knot to give a crop effect! Pair it with ballerinas or heels, depending on the occasion that you’re heading for.

Learn how to wear a shrug with jeans

shrug with jeans - bewakoof blog

Jeans can be a very casual staple but if you pair it with a formal blouse, it can completely change your look. Pair a black pair of denims with a blouse and round it off with a pretty, patterned shrug. If it is a tasseled shrug, it’ll be all the more fun to play around with it. Even a kaftan-top or a boho blouse can work as substitutes for the regular blouses, if styled correctly. A dark-coloured button down shirt with floral prints can also work to quickly change from a desk to dinner look! Gingham blouses are also very trendy and you can sport this fashion craze to work when styled with black or dark blue denims. There is a lot you can do with a jeans and tops combination, as you have already read. Read more on how to pick stylish tops to wear with jeans for exclusive outfit ideas.

Women's Blue & White Color Block Sneakers

Pick stylish tops to wear with jeans

stylish top with jeans - bewakoof blog

While all of the above have been outfits to wear for a casual outing or to work, this outfit can help you for your college, young girls. Pair those boyfriend jeans that are available in most stores with casual tops and off-shoulder or peplum tops which fit you well. The trick is to work on the upper body so that the clothing on your lower body is more casual and comfortable, but do not commit the mistake of making your top and lower half look baggy. Looking chic and comfortable is the trick to ace the trends!

There is an amazing range at Campus Sutra to choose from when it comes to casual tops to wear with jeans. Smaller details such as adding a pullover over a shirt, a blazer, accessories can change your entire look. So don’t fret or overthink about your choice of wearing jeans on particular occasions, instead go with your personal sense of style and comfort. While getting the right pair of jeans can be a task, the right pair of jeans can be your best friend as it not only accentuates your curves, but also defines your style statement.

Move on to other types of pants for your outerwear looks!

This summer, you might want to experiment with different types of pants especially the flowy ones but whenever you’re stuck about what to pair with what, we at Bewakoof decided to rescue you from this muddle. We’ve told you everything that you need to know about what to wear with jeans.

This is not all! Follow our posts and stay tuned for more style tips and tricks on our blog. This season, you can choose from an awesome range of  formal and casual pants. So, head out shopping, peeps! Your wardrobes need some filling up. Hope you loved our article on jeans and tops combination! Stay tuned to our blog for more fashion-related updates!

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