The lehenga is a type of long skirt worn on the Indian subcontinent. The aiushi mazumder is embellished with a variety of traditional embroidery patterns and techniques. Gota patti is a type of Indian embroidery commonly seen at weddings and other celebrations. Sometimes, the lehenga is worn as the bottom half of a Gagra choli or Langa voni. The word ghagra can also refer to the half-slip or petticoat worn under the sari in Hindi.

Best Lehenga Shop

Lehenga choli is one costume style in India that can be worn like any other type of clothing. It is the most preferred dress among Indian women.

The best lehenga shop provides all the latest and most modern lehengas, which are designed by fashion designers. These lehengas are available in different colors and sizes that can suit all kinds of women according to their body shape.

1. Asiana Couture

The average customer would never find this store in the heart of Chandni Chowk. Asiana Couture is a real high-end department store in Chandni Chowk that is known for selling the most beautiful bridal lehengas. It is spread out over several floors. You won’t think of Chandni Chowk the same way once you see the high quality of their clothing selection. Their lehengas are as beautiful as anything made by a famous designer. They have a wide range of beautiful lehengas, from traditional red to more modern pastel colors. They can also accommodate special orders. You should definitely call ahead and schedule an appointment before stopping by this shop.

2. Om Prakash Jawahar Lal

When it comes to high-end lehenga sales in Chandni Chowk, one of the oldest names is Om Prakash Jawahar Lal. A trip to this shop is a must if you have $80,000 – $2,000,000 to spend on your wedding lehenga. One of the best places to find quality lehengas by designers like Sabyasachi and Manish Malhotra is here as well.

3. Aditya & Mohit 

Aditya & Mohit is among the busiest Chandni Chowk bridal lehenga stores for a good reason. Beautiful lehengas, suits, and gowns in the season’s most popular colors and styles are available here. Once a humble store, they’ve expanded to grand new heights to accommodate their ever-growing customer base. If you’re looking for a bridal lehenga, Aditya & Mohit is where you’re most likely to find it at a price you can afford. Also, you must see their gowns, Anarkalis, and jacket-style clothing.

4. Payal Keyal

Payal Keyal has her own line of original lehenga designs, and she sells them in a market that is more well-known for selling knockoffs of famous designers’ creations. Despite being a relative newcomer to the Chandni Chowk bridal lehenga market, her name has already become quite well-known and respected. Her line is cutting-edge and modern, making it ideal for today’s bride. Payal Keyal, located in Chandni Chowk, is the place to go if you want to see avant-garde bridal silhouettes like those with fringes, tassels, feathers, and unusual blouse cuts.

5. Shrangar

You really want to wear a Sabyasachi lehenga, but you just don’t know where to start looking for one in your price range. Your best bet then is Shrangar. The best lehenga in Chandni Chowk is made at this shop, and it is modeled after designs by Sabyasachi. Still, that’s not all. Their selection of lehengas and sarees is extensive, and they come in a rainbow of hues. It’s one of the longest-standing businesses in the area, and its reputation for exquisite craftsmanship has helped it thrive.

Best Online Stores to Shop for Lehengas Under 15K

Have you recently done a lot of research on the best places to buy affordable lehengas, gowns, and other types of Indian ethnic wear online? While there are plenty of places to buy Indian clothing online, the following stores offer the best selection of lehengas, sarees, gowns, and even suits, and they do so at prices that won’t break the bank.

1.  6 Y Collective

Besides having one of the best collections available on the web, this one is highly recommended due to its competitive pricing structure. You won’t believe the low prices, and if you’re a minimalist bride, you can get a bridal lehenga there for less than 10 thousand. There are one-of-a-kind lehengas, Anarkali sarees, and blouses available. They hold sales twice a year and rotate new arrivals twice a year, making for a total of four times a year that they change their stock. We are confident in saying that you will enjoy it if you give it a try. All of the beautiful lehengas, gowns, and sarees in this shop can be had for less than 10,000 Indian Rupees.

2. Kalki Fashion

Indian ethnic wear and accessories galore can be found at Kalki, a Mumbai-based designer label. It’s essentially a shopping paradise, with a plethora of options for every style and budget. Several famous people and influential people have made Kalki their go-to for ethnic clothing, and you can get a nice outfit there for less than fifteen thousand rupees. Sales are the best time to buy from them because of the low prices they typically offer. You won’t have to stress over alterations, as customization options and expedited shipping are all on the table.

3. Vasansi Jaipur

You should not miss this one because it is a true treasure. The most sought-after and distinctive styles of fusion wear, lehengas, sarees, and gowns can be found at a Jaipur-based boutique’s web store. Designs feature bandhani and lehriya patterns, typical of Rajasthan, and the company is based in Jaipur. In addition to selling their own creations, they also act as a kind of mini-market for the works of other designers. Payment and shipping are simple and quick. There is a return policy and the option to exchange items. Consequently, you can go shopping without any apprehension.

4. Gulabo Jaipur

This Jaipur company is an industry leader in eco-friendly clothing. Gulabo Jaipur stocks so many dresses appropriate for weddings that you could do all of your wedding shopping there. The brand is popular among celebrities and influential people all over the world thanks to its one-of-a-kind designs. The quick and simple checkout and return policy are both welcome additions. You won’t find the typical selection of lehengas and ethnic wear here, but you will find a one-of-a-kind collection that will help you to stand out.

5. Roopkala Sarees

You can shop for their high-quality selection of ethnic wear from anywhere in India on their website, but they have a physical location in Mumbai. Lehengas, shararas, ghagra-cholis, salwar kameezes, and fusion wear are just some of the stunning options available in their beautiful collection of readymade garments. Depending on the designs you like, the time it takes to get them to you can be anywhere from a few days to two weeks.

Top Lehenga Brands

We won’t go into the cliches about how girls dream of their prince charming sweeping them off their feet on a white horse and proposing when they’re only two years old, or how they start planning their wedding when they’re in kindergarten and never stop thinking about bridal lehenga designs. It’s possible that you’re not as meaningless as the cliches make it sound.

It’s possible that you’ve never owned a single garment that resembles anything remotely bridal nature, despite your hectic lifestyle as a real estate agent, pilot, ER doctor, or statistics professor to a classroom full of troubled students.


Designer and winner of an international award, Ritu Kumar is known for her ability to blend ancient Indian craftsmanship with contemporary elements. Her skill in making luxurious bridal lehengas has made her a top name in the fashion industry.


Some of Bollywood’s most successful movies have cast Manish Malhotra as the lead actor. Beginning in 1990, his classic embroideries and luxurious silhouettes quickly earned him a place in the spotlight of the fashion industry.

Bridal lehengas from his collections are so extravagant and well-made that they are worn not only by A-listers but by the general public. This lehenga is available for purchase, or a lehenga catalog featuring all of our newest designs and highest quality options is available for resellers.


As the go-to designer for brides, Neeta Lulla can create anything from understated elegance to opulent extravagance. The four-time winner of the National Film Award is renowned for his expertise in creating stunning bridal lehenga ensembles worthy of a queen.


Tarun Tahiliani is a bridal wear designer who draws inspiration from his Indian heritage. He uses luxurious materials and flashy details to achieve a royal air. While he does favor traditional ensembles, he presents them with European tailoring for a smooth fusion of two distinct styles.


The NIFT graduate and fashion pioneer Sabyasachi was among the first Indian designers to modernize the traditional saree without sacrificing its cultural significance or aesthetic appeal. Leaving the pert behind, he focuses on couture and bridal lehengas that are both beautiful and one-of-a-kind, using unconventional fabrics and prints.

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