Faux ostrich feathers are the perfect touch for decorating your home, outdoor weddings and special events. This faux ostrich feather fabric is dyed brown color and is soft to touch making it easy to use with many craft projects such as pillows and other home decor items. It works especially well as a decorative furnishing fabric or curtains. As with real ostrich feathers, this faux ostrich feather fabric is hand-tufted with a variety of fibres including polyester and cotton. As it is an imitation product, it is excellent for those who are allergic to real ostrich feathers but want the look.

This faux ostrich feather fabric is made to look exactly like real ostrich feathers, with the added perk of being cruelty-free! The large, 5-inch long strands are thick and full and give a soft appearance to any fabric. Use it for custom headbands, wreaths, costumes and more.

Our high-quality faux ostrich feather fabric is perfect for crafting, sewing, and home decor projects. Not to be outdone by real feathers, our realistic artificial ostrich feathers can be used in a variety of decorative fashions.

This faux ostrich feather fabric is perfect for accents and craft projects. The ornamental feathers are engineered to maintain the look of natural ostrich. They arrive on a bolt sized 46″ wide and 100 yards long, ready to cut off the desired length and sew or glue into place

Ostrich feathers are often used for their beautiful appearances and blending capabilities. Our faux ostrich feather fabric is made of the same materials as our ostrich feather fabrics, but with a more affordable price point.

Faux Ostrich Feather Fabric is our highest quality 100% Polyester fabric with a subtle iridescent shine to it. It’s perfect for adding glamour and style to your windows, or making trendy pillows, chandeliers and other interior decor.

Faux ostrich feather fabric is a great way to add some luxury to your space. This faux ostrich feather fabric is made from a synthetic material and has many applications. From pillows, to curtains or even tablecloths, this is a must-have for any home decorator.

Faux ostrich feather fabric is a durable and lightweight craft fabric featuring an array of rich, dark browns and blacks. With this deep color palette, it’s a great decorative fabric for home décor projects like pillows and curtains, as well as crafts like costumes and masks

This beautiful faux ostrich feather fabric is a classic, luxurious and luxurious fabric that add elegance and luxury to any interior design project. Looks great as window treatments, draperies, bedding or curtains. For table toppers and napkins, it can be used on lights or in home decorations.

100% Polyester fabric printed in the USA for a great look and feel. This fabric is available to purchase online by the yard, priced by the piece. Faux Ostrich Feather Fabric is a versatile fabric ideal for use in apparel, home décor, and more. Prepared from high-quality synthetic fibers, it features an ostritch feather pattern in vibrant colors.

Where to Buy Faux Ostrich Feather Fabric

Our Faux Ostrich Feather Fabric is a beautiful pattern that you can use to create custom pillows, accessories and other home decor items. The soft and supple fabric features a large ornamental feather print on top and dark brown/black background with subtle beige/cream dots that are surrounded by black lines.

The Faux Ostrich Feather Fabric is an all-time favorite for fashion lovers and event planners who are looking for a stylish, yet affordable option. It’s a medium-weight fabric that’s easy to handle. This faux ostrich feather fabric features a long 2” guard for added durability on the edges. The rich colors and violet iridescence are meant to be shown off with this soft and durable fabric.

Our Faux Ostrich Feather Fabric is perfect for upholstering furniture, drapery and more. Each package includes one yard of fabric, perfect for small projects or large panels.

Add a whimsical and elegant touch to your next project with this Faux Ostrich Feather Fabric. The fabric is made from polyester, making it soft and lightweight. Whether you are making a quilt, pillow or even curtains you will find the bright colors make for a bold statement.

Strong and lightweight, this faux ostrich feather fabric is perfect for adding a touch of formal elegance to your next project. Whether it’s used in upholstery, accessories, or apparel, its long fibers are sure to bring your next creation to another level of beauty.

Bring a touch of luxury to your home with our faux ostrich feather fabric. This luxurious material has a textured, soft and elegant feel, similar to real ostrich feathers. It’s easy to sew with, so you can create accent pillows and cushions which will look amazing in your home. This is a fabulous fabric for creating stylish accessories for your home or fashion pieces that you’re proud to showcase. In addition, our 100% polyester material is easy to clean and care for, so you can keep it looking as good as new over time.

This elegant, eye-catching feather fabric would be perfect for a home or office. Made with a durable synthetic fiber blend, this faux ostrich feather fabric will give an aesthetic look to any upholstery project. This trendy fabric has a high sheen and luxurious appearance. It’s durable, but drapes beautifully, so it’s versatile enough to be used for home decor and apparel alike.

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