Cashmere Senator Material

Cashmere Senator Material

Cashmere senator material is all you need for your weddings and other engagements. Buyandslay cashmere senator fabric is smooth and light. It’s perfect for traditional attires, agbada and suit outfits.

What is cashmere fabric?

Cashmere is very soft on the skin and can be worn directly on the skin. Even underwear’s are made from cashmere fabric. Buyandslay cashmere fabric is available in different colours and textures. Affordable and durable.

Cashmere fabric is light and delicate. Cashmere sweaters are often worn for special occasions, and it’s even possible to find certain types of cashmere underwear. Generally, cashmere is a fabric you need for your project this period.

The price of Cashmere Fabric in Nigeria 

The price of cashmere varies. This depends on the quality. On buyandslay. The price is at the rate of NGN 8500 to NGN 9000 per yard.

The quality of cashmere fiber affects its price. Low-grade cashmere is not expensive but high-grade cashmere wool can become incredibly pricey. The higher the quality, the higher the cost.

Types of Cashmere Fabric

1. Wool Cashmere: this fabric is made from goat skin of the desert and Kashmir regions. This fabric has a soft and firm texture.

2. Pashmina Wool: This is made from fiber with a similar texture to wool cashmere

3. Grade A Cashmere: This cashmere fabric is very expensive and the quality is obvious from the texture.

4. Grade B Cashmere: This cashmere is a bit rough and can be scratchy on the skin. This cashmere grade is somewhat better than C.

5. Grade C Cashmere: This grade is very rough. It requires a lining for one to be comfortable. This is also not expensive.

Where to Buy Cashmere Fabric in Nigeria.

Buyandslay has the best quality cashmere you can think of in Nigeria. We have all the grades of cashmere fabric in our collection. Flip through our collection to make your choice.


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