If you are suffering from hot flashes, our cool bed sheets are the right choice. Designed to keep you cool, they are perfect for those who like to sleep in a cool room while away from home.

These cool bed sheets ease hot flashes and let you get a good night’s sleep.

The best cool bed sheets are breathable and absorbent, allowing your body to sleep naturally. Whether you’re looking for a sheet that gives you a cool sensation when you can’t be bothered with an ice pack, or if you simply have hot flashes, we’ve sifted through the options and present the best cool sheets that won’t let you down.

These bed sheets are perfect for summer nights. They can help keep you cool, comfortable and feeling better during hot flashes.

People who suffer from hot flashes will appreciate the cool temperature of these hypoallergenic bed sheets. Soft, lightweight and breathable, they are made from 100 percent cotton percale.

These Cooling Sheets are specifically designed to provide comfort and relief for hot flashes. Designed to help women feel their personal best, these sheets are 100% cotton, extremely soft and breathable, with a special cooling treatment. They help regulate sleep temperature throughout the night, which is important when you’re experiencing those hot flashes! It’s a great gift idea for anyone with menstrual-related problems, perimenopausal changes or who just wants luxurious bedding.

These cool bed sheets are perfect for hot flash sufferers. Made with cooling fibers, they wick away moisture – allowing you to feel more comfortable when you sleep.

It’s not easy being a woman and it’s even harder being a hot flash sufferer. This lightweight and breathable set of sheets promises to keep you cool at night as you sweat through your beauty sleep in search of relief.

People over 50 who sleep in cool or cold rooms may experience hot flashes. Our bed sheets are designed to help reduce body temperature and moisture in the most comfortable way possible. The cotton blend material provides the optimal level of comfort for hot flashes, but won’t make you feel cold during a chilly weather..

Cotton is the best fabric for hot flashes. This works for any type of bedding, especially sheets and duvet covers. The cotton helps to regulate temperature. We recommend a duvet cover made with light and breathable materials that will not make you sweat more than normal in your sleep.

These sheets will help you endure the heat. They’re made of a soft cotton for breathability, but their unique baking soda design makes them especially comfortable for hot flashes.

Feel the difference in these cooling bed sheets. The breathable, anti-wrinkle sheets keep you cool and calm all night, making it easier to get a full night’s sleep.

Our soft and breathable cool bed sheets are the perfect solution for hot flashes, and they come in a variety of colors, so you can choose the one that matches your bedroom.

Get the cool you need to sleep with these soft and breathable cotton sheets. Durable, wrinkle resistant and machine washable for easy care. Our Cooling Sheet Set is the perfect sheet set for hot flashes.

If you have frequent hot flashes and night sweats, these cooling sheets are perfect for you. The Micro-cotton synthetic fiber is lightweight and breathable to help keep you cool all night long. The silky soft material is extremely comfortable and won’t irritate sensitive skin, so you can get a peaceful goodnight’s sleep.

To stay cool at night, these cooling sheets offer an alternative to using a fan or air conditioning. They absorb heat from the body due to their specialized material, making you feel noticeably cooler even if the temperature outside is 90°F. They work in all temperatures and are machine washable.

Save your cool sheets from getting hot and sweaty! These bedding sets are designed with breathable fabric and a smooth, silky finish to keep you comfortable, even on the hottest of nights.

These soft and lightweight sheets are a great way to keep cool at night. This sheet set is made with special fabric that wicks away heat as you sleep, keeping you cool and comfortable.

During menopause, a woman’s body gets rid of excess heat differently than it did when she was younger — and sometimes that leads to uncomfortable hot flashes and night sweats. But there’s more than one way to stay cool at night. Our best-selling Cool Nights Sheets are designed to help keep you cool throughout the night, even during those hot flashes. Breathable and made from soft cotton, they also feature moisture-wicking technology to help pull heat away from the body keeping you dry through the night. Available in different colors and sizes, they’re easy to care for too — just toss them in the washer and dryer like normal.

Tired of waking up in a sweat? Our custom designed cooling sheets are made up of a very high-tech material that stays cool all night long. Perfect for night sweats, hot flashes, bedsheet comfort and more!

A cool, breathable weave of cotton and polyester fabric makes this bed sheet comfortable on your skin and reduces the chance of waking up with a hot flash.

Made to cool you down, these soft and breathable sheets draw your body heat up and away. This helps keep you comfortable at night and let’s your body rest so you wake up with less hot flashes than before.

At the end of a long day, cool down with these soft and comfortable percale sheets. These wrinkle-resistant sheets are made of 100% cotton for breathable relief, perfect for hot flashes or any time you need a little extra cooling.

Warm weather and hot flashes can make it tough to sleep. These 100% cotton sheets are designed to reduce the heat that makes you toss and turn at night. Featuring a breathable weave, moisture wicking and ultra soft feel, these sheets are the perfect choice for any body temperature.

Cool bed sheets for hot flashes. 100% silk, breathable and lightweight cooling technology, no more hot flashes!

Cool bed sheets are perfect for hot flashes and night sweats. They use temperature-regulating technology that responds to your body’s thermal needs, giving you a cooler feel and a more comfortable sleep.

These bed sheets are the perfect cool solution for hot flashes. Their gentle, breathable material wicks away moisture to keep you comfortable. Made from the same material used by NASA, these sheets pack a lot of heat-cooling power in a small package.

Forget hot flashes, our cool bed sheets are the solution you need. Our sheets provide a unique cooling effect while you sleep, keeping you at the perfect temperature to beat your hot flash blues.

Hot flashes can feel like an endless cycle of sweaty nights and uncomfortable days. The made-to-order bed sheets use patented technology to fight hot flashes and help you stay cool, comfortable, and relaxed all night long.

When it’s hot, you want to be cool with these soft, breathable sheets. Made of Bamboo Polyester, this 100% cotton alternative is the perfect way to beat the summer heat.

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