Cashmere, a luxurious fabric from the soft undercoat of cashmere goat has been around for centuries. And for good reason: It’s simply the finest fiber in the world. This edition showcases cashmere fabrics in Italian style and craftsmanship.

This is perfect for all seasons and it will keep you warm and comfortable all day long. Cashmere has always been a symbol of luxury, elegance and softness.

The natural element that makes cashmere fabrics distinctive is wool. The soft threads permit air to flow through it without feeling heavy or suffocating. It’s not just pleasant on the skin, but environmentally friendly as well because it requires no excessive water and chemicals to grow, unlike other fabrics. Cashmere is one of the best-kept secrets in the fashion industry. It’s soft and comfortable to touch, warm and breathable, durable and fits perfectly.

Cashmere is the fine hair that grows on the underbelly of a goat. It’s long, soft, and warm to the touch. Its natural colours are white, brown and black. It looks great in many styles, including jumpers, suits and cardigans.

Our Cashmere is sourced from the same world class producers that mills like Ermenegildo Zegna and Brunello Cucinelli use, so you know it’s good.

We have the best quality of cashmere in the world. The lightness of cashmere creates an elegant and versatile tee that is perfect for any occasion.

This product is designed with our favorite cashmere wool, treated to add strength and softness and then spun with a super-fine yarn for a wonderful, ultra-soft feel.

It was first discovered in Kashmir. Cashmere goats were domesticated several thousand years ago, and their wool shorn during summer months in order to prevent the animals from becoming too hot. Today, these goats are typically kept in small herds on farms where they are well fed and kept out of direct sunlight.

Discover our latest cashmere products, designed in Italy and crafted with the finest materials.

Best Cashmere in Italian 

Cashmere is Italy’s most famous natural fiber, the softest and warmest in the world. Its lightness, warmth and strength make it the ideal material for products such as sweaters and blankets, but also for pillows, slippers, rugs and more.

The cashmere fabric is a strong, elastic fibre that comes from the undercoat of Merino sheep, and can be found in Italy. It’s one of the softest materials on earth, and it’s long-lasting.

Cashmere is one of the most special materials in our lives. Because of its softness and light weight, it is a natural material which can be worked into a wide range of garments and accessories using many different techniques.

Usually, the goat is first shorn, then brushed once a year to get rid of its undercoat. The unwanted hair is collected and spun into yarn, after which it can be knitted, dyed and woven into luxurious fabrics. Cozies cashmere uses only 100% cashmere wool as well as other high quality materials in all of our products.

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