Cashmere pashmina has never been so affordable. Our collection of incredibly soft and versatile shawls, scarves and stoles is designed to complement your wardrobe in a variety of ways: throw over your shoulders for an added layer at the office during the cold months, or use as statement color accessory for a night out.

Cashmere Pashmina: The Cashmere Pashmina is one of the best natural fabrics for warmth and comfort. It is lightweight, soft and comforable, which makes it a perfect choice for all seasons. The cashmere pashmina scarf can be worn in multiple ways, from wrapping around the neck like a scarf or shawl or tying it around handbag straps, or even wrapping it around your waist like a faja.

Cashmere Pashmina Scarves are our pride and joy, made with the highest quality cashmere and pashmina, they’re an instant asy to add to your wardrobe. From short to long, wide to narrow, there’s a style for everyone! We have a large variety of colors and sizes, so you can find exactly what suits your needs!

Cashmere pashminas for women, men and kids. Silky soft, lightweight and amazingly cozy. Olive cashmere pashminas add color and style to your wardrobe.

Cashmere pashminas are very soft and lightweight scarves. They are double layered and therefore have more body than regular pashmina, and they have a very elegant cashmere texture.

Cashmere Pashmina, is a cashmere scarf made from 100% pure cashmere wool, produced in China where the finest quality of natural down comes from. The softness, warmth and light-weight make it the perfect accessory for all seasons and climates.

Cashmere pashmina shawls are soft and comfortable, making them the perfect option for wearing on chilly days. They can be worn in multiple ways and will always look sophisticated.

Cashmere pashmina shawls are the ultimate in luxury. It’s soft, silky and lightweight. Wrap up warm in a cashmere pashmina shawl for winter and fall seasons, or wear open as an elegant scarf for spring and summer months

The Cashmere Pashmina is our most luxurious pashmina collection. Each pashmina is handcrafted in Nepal by highly skilled Cashmere artisans, who have been creating premium quality textiles for generations. Hand-picked from the finest sources of cashmere wool, each pashmina is then washed clean and gently felted for ultimate softness against your skin.

This cashmere pashmina adds luxury and warmth to any outfit, perfect for everyday wear. It’s made with 100% premium grade cashmere and it’s incredibly soft, lightweight, and breathable.

This cashmere pashmina scarf is made from the finest cashmere, sourced from Mongolia. The softness of the fabric and intricate patterns is comparable to only a master weaver can create.

Pashmina is a luxurious fabric that has shawls and stoles, which are worn as a sign of respect and devotion. Every day it is updated with different products such as pashmina shawls, scarves, blankets, pillows, throws and other products.

Cashmere pashmina is an elementary and attractive choice to give away your loved ones on the important occasion. We have a range of designs and colors that you can choose from according to your taste and requirements.

Cashmere pashminas have been ruling the fashion industry since ages. They have always been in fashion and are considered to be best as they not just provide warmth but also keep you cozy and cozy. These are adored by ladies of all age groups as they can be worn in any weather condition. So, if you want to pick up something for your loved ones for this festive season, then opt for a cashmere pashmina envelope scarf which will be a classy addition to their wardrobe collection.

Cashmere Pashmina is a soft, warm and luxurious fabric. It’s great for outerwear, scarves, shawls and much more.

Cashmere Pashmina is luxury and comfort in one. This 100% cashmere wrap has the softness, warmth and smoothness of top-quality cashmere, with a drape that is simply one of a kind.

Say ‘yes’ to a soft, warm cashmere pashmina and wrap yourself in luxury. This luxurious shawl features a soft shell and the signature Pashmina wool. Its lightweight, breathable material makes it an ideal accessory for milder weather.

Cashmere and pashmina are two different types of fabric, but they are common terms used interchangeably to refer to the soft wool. Cashmere comes from the undercoat of a goat, while pashmina is made from the shawl of a goat. Both fabrics are warm and lightweight.

Cashmere pashminas are soft and luxurious to the touch. Our cashmere pashmina collection is ideal for those looking to add a classy touch to any occasion.

Look sophisticated with cashmere pashmina from the Row. A soft and lightweight knit pashmina scarf that wraps you up in warmth and comfort, it combines traditional Pashmina wool with luxurious cashmere for a versatile style that is sure to add dimension to any outfit.

Imagine the most luxurious scarf you’ve ever encountered. Now imagine that same scarf being worn on your neck. That’s what Cashmere Pashmina is like–soft, warm and smooth. Our Cashmere Pashmina Scarves are handmade by women in China and India who are fair-trade certified.

Cashmere is a soft, warm and fine fibre with a unique ability to keep the wearer warm—and not just for a few minutes. It is also durable and long-lasting, making it a perfect choice for pashminas.

Cashmere is the soft, delicate undercoat of a Cashmere goat. Hailing from the mountains of northern Afghanistan, Mongolia and China, these goats were once used to keep their shepherds warm when temperatures dropped below zero. By using only natural dyes and no bleach, we create some of the most elegant wraps in our collection.

Cashmere and pashmina wool are luxurious, lightweight fibers that become soft and fluffy after washing. The color range includes everything from soft cream to rich brown, depending on how the master dyer incorporates different dye processes. Wool is a wonderful choice for knitting because it absorbs dye beautifully, making the color more intense and vibrant. Pashmina is considered “the queen of wools” due to its lightness, elasticity and warmth.

Best Cashmere Pashmina

Cashmere pashmina is one of the most luxurious textiles. We wrap you with warmth and comfort, your skin will fill with a sense of being caressed by softness.

Cashmere pashmina is a luxury fabric that is so versatile. It can be worn as a scarf, wrap, shawl and more. A cashmere pashmina creates an elegant and classic look that is timeless.

Cashmere pashmina wraps are statement pieces that can be used in many different ways. The versatility of cashmere and pashmina makes it a perfect gift for any occasion: holiday, wedding, graduation parties and even just because.

Cashmere pashminas are incredibly versatile, and one of the most popular pashmina wraps on the market today. We offer a range of different styles and colors to suit every occasion.

Cashmere pashmina shawls are made from the same fine quality cashmere fibers used to make high end scarves, but in a much larger format. These luxurious shawls can be worn wrapped around your neck or draped over your shoulders. They are lightweight and versatile – great for keeping warm during winter months while still allowing you to preserve your style.

Made of the finest cashmere and pashmina, this wrap is a must-have for your closet. The extra-large size makes it perfect as a lap blanket or while traveling. Featuring fringe around the edges and a simple ladder stitch pattern, it’s elegant enough to wear alone or pair with one of our other popular pashminas.

Cashmere pashmina is an extremely versatile accessory, it can be worn as a scarf or draped over the shoulders to dress up any outfit. The softness of cashmere pashmina mixed with the traditional feel of a pashmina makes it a must-have for every wardrobe.

Cashmere Pashmina Square Scarves is a stylish addition to any wardrobe. Its softness and warmth adds a touch of glamour to all outfits, making it suitable for morning outings, evening events and parties.

Cashmere pashmina shawls are thicker and heavier, with a rustic sheen to the fabric that makes them elegant and sophisticated. They can be worn as a wrap or scarf, or as a warm blanket. If you’re looking for luxury wool pashminas, these are the ones to get

A cashmere pashmina is the perfect essential accessory to keep you warm and stylish at home or while traveling. It’s soft, lightweight and breathable, so you can enjoy all-day comfort.

Cashmere, from Kashmir, is the most luxurious and sought-after fabric in the world. To get this soft, fine and extremely warm fibre, it’s first spun by goats, who naturally produce a fine undercoat that helps to keep them warm in harsh weather. A single goat can only produce about 120 grams of pashmina wool every year.

Pashmina cashmere is the most coveted and luxurious of all fine wools, prized for its softness, lightness and warmth. Pashmina is incredibly versatile, it can be worn in so many ways: as a scarf, shoulder wrap or stole. Over twenty years of know how go into every pashmina.

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