Cashmere Sweater made in Scotland

Made in the iconic woolrich mill in Scotland and designed to be worn for decades, this cashmere sweater is crafted from ultrafine yarns to give it an incomparable softness. Simple design makes it infinitely wearable and versatile.

This cashmere sweater is made in Scotland, and has been crocheted in a plain pattern in Fair Isle. The fabric is soft and warm, with a little stretch to allow for comfort and ease of movement. The length of the garment allows this wrap to be worn as a scarf or around the neck, which can be folded to create an even warmer neck scarf.

This 100% cashmere sweater is crafted in Scotland and marked with the Scottish cashmere mark.

In addition to our commitment to make the finest cashmere sweaters in Scotland, we are equally committed to sustainability. All of our cashmere is sourced from within the UK, under strict ethical conditions. Our UK-based manufacturers ensure that working conditions meet EU standards, and that our products are free from all hazardous chemicals and dyes.

The Scottish cashmere sweater has a reputation for being the warmest, softest and most luxurious knitwear in the world. This classic style is made from 100% cashmere and features a ribbed trim detail at the collar, cuffs and hem. A single button placket makes it easy to slip on and matching buttons add an extra touch of refinement.

A good cashmere sweater is an investment in your wardrobe. The soft fabric provides warmth and comfort, and the timeless styles worn by men and women alike mean they never go out of fashion. You can wear them with anything from jeans to suits. Cashmere sweaters are made of soft yarn spun from the wool of Himalayan goats or lambs, who need to be carefully bred and sheared every year to produce a smooth, springy fiber.

With cashmere sweaters, you can trust that Argyll has been the top choice of accesories experts across the globe. The Cashmere Sweater Made in Scotland are considered to be some of the best Christmas sweater ideas in the world and this is thanks to its impeccable quality, classic styling and incredible attention to detail.

The cashmere sweater is made in Scotland from pure new wool. It features a crew neckline, ribbed cuffs and waistband, and a straight hem with side splits.

The cashmere sweater is a timeless and classic staple at the core of our business. We only stock the finest handpicked yarn, made with Scottish cashmere.

The classic cashmere knit, a Scottish treat for any day and time. With an all-over textured pattern and fitted shape, this soft sweater is the staple of your wardrobe. A timeless piece for every man looking for simplicity and authenticity.

Knit from the finest Scottish cashmere, with a refined stripe design, this fine gauge sweater is crafted to be an enduring staple for your wardrobe. Whether you are looking for a more detailed description of the product or want to order it online, we’ll help you find what you need when you need it.

The cashmere sweater (also known as a jumper and occasionally as a jersey) is a knitted garment of angora or wool, and generally designed to be worn as outerwear. The predominant variety of the design is commonly referred to as cardigan, though this term can also include other styles. Its name derives from its historical association with knighthood in Scotland. A cardigan is the Scottish spelling of “cardigan”, named after James Brudenell, 7th Earl of Cardigan, who led the Charge of the Light Brigade in 1854.

The cashmere sweater is the must-have knitwear item that you can rely on to keep you warm through cold winter days. Our Cashmere Sweater is crafted in Scotland and finely woven with a high thread count for a luxuriously soft feel against your skin. Finished with ribbed cuffs and hem for comfort and style, this is one of our best sellers.

Cashmere knitwear has enjoyed a long history of being associated with luxury and style. Are you looking for a classic but also practical sweater that will bring you comfort and warmth? Then this is the perfect jumper for you. It’s made of cashmere yarn, knitted in Scotland by a local handloom weaver.

A cashmere sweater made with the finest yarns and in Scotland means you can trust it to be warm, soft against your skin, and give you years of pleasure.

Cashmere sweaters are perfect for layering in the winter. The sweaters are made in Scotland, a country known for its beautiful countryside and high quality garments. They are available in several colors and patterns, so there is something for everyone.

Cashmere from the Scottish Highlands. These cashmere sweaters are just the thing to keep you warm, and even more importantly, looking stylish. Perfect for layering under a suit or over a sleek dress. Wear them anywhere.

Beautiful Cashmere Sweater made in Scotland

Cashmere sweaters are warm, lightweight and luxurious. They can be worn during almost all seasons, and they are perfect for both men, women and children. This cashmere sweater is truly a prestige garment due to its design that is inspired by the Scottish Landscape.

Cashmere sweaters are a wardrobe staple, but why stop at just one? This beautiful cashmere sweater is designed to be your go-to for cooler months and made in Scotland.

This cashmere sweater is made from the finest materials and creates an extremely soft, luxurious feel. The cashmere originates from scotland and it provides both comfort and warmth, allowing you to stay warm on the coldest days of winter.

This is a cashmere sweater made in Scotland. It has a very comfortable and warm look, with an attractive pattern of buttons to match the design of the garment. It’s not only stylish but also comfortable enough to wear all day long!

We’re big fans of cashmere, and we know it only comes from one place—Scotland. We’ve just launched a new cashmere sweater that’s different to our traditional collection and is made by one of the best manufacturers in the world.

Cashmere is one of the worlds finest materials, it wicks away moisture, regulates body temperature and has a soft luxurious feel. Constructed using 100% virgin wool which has undergone a unique scotch process to ensure softness and durability.

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