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Buy Cashmere Fabric in Lagos Nigeria

In terms of fabric clothing, Buyandslay is one of the most trusted online fabric suppliers in Nigeria. With this popularity, you can’t disregard the way that they offer durable cashmere fabrics to Nigerians. Buyandslay...


Where to Buy Italian Cashmere 220

This is a high quality cashmere faric sold at 4 yards and suitable for suits, agbadas, kaftans, classy gowns, trousers, jackets, etc. Specifically, on cashmere senator pricing, four yards of this fabric, which is...


Buy 13 Types of Cashmere Fabrics in Lagos Nigeria

Grade A cashmere All grade A cashmere wool fabrics are generally expensive, though some types are significantly more expensive than others. However, you will be able to appreciate why grade A cashmere is so...


7 Star Cashmere Fabric Price in Nigeria

When it comes to the price, the grade of cashmere fabric is important as well. Although low-grade cashmere is cheap, high-grade cashmere wool is very pricey. The finer the grade, the shorter the fibers...


Lace Materials and their Prices

On buyandslay store, we have a variety of fashionable and colorful lace fabrics for women. Lace fabrics makes women elegant and classy. We have laces that are suitable for asoebi and individual use.


Where to Buy George Fabric in Lagos

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Buy Silk Fabrics in Lagos Nigeria

  Where to Buy Silk in Lagos   A guide on how you can get any silk fabric of your choice in Nigeria.Below are descriptions of all the silk fabrics available in the store....


Scuba Material in Nigeria For Sale

NGN 1350 per yard 0r $3.54

Material: 95% Polyester

Fabric Type: Synthetic

Features: High elasticity 

L:60 CM

Colours: All colours

Single and Bulk order

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Delivery Within Nigeria: 3-5 Working days

Shipping to other countries 1 -2weeks 

Charges depending on country and location


Cashmere Senator Material

Cashmere Senator Material Cashmere senator material is all you need for your weddings and other engagements. Buyandslay cashmere senator fabric is smooth and light. It’s perfect for traditional attires, agbada and suit outfits. What...