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Turbans, also known as head wraps, are an essential part of the Nigerian fashion and culture. If you’re looking for a unique and fashionable way to cover up while staying dry in Nigeria, this is the hat for you!

The Kano State Government is to spend the sum of ₩1.4bn on the purchase of turbans for Muslim faithfuls in January and May 2019. The Director-General, Nigerian Tourism Development Corporation (NTDC), Promote or Nipote Aigbogun, said this during a pre-Azare town hall meeting in Abuja on Tuesday.

The Turban in Nigeria is a type of headgear, worn primarily by women. This turban is different from other kinds of turbans because it has no feather or bit of hair. It is styled in the shape of an ili-oba (headband) and worn up high on top of the head. The traditional turban has shiny fabric but modern versions are in various other materials like denim and satins.

Turbans in Nigeria are very diverse with regards to the materials employed, colours, area and the technique used to make. There are many types of turbans all over Nigeria. They’re used as a form of headgear to preserve against sunshine and rain or to keep away from drafts. Some make use of it for religious purposes, others for beauty purposes. Turbans can also be worn by both male and female in Yoruba land.

The African turban is a simple headdress made of fabric, often enhanced with embroidery or sequins for evening wear. Turban, an ensemble of fabric wound artistically around the head, used by Muslim women in predominantly Muslim areas. It serves as a form of protection from the sun, wind, and rain, as well as a distinctive symbol of the wearer’s religion. In ancient times, turbans were worn around two-thirds of the head and were held in place with a veil. Today some women put their hair up before putting on their turban, with the assumption that it will hold their hair more firmly against their heads.

The Hijab style is known as the most widely used and popular technique. 100% pure cotton of great quality. Can be worn with a variety of clothes you can get a good quality of turban in Nigeria. We are the number one company for turban in nigeria, contact us for more information.

In Nigeria, a turban is a symbol of piety and stature. It is worn by men, women and children for religious reasons, for fashion or for beauty enhancement. In this course, you will learn how to create a simple turban using these techniques: – The basic technique for creating an attractive wrapping effect around your head

The Toque is a traditional women’s headscarf worn in West Africa that goes back centuries, and is still popular today. The Toque has been made out of all kinds of materials, including cotton, silk and even feathers. For the modern woman who wants to dress in style while feeling comfortable and confident in her own skin, we have created this fresh take on the Yemaya turban to inspire you to explore your creative possibilities with accessories.”

The turban is a great way to style your hair, and we’ve got plenty of styles to choose from.

We stock a huge range of turban in Nigeria,for both women and men. We have different style and type of beanies. Shop now. turban in nigeria is a product of the production and sale of a set of goods and services, or the sale of a good or service for cash. The activity may be performed by individuals, businesses or governments.

Turbans in Nigeria is a brand that was created to promote the use of Turbans and Hijabs for Muslim Women. It’s about promoting a culture of modesty for women, and encouraging them to embrace their faith and culture. The hope is to inspire more young women from the African continent to wear turbans and hijabs as an everyday fashion statement.

The turban is the symbol of pride and style in the world of fashion. It has gained popularity among some men because, it has been associated with a sense of luxury, sophistication and elegance. The turban is an accessory that will always be trendy no matter the occasion.

Our turban is a must-have for the spring and summer season. Made to be long lasting and wear-resistant, this beautiful turban will protect you from the hot sun while keeping your head covered on any occasion.

Turbans in Nigeria are a great way to keep your hair neat and tidy, protect it from the sun, and make a style statement. This is a turban set that comes with an elegant and eye-catching style. It will make you feel more confident, beautiful and regal whenever you wear it.

Nigerian women wear turbans as a headdress, particularly during festivals and important social events. They should be made of soft materials, like cotton or polyester fabrics. The base color should be bright, while the upper part of it must have various designs and patterns.

Our reusable and biodegradable turban is designed to fit any head size. It is made from the highest quality, breathable fabric that is both light weight and soft on your skin. The material washes well and dries quickly, maintaining its original colour after every wash.

Hair accessories are the perfect way to transform your look and create a gorgeous style. It can be worn as an accessory to match your outfit, or it could change your whole look when worn with a different colored outfit. The best part about wearing a turban is that it will protect your natural hair from heat damage and breakage while allowing you to create an entire new look.

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