The bow tie blouse also called tie neck blouse is as old as fashion. This piece was a trend in 1970s. Fashionable women of the first generation set the pace for the bow tie blouse trend  which is now a hot item in contemporary times.

The bow tie blouse made a huge come back in 2020/2021. From office style to street back to back. Below are lovely images of women, rocking the bow tie blouse outfits.

The bow tie blouse are in an array of colors and say they’re among the 2020/2021 best-selling blouses for women. The bow tie blouse is also becoming a popular trend for men. This was seen on Gucci fashion show in 2015.

How to Wear the Bow Tie Blouse

 The bow tie blouse can be worn with a pencil skirt or straight pants and jeans which comes as a set. The best footwear of all times for this outfit is a  stiletto. Fashion has no boundary. It can also be styled with a pair of converse, platforms, wedge and so on. The choice is yours.

I recommend this style for women who wants to make fashion statement in their daily lives. It is supper classy, decent and sexy for women of all caliber.  This retro inspired blouse is what you need to turn heads and appeal to onlookers. Another great thing about this trendy piece is the completed look that features a key accessory already built in to your look.

Women above 40 can testify to the bow tie blouse trend which was popular in their youth. This blouse is one of the best selling tops for women in 2020/2021. You can see young ladies and adults embracing it enthusiastically as something new and exciting. This trend was a huge success even John Malloy advised women who wants to be company executives to wear blouses with boxy navy-blue or gray skirt suits.

The Tie Neck Blouse Style

Apart from the style I showed you earlier, here are other ways you can slay in a bow tie Today I’m showing five ways to wear the versatile tie-neck blouse. Bow tie blouse can also fit in to every day corporate casual. This outfit can be used to create secretary look, office women look, street style look and so on.

You can create a kind of sexy secretary look from the 1970’s or make it look femme fatale and sophisticated. We have varieties of designer brands who recreated this blouse in different styles. There are secretaries style , business women style, cool-girl style  and so on. When we talk about bows, the ones that are skinny, sleek and lace are lovely.  We have  selection some lovely to show you versatility of this pretty blouse.

Contemporary  styling makes a huge difference in the bow tie blouse. We see a lot of ladies in their prime putting on these blouses. It’s a sight to behold. The bow tie blouse appears corporate, at the same time looks sexy depending on how you wear it.  Reviewers say that the bow tie blouse does not work under suit jackets, but also paired with short or long skirts for evening wear or with jeans for casual wear.

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