Spaghetti straps are one of the most popular summer styles. They look great with a wide range of outfits, from casual to dressy. But what type of bra should you wear underneath?

You should always consider your outfit when choosing a bra, but there are some general rules for spaghetti strap tops.

If it’s a casual top, try wearing a seamless bralette or sports bra without padding. A seamless bralette is your best bet if you don’t want to show any lines underneath the top, but if it’s too tight or uncomfortable, then choose a sports bra instead. Sports bras are also good for high-impact activities like running and yoga. However, if you have large breasts, then these may not provide enough support for you.

If you’re wearing a dressy top with spaghetti straps that has more coverage than most casual tops (like this one), then choose a push-up bra or demi cup bra to give yourself more cleavage while still maintaining modesty. If you don’t need as much lift and shape, then try wearing an everyday t-shirt bra like this one by Calvin Klein which provides full coverage and comfort all day long!

Bra To Wear With Spaghetti Straps

What Bra To Wear With Spaghetti Strap Top

What Bra To Wear With Spaghetti Strap Top

In this generation, people love trendy fashion. You can see lots of beautiful dresses, tops, tanks, bottoms, and so on. You cannot deny that nowadays, you love to mix and match your clothes and post your OOTDs on your social media accounts. On the other hand, behind those fancy outfits and your OOTD photos, you might be struggling with your undergarments, especially with your bra.

I know you like the idea of wearing dresses on a special event and the spaghetti strap tops in summer. You don’t have to worry as I will tell you some tips on what bra to wear with spaghetti strap tops and dresses.

Bra Options To Wear With a Spaghetti Strap Top

Wearing a spaghetti strap top and dress is indeed comfortable, especially during summer or hot season. Aside from that fact, you can also wear it on the beach and other special events as it looks more fashionable and elegant. When wearing a spaghetti strap top, you sometimes can’t avoid your bra strap showing off, which is irritating and looks off in the picture. You can prevent that situation if you know what bra to wear with spaghetti strap tops. Here is the list of bra that you can wear with a spaghetti strap top.


If you are curious about what bra to wear with spaghetti strap top, you can try bralettes. It is a bra that offers shape rather than support. Bralettes are usually softer, wire-free, and comfortable to wear. It is most suitable for girls with small breasts, and it is perfect for all-day lounging. If you have big and heavier breasts and looking for a bra that offers more support, bralettes may not be suitable for you.

One advantage of wearing a bralette with your spaghetti strap is it adds a touch of fashion. It is available in different styles and designs and is perfect for spaghetti strap tops.

Strapless bras

Another way for you to wear your favorite spaghetti strap tops without revealing your regular bra’s straps is to use a strapless bra. It has no shoulder straps, and it is designed for spaghetti strap tops, tube, low back tops, spaghetti strap dresses, and so on. Most strapless bras feature silicone or rubber lining to give support and prevent from falling. Wearing a strapless bra with your spaghetti strap top will make you look clean and elegant.

On the other hand, strapless bras are not suitable for everyday wear. Since it doesn’t have shoulder straps and it can slip down easily, you have to make sure that its hook is in the tightest place. It is not advisable to wear a strapless bra if you are wearing loose-fitting clothes. If you have big breasts, you can wear it for a specific time since it might hurt your breasts.

Bra with transparent bra strips

If you find yourself somewhere in between, you still have another option. You can wear your favorite spaghetti strap tops, not with bralettes or strapless bra, but with bra with transparent bra strips. It is perfect for girls with any boobs size. The good thing about the bra with transparent bra strips is it merges it with your skin tone to show your beautiful outfit without any ugly straps.

The three types of bras are just an option. If you find these bras uncomfortable and not suitable for you, you can also do other options, such as hiding your everyday bra’s straps. You can also use a nipple tape if you feel that it will work on you. Identifying what bra to wear with spaghetti strap tops and dresses is vital, especially if you want to look elegant and neat.


Wearing comfortable clothes, such as spaghetti straps tops, backless, sleeves, and so on during the hot season, is one of the best feelings. Identifying what bra to wear with spaghetti strap top is essential if you are more on the fashion side. You can choose from bralettes, a strapless bra, and bra with transparent straps. Each bra type has its pros and cons, but it depends on your preference, which one suits you.

Now that you already know what bra to wear with spaghetti strap tops, you can now wear your spaghetti strap tops comfortably. In case no one works from the bras mentioned above, there are still other options for you. One option is you can hide your bra straps. You can also use a nipple tape if you feel comfortable. You can do so many other options to wear your favorite and most comfortable spaghetti strap tops. Here’s how to learn more about intimate wear tips.

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