Net Fabric is a brand of top-quality fabrics that are carefully handpicked by our product experts. Each piece of fabric has been carefully selected based on quality and design, so you can be sure that your project will be a success.

High quality and fashion net fabric are used to make the product. This beautiful and stunning fabric can be used for making various types of clothes like a-line dresses, skirt, shirt and many more. It will add beauty to the apparel.

The ultimate in luxury bedding, this sophisticated 100% cotton duvet features a striking stitched all-over pattern. The gentle slubbed texture and subtle colour variations mean there’s no need for impractically large prints.

Our Net Fabric is the perfect choice for business and travel. It offers you a neat, organized look. You can also use it for storing laptops, books, or anything else you need to keep in order.

A fitted, knit shirtdress with a bright, colorful floral print. Create a customized fit by adjusting the tie-knot at the waist. Each of our Net Fabric is made with the highest quality material that is extremely durable and easy to clean.

As part of our efforts to support the industry and educate building professionals, we have worked with various material manufacturers and fabricators throughout the years. Everything we do is fueled by one common goal: “to make it easier for companies like yours to do more business with us”. This Net Fabric is not only lightweight but also durable enough to withstand high winds, storms and major storms depending on the material thickness.

Net Fabric is made of high-quality material and possesses good strength, fine texture and excellent elasticity. It can be widely used for manufacturing men’s wear, sportswear, lingerie and so on.

Net fabric or netting material is a lightweight, open and breathable material that is ideal for growing plants. The material allows for good air circulation and drainage, so you can create an attractive garden bed in just about any part of your yard using nothing but soil and rocks.

A lightweight, breathable, ridged net fabric, which blocks out water and sunlight to prevent mould growth. Perfect for creating a cocoon in the home, garden or on holiday, ideal for using indoors or outdoors.

Soft Body Net Fabrics

Net Fabric is a high-quality performance fabric that can withstand heavy usage and resist abrasion. It is extremely versatile, easy to clean and more durable than many comparable fabrics. Net Fabric uses flexible fibers to prevent accidents from occurring and children from falling. Helpful for playgrounds, parks, and play areas.

This plain-weave net fabric is 100% polyester, and contains no stretch. A perfect solution for window treatments, table cloths and dresses, this versatile fabric can be used both indoors and outdoors. Made in the USA!

Net fabrics are designed to provide high wind and tear resistance. They are often used to make outdoor covers, such as picnic tables and umbrellas, flagpoles and volleyball nets, shade sails over outdoor pools, shade tents and so on.

Net Fabric is a great way to turn your window into a screen. With our Net Fabric, you can enjoy the fresh air without worrying about bugs and pesky insects.

The Net Fabric is perfect for those who like to stand out. This style features a tight knit, deep cut V-neck design, and a body-con silhouette. This item runs true to size at the upper body. A stretchy fabric provides comfortable movement with a form-fitting feel. The waistband can be adjusted for the perfect fit for long line shapes and gives the illusion of a smoother tummy area.

The Net Fabric is a lightweight, highly breathable material that doesn’t absorb moisture. It’s made from a durable nylon fabric and can be used in a range of environments

The Net Fabric allows you to turn any flat surface into a place to catch beads and other tiny objects. The top is made from a mirror-like reflective silver material, while the bottom layer is made of tightly woven strands that you can use to create threading.

The net fabric is an installation of a net sculpture in the public space that connects art and architecture. The idea of the project comes from the transformation from organic to geometric, from nature to architecture, from countryside to city. The creation process is inspired by the formal characteristics of honeycombs.

This durable cotton net fabric is great for curtains, upholstery and window treatments. Use the complimentary colour card to choose a custom match.

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