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It is a very common mistake to think that the Doc Martens shoes are only for men. Women can wear them as well. The best part about these shoes is that they come in different styles, colors and designs so that you can match them with your clothing.

Here are some of the dresses that you can wear with Doc Martens:

Jeans Skirt: This is one of the most popular styles of jeans for women. You can wear this with any color or design of your choice. The best part about this dress is that it comes in different shapes and sizes from tight fit to loose fitting jeans. You can also wear this with a t-shirt or jeans jacket if you want to keep it casual or even with a hoodie if you want to look more chic and trendy.

Skater Dresses: Skater dresses are one of the most popular styles for women in recent years because they are very comfortable and easy to carry around as well as being trendy at the same time! These dresses come in different designs and colors so that you can choose any one that suits your style best! They go well with Doc Martens shoes because they have a flat rubber sole which makes them perfect for skaters or skateboarding enthusiasts!

Dresses To Wear With Doc Martens

10 Doc Marten Outfits That Prove These Iconic Boots Are More Versatile Than Sneakers

A quick scroll through your favorite influencers’ Instagram feeds and you’ll likely notice a little something: Dr. Martens outfits are everywhere. While these famous chunky boots are nothing new (they’ve actually been around since the 1940s!), they’ve definitely seen a resurgence in recent years. Fashion lovers are now styling them in a variety of fun, creative ways, reaching for this comfortable-cool, lug-soled shoe instead of high heels or, in some cases, sneakers.

The truth is, Dr. Martens lineup of Chelsea and combat boots is way more versatile than we originally thought. Instead of just complementing grunge or gothcore looks — two aesthetics this bulky footwear choice tends to be associated with — Dr. Martens outfit ideas are aplenty, and people are finding a way to make this shoe feel more casual, office-appropriate, and even fancy at times. These days, they’re styled with everything from comfy leggings to tight mini dresses, helping to spice up simple looks and create a cool, fashion-forward statement.

Ahead, we’ve rounded up a few Dr. Martens outfits that are worth recreating with a pair of your own, whether your preference is the platform Jadon, the 1460 Pascal boots, or another must-have choice from the brand.

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how to wear dr martens with jeans

Doc Marten Outfits

Add some flair to your well-worn basics by incorporating these chunky, statement-making shoes into your look. Even if your outfit is somewhat simple, Dr. Martens will give things a fashion-forward twist.

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With Black Bottoms

A darker pair of Dr. Martens will complement black bottoms, but if you’re hoping for an eye-catching pop, swap ’em out for a white, printed, or colorful pair, which will provide some contrast — and a little spice. Even switching out your laces will give your look an extra dose of fun, and you’ll find that a pair like the 1940s Pascal Atlas, which includes bright yellow details, is just as versatile as the original boot.

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With a Maxi Dress

The rugged, bulky nature of these boots will offset any ruffles or sweet floral patterns, giving a fancier design a more subtle, laid-back spin.

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With a Mini Dress

While night-out looks are often completed with over-the-knee styles or stilettos, Dr. Martens give things an easier, edgier feel while still providing a little bit of height.

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With Sweats

We’ll always love our slipper-like UGGs and convenient slide sandals, but there’s something about these chunky combat boots that turns loungewear into a sleeker, more intentional, and put-together ensemble.

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With Leggings

Doc Marten Outfits

Embrace the ’90s grunge look by styling your boots with leggings and an oversized jacket (extra points if it’s flannel or a shacket). The combination is an easy and comfy outfit idea that doesn’t feel boring or lazy.

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With Trousers

Trousers have become the happy medium between jeans and sweats, but if you’re still stumped for how to style these pants in a way that’s not too stuffy, slip your feet into some Dr. Martens. The contrast helps to dress them down and provide a bit of edge.

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With Shorts

Doc Marten Outfits

Sandals may be the shoe choice of the summer, but it’s possible to make boots work for every single season. Dr. Martens feel just as classic as your favorite denim shorts and graphic tees, which is probably why those pieces look so darn good together on warm days.

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With a Skirt

Doc Marten Outfits

Dr. Martens boots pair well with a variety of different skirt styles, whether we’re talking pleated, mid-length, ruffled, or denim. They’re more rugged than a heel or loafer, providing some balance and preventing your outfit from feeling too formal.

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With Dressy Items

Doc Marten Outfits

Go ahead and experiment by wearing your Dr. Martens with items that seem as if they wouldn’t go, such as structured blazers, polka-dot tights, sequins, or tulle. Opposites tend to attract, especially in the fashion world, and these shoes will work to tone down over-the-top elements and make them work for everyday activities.

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With Bright or Pastel Colors

Doc Marten Outfits

When it comes to black shoes, it’s easy to gravitate toward darker or neutral-colored clothing, since that kind of combination easily blends together. However, styling bright or pastel colored pieces with darker footwear — much like the Dr. Martens Audrick Platform Derby — creates an unexpected mix that feels fresh and fun.

doc marten outfits mens

We know it’s hard to find dresses that look good with Doc Martens. But don’t worry—we’re here to help.

First of all, it is absolutely possible to wear a dress with Docs. You just need to know what styles work best with your shoes and body type. For example, if you have really narrow hips and aren’t comfortable showing them off, you should try a dress with a high waistline so that it covers up your hips and butt. If you’re looking for something more revealing, try one with an open back or a low neckline that shows off some skin on your neck or chest area.

If you’re looking for more coverage but still want to show off your legs (with some skin-baring), then try wearing a long sleeve shirt underneath a short sleeve dress or skirt. This way, when people see the top part of your outfit (which is sleeveless), they’ll get an idea of how much skin this dress shows off in its entirety. You can also try wearing leggings underneath dresses for extra warmth or just because they look cute together!

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