All of us here at cashmere in scotland understand the importance of feeling good and looking your best. That’s why we take great pride in bringing you the most luxurious cashmere in the world. Sadly, many other companies import their raw materials from China, Turkey or Pakistan, then dye it to make it seem like a Scottish crafted luxury item. With our company you can rest assured that you’re getting a genuine 100% cashmere product, lovingly hand-knit by a local artisan!

Cashmere in Scotland is a leading award-winning brand that provides high quality cashmere products at great prices. Since launching in 2005, Cashmere in Scotland has gone from strength to strength and has become one of the most popular luxury brands for cashmere in the UK.

Cashmere has been woven in Scotland for centuries, with the finest material continuing to be sourced from local farms. Our cashmere is spun at our mill on Scottish borders and dyed on site, giving us complete control over the process so we can offer you the best quality.

Cashmere is a special kind of wool made from the soft undercoat of the cashmere goat. This fine fiber is lightweight, warm and durable. The best cashmere comes from Scotland and we have been buying it for over sixty years. Our unique warmth-to-weight ratio is also exceptional, so our products are naturally breathable and comfortable

Cashmere Clothing is a small Scottish cashmere knitwear company. We work closely with our flock of highland sheep and producers to ensure we only make the best quality products. Our cashmere blends are sourced from the highest quality fabrics from around the world and include rare fibres such as vicuna, alpaca and silk making each piece unique.

Cashmere sweaters are our obsession. Whether you prefer the classic Shetland sweater or a more contemporary city-chic style, we bring the very best in cashmere to your closet.

Cashmere is famous for its softness and warmth, but it also carries a rich history. This cashmere in scotland offers an informative and inspiring look at what makes Scotland such an excellent cashmere producer.

Cashmere is Scotland’s premium textile, a key product within Scotland’s £1.8 billion soft textiles and fashion sector. The Scottish cashmere industry employs over 700 people directly and supports thousands more via its supply chain in the UK.

Discover Scotland’s cashmere. Discover the world of cashmere with our unique selection of high end knitwear from Scottish mills, and renowned international brands with a Scottish heritage.

A perfect cashmere scarf for Scottish weather. This 100% cashmere scarf is made in Scotland using the finest luxury yarns. It’s soft and supple, and a great practical companion that can be worn as a shawl or poncho in the colder months.

The renowned softness of cashmere comes from the undercoat of the cashmere goat, which is sheared every spring. The fine fibers have a naturally smooth texture and are naturally hydrophobic, so they repel water and hold their shape (unlike wool). It’s no wonder that cashmere from Scotland is considered by many to be the best in the world.

Cashmere is a luxury fabric made from the hair of cashmere goats. Cashmere comes from the Kashmir region, and has been made for thousands of years.

All about this cashmere in Scotland. We take you behind the scenes of our quiet Lochside workshop, where we craft our iconic cashmere from start to finish.

A cashmere company in Scotand has developed a process to make cashmere more durable and water resistant

The most beautiful cashmere yarns, exquisitely designed and crafted into fabulous garments. All of which is inspired by the Scottish Highlands. If you love cashmere and fine fashion join us on our journey.

Interested in a trip to Scotland? We offer an intimate, personalised tour of the textile industry. Meet our people, visit our homes and learn about the history and culture of cashmere production. You can even see how we make the fine yarns that underpin all our products at mills in Langholm and Dunsdale.

A cashmere sweater from Harris Tweed is the epitome of luxury and Scottish style. The luxurious feel of this material will be instantly recognisable and the quality is unmistakeable.

Cashmere blankets are best known as a luxury wool fabric that has been spun from fibers harvested from the undercoat of cashmere goats. Over time, thanks to advances in technology, cashmere can also be produced through a silk-like process where wool is spun into shorter fibers than normal and then cut. This gives the yarn its sheen, softness and warmth.

Cashmere Sweaters in Scotland 

Everything you need to know about Cashmere in Scotland. The worlds finest wool fibre grown on the hillsides of this beautiful country.

Explore the world of cashmere in Scotland, and discover how to identify genuine yarns from those that look similar but aren’t.

Cashmere- in the right hands- became one of Scotland’s most treasured exports. And now there is no better place to find it than here at The Cashmere Shop.

This cashmere is produced in Scotland and spun here. Cashmere is a special fiber that takes the shape of your body when you wear it. It’s warm, soft, luxurious and comfortable to wear, which is why its always been so popular with royalty and celebrities.

Cashmere is a wonderful natural fibre. Made from the soft, fine hair that grows on the backs of goats living in extreme climates, such as Tibet, Afghanistan and Inner Mongolia. Our cashmere comes from the Outer Hebrides of Scotland – a perfect climate for this luxurious material to thrive. The cashmere is combed by hand before being spun into yarn for knitting. Our garments are made locally in Hawick by expert craftspeople who know their trade well.

This cashmere sweater is made from the finest quality Scottish wool, with care taken to ensure that it retains its softness and warmth.

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