Green Charmeuse Silk (Satin Silk) Fabric is an exquisite green color with a shimmery look and feel. This lightweight fabric is soft to the touch and drapes beautifully. This fabric is perfect for bridal, bridesmaid and holiday gowns. It’s so versatile, you can also use it to craft home decor items such as curtains, cushions or tablecloths.

More and more luxurious fabrics are being produced today, but there is no substitute for charmeuse silk. Made from natural fibers pressed into a thin, soft, lustrous fabric, it’s smooth and supple to the touch. Satin is a finish applied to many fabrics including silk and rayon, but in this case we’re using the term to refer to a type of woven satin fabric. Get that smooth flowing feeling with our Green Charmeuse Silk (Satin Silk) Fabric fabric.

Green Charmeuse Silk Fabric is perfect for silk garments such as evening gowns, wedding dresses and special occasions. High Quality, Beautiful and Soft Fabric Charmeuse Silk (Satin Silk) Fabric is made with 100% Natural filament silk (high quality silk fibers).

This green charmeuse silk fabric is the perfect choice for a summer dress, maternity dress or wedding dress. The silk features a soft texture that drapes nicely, while being strong enough to last through repeated washing and wear.

A green charmeuse silk (satin silk) fabric with a satin weave. A machine washable and good stretch-ability fabric. This is a 100% silk fabric and it does not contain any other fibers like cotton or viscose. It is in stock for immediate delivery.

This is a gorgeous green charmeuse silk satin fabric that is soft to the touch and perfect for creating beautiful evening gowns. Straight from our mill in India, you don’t need to do anything to it but cut it out and make something gorgeous!

The Green Charmeuse Silk is our most popular fabric for creating beautiful eveningwear. It is made by interlocking parallel yarns, which gives it a unique sheen and soft hand. At 12mm wide, this silk is ideal for any project from delicate eveningwear to ruffles and trims.

Price of Charmeuse Silk Satin Fabric

Charmeuse is a lustrous, lightweight fabric that drapes well. Its fibers are closely twisted and thin enough to let light pass through. Silk charmeuse is smooth, soft and fine in texture. It has a hint of shine, but not as much shine as the other kinds of silk. Charmeuse is a smooth fabric with good weight and drape.

We specialize in providing you with the right fabric that you need. We offer best quality and affordable prices. So buy Green Charmeuse Silk (Satin Silk) Fabric now!

This soft and elegant Green Charmeuse Silk (Satin Silk) Fabric is perfect for many garments, using accessories, and more. Green stands for spring and nature so it will be a perfect choice to make green clothes for your new year dresses. These silky fabrics are affordable, easy to work with, very smooth and have a slight sheen to them. The fabric can be easily ironed with no effort and is easy to sew into clothes.

Our Green Charmeuse Silk fabric is a lightweight, natural fiber satin with a beautiful sheen. It’s perfect for creating sumptuous dresses, eveningwear and special occasion gowns in a wide range of styles. If you’re looking to make a statement with your next project, we recommend you try some Green Charmeuse Silk Fabric!

Green charmeuse silk fabric is a combination of green silk and satin. It is a smooth and soft fabric that is elegant and luxurious. This fabric is known for its unique sheen and quality that make it an expensive fabric.

This soft, lustrous green fabric has a rich and elegant appearance. Green charmeuse silk fabric can be used for evening wear, bridal dresses and more. The price is per yard (1.5 meters) and 100% pure silk. This fabric is sold by the yard so if you need a specific quantity please contact us to buy this fabric in one continuous yardage.

The fine quality green charmeuse silk fabric is made from pure raw silk with a glossy sheen and a slight crinkle. It has a glossy, satiny finish and gives you luxurious comfort. It has a beautiful drape, perfect for evening wear or special occasion dresses or furnishings.

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