Duchess silk satin is sold by the yard and quality.The best price you can get from top suppliers in Nigeria are from ; NGN 1500-NGN 2000  per yard.

Duchess silk satin fabric price in Nigeria
Duchess silk satin price in Lagos Nigeria

Silk Duchess Satin Fabric in Nigeria

Duchesse Silk Satin is a soft, heavy fabric with a lustrous appearance. In most cases, it is woven with satin threads, usually made from an extremely fine silk yarn, but increasingly it is also woven with viscose. This satin fabric is mainly used for evening wear, formal dresses, and wedding gowns. It has a high thread count and holds its shape very well, which makes it a top quality satin silk fabric.

Silk Duchess Fabric by The Yard

  • A yard of Duchess silk is 60 inches width (150 centimetres).
  • Fabric Weight: Heavy Weight (9oz/Yard)
  • Texture: Soft and silky.
  • Appearance: Matte or Shiny
  • Stretch: Very Little Stretch at the edges
  • Care instruction: Hand wash gentle cold, Non chlorine bleach, Line dry, Cool iron through the back.
  • Sold by the yard. Multiple yards will be cut in one continuous length.

Unlike other fabrics, duchesse satin has a distinct front and back, as one side is very shiny while the other is dull. It can also be made of polyester to make it more affordable while still retaining it’s excellent properties.

Duchess Satin 100 Silk Fabric

Modern brides can choose from a multitude of weaves and colors of duchesse silk satin for something opulent, yet special. In the event that a 100% silk satin is not in her budget, you can use a polyester version instead. “Matte” satin is less expensive, but when properly constructed, it is lighter and easier to walk in. Although white is the most popular color, less traditional brides may opt for rose red, sophisticated black, or vintage ivory.

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