Cal King Split Sheet Sets

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Split California King Sheets Cotton

A Perfect choice for those who love to sleep in the coolest environment, our Cal King Split Sheet Sets will surely keep you cool at night. Made of 100% cotton, the sheets come with a rich texture and give an extremely comfortable feeling to your skin. You can also get these fitted with your own style and embroidery for a more elegant look!

Looking for an inexpensive, yet high-quality and durable cotton split king sheets? Look no further than the C3G above Cal King Bed Sheets. These sheets are made from long staple Egyptian combed cotton, which means they have a finer and smoother texture. This makes them perfect for any sleeping surface, even sensitive ones like skin or down filled comforters. Since it’s so durable, you can also expect this sheet set to last you quite some time.

The king size is a great way to save space. If you have limited bedroom space, or live in tight quarters, there are many things to look for when choosing new sheets for your bed. A good way to choose which king-size sheets are right for you is by examining the different materials and thread sizes used on each of them. One example would be organic cotton king size sheets . The majority of these organic cotton sheets are made from extra long staple (ELS) cotton, which means it has been combed more than once before spinning, resulting in stronger fibers. This kind of cotton feels and looks different than standard Upland cotton, which has been picked fairly recently. Sheet sets made with organic Upland cotton will have a softer and more natural feel. Organic Cotton is Upland Cotton grown without herbicides or pesticides; it’s also 100% biodegradable.

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