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Dress like royalty with our Edo traditional attire. This apparel is super comfortable, affordable and fun to wear. contact us today. The edo traditional attire is a beautiful Nigerian outfit that features a wrap-around skirt, fully embroidered with detailed colorful patterns. Made by artisans in the e do region of Nigeria, this outfit is handmade for you with pride.

The Edo Traditional Attire is a costume that was worn by women and men of the Edo people. It was made up of a wrapper, a blouse, and a scarf.

The wrapper was worn around the waist and covered with a blouse called “fofo.” The fofo was made up of two parts: an upper part called “ore” and a lower part called “obi.” The ore had two strings to tie it in front while the obi had one string in the back.

The scarf was called “okolo” and it was made of cotton fabric that had been dyed with indigo. Although it has different meanings for different people, most believe that this garment represents unity among its wearers.

Edo Traditional Attire

Style Inspiration

Discover the beauty of fashion with this elegant set of traditional attire for women. The dress is made from handloom fabric and is perfect for an outing with friends or family, weddings, parties and other events. With its high quality material and beautiful designs, you can wear it comfortably all day long.

Traditional dress clothing is designed and styled to look great on any occasion. Our products are made with high quality fabric that fits perfectly, and will keep you comfortable for as long as you wear it.

Edo bride and groom traditional marriage attire

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