Chanel Cashmere Shawl No. 14 Described as the ultimate classic, this cashmere shawl is finished with a hand-sewn edge and satin piping. Can be worn in multiple ways and can be perfectly paired with your chanel coat for those chilly days.

This Chanel cashmere shawl is so soft and warm, you’ll want to live in it every day! We love how it can be thrown over your shoulders when you’re chilly, or wrapped around your neck when heading out into the cool autumn nights.

The Cashmere Shawl, a classic and essential piece in Chanel’s runway line – and many women’s wardrobes — is a timeless accessory that is used to complete outfits in every season. An elegant cashmere shawl creates a flattering silhouette to any dress or suit. The shawl makes for the perfect gift for anyone who appreciates quality luxury items such as cashmere, fashion accessories, and accessories of creativity.

The Chloé Cashmere Shawl adds a graceful touch to any ensemble. Crafted from a luxuriously soft blend of cashmere, it is finished with fringed edges – an accessory that looks just as beautiful tied around your neck or shoulders as it does draped over one arm.

Cocoon yourself in the cosy knit of our cashmere shawl. We offer this bold piece in a collection of rich neutrals, which you can create a pattern with, or simply wear as is. A square shape and easy drape make this a wonderful addition to your wardrobe.

This cozy woven cashmere throw is both refined and warm, making it the perfect accessory for your home. The modern, clean design pairs perfectly with the rich neutral tones of its material to fashion a luxurious look that will add warmth to any space in your house.

With the cool weather of Autumn just around the corner, a cashmere shawl is a must-have. Our Chanel Cashmere Shawl is crafted in Italy from ultra-soft and warm cashmere, with an exquisite openwork design.

Chanel’s cashmere shawl is a classic piece of knitwear that makes an ideal gift. This luxe knit accessory is trimmed with the house’s iconic quilted detailing and comes in a soft grey hue.

The cashmere shawl is the perfect accessory for keeping warm in the winter. This classic item can be worn on top of a coat or handbag to add an elegant touch.

This 100% cashmere draped shawl features elegant ruching and frills with tassels at the ends. Wear it as a wrap to stay warm in chilly weather or drape it over your shoulders when traveling to add an extra layer of warmth.

Quality Chanel Cashmere Shawl

Chanel has become a symbol of Parisian chic and quality, both in terms of design and production. After the death of Coco Chanel in 1971, her granddaughter inherited the company’s entire holdings.

The Chanel cashmere shawl is an elegant and luxurious way to wrap yourself. The thick, warm cotton wool is easy to care for and it will provide you with comfort for years.

The Chanel Cashmere Shawl is a must-have accessory for keeping warm in style. Made of pure cashmere, it’s the perfect addition to any ensemble.

One would not be a Chanel customer if cashmere was not on their list of favorites. So this is why it should come as no surprise that the French fashion house recently introduced their very own collection of wraps, knits and shawls in pure cashmere wool.

A classic cashmere shawl, this one is perfect for layering—or just keeping cozy. The timeless shape and classic color will never go out of style.

This pea green cashmere shawl is the perfect cover-up to add color to your winter wardrobe. Shawls are a staple in any wardrobe and can be worn multiple ways. Wear it with jeans, suit jackets or even dress it up with a black leather biker jacket.

A shawl is a large triangular scarf or wrap, particularly for cold outdoor wear. Traditionally of wool, in modern times they are often made of acrylic fibers or other synthetic fibers. The word shawl comes from Middle English chaul. It first appeared as cheul in 1297 and caiphusage in 1377. Its etymology is unknown; it may be related to the Persian word šalvān (“basket”).

The Chanel Cashmere Shawl is crafted from soigné, soft and highly sought after lambskin leather. The slender yet versatile design of this piece makes it the perfect companion for your everyday wear.

Nothing complements a great outfit like this Chanel Cashmere Shawl. The wool is sourced from the finest mills in Italy, and knit into a luxurious shawl with silk details at the collar and fringe. It’s finished with the iconic interlocking C clasp.

Add a touch of chic to your everyday style with the printed cashmere shawl. Channel your inner Coco Chanel and pair it with everything from denim to leather pants.

The cashmere shawl is the epitome of luxury. Easy to wear, this versatile piece can be used as a scarf or a shawl—and even as a wrap over your shoulders if you’re feeling particularly chilly. When layered with other accessories, it gives any outfit an instant touch of effortless glamour.

A cashmere shawl consisting of a fine weave, this neutral palette and sleek satin stitch pattern creates the ultimate in warmth and luxury.

In crisp British style and cashmere softness, this shawl is the perfect finishing touch for your outfit.

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