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With the rich and classical Indian culture, there is an endless list of traditional outfits that are populated by the people of India. A saree being one of the most interesting, attractive and demandable outfits worldwide. It can be said that every woman wears a saree on a particular occasion or any other day just to get that perfect look. That’s what makes it so popular among women all over India and even beyond. The best part about sarees is that they come in different designs, materials and colors adding more beauty to them. So here is a quick overview of some trending blue banarasi sarees with contrast blouse designs so that you can choose from them as per your choice and liking.

Red Banarasi Saree with Blue Blouse

This red banarasi saree with blue blouse is a classic choice for any occasion. The saree is crafted in chanderi silk, making it extremely soft and comfortable to wear. The stunning color combination of blue and red makes for a perfect ethnic look that you can pair with any outfit for an instant boost. This saree measures 5.5 meters in length and comes along with a matching blouse piece that helps complement its beautiful design. The saree comes along with an unstitched blouse piece that helps increase the life of this product as well as allows easy alterations while wearing.

This Red Banarasi Saree with Blue Blouse is intricately woven with zari and motifs, which makes this saree extremely elegant. An attar is a traditional perfume used by women in the Indian subcontinent. It is made from flowers and spices, or plant roots. The word comes from Arabic meaning “to smell”. Attar of roses are used throughout India to make soaps, perfumed oils and pastes

This is a beautiful Red Banarasi Saree with Blue Blouse. The saree comes in a beautiful blue color which will make you look gorgeous while wearing it. It can easily be paired with any type of footwear or jewelry to make your appearance stunning. The saree has been made with pure silk fabric, which is extremely comfortable to wear and gives you a unique look.

This red Banarasi saree with blue blouse is a beautiful combination of blue, yellow and red silk fabric. It features a Pallu in light green color with white designs, pallu ends adorned with shining golden motifs. This Banarasi saree comes with a matching handloom applicated Blue Salwar Kameez.

This red Banarasi saree is embellished with blue block prints. The crepe silk saree comes with an unstitched matching blouse piece which can be stitched according to your preference. This designer piece is created by the artisans of Varanasi and would definitely lend a classy touch to your ethnic wardrobe.

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This saree is made of Banarasi Silk with hand silk embroidered motifs. Accessories of the saree are a gunmetal plated brooch and a pair of lace borders, which enhances the beauty of the saree.

Blue Banarasi Saree Blouse Designs

Blue Banarasi sarees are greatly popular and stylish. They are considered as the most elegant and luxurious sarees in India. Blue banarasi saree blouse designs looks extremely gorgeous and provides a traditional look to women’s.

Following are the different, contemporary and traditional designs of blue banarasi saree blouse embroideries, which are popular in India. These designs can be used for the stitching of banarasi sarees and these designs can also be used for other applications such as making up bed covers, cushions etc. Blue Banarasi Saree Blouse Designs – The embroidery is done on a white background or on a green or red colour cloth piece. In some cases also we have seen that rasabali work is done along with the design which makes it more attractive and special. In most cases they prefer to use pure gold threads while stitching these designs but at times silver threads are also used with dark shades like black or purple colour beads are used.

Blue Banarasi Silk Saree Blouse Designs-The simple and elegant combination of blue banarasi saree designs and silk sarees are so popular since past many decades. The delicate grace with which a lady wears a blouse along with the saree defines the beauty of women.

We have a beautiful collection of blue banarasi saree blouses to go with your blue banarasi sarees. You can find here some unique and different designs of blouse that will enhance the look of your blue banarasi saree as well as make you look gorgeous.

An exclusive collection of banarasi saree blouse designs in blue colour. The designs look amazing with the bright and vibrant pure blue shade. These blouses fit like a glove over your body making you look stunningly beautiful. You are sure to grab all the attention if you wear any of these saree blouse designs at your next party or family gathering.

Pink Banarasi Saree with Blue Blouse

This Pink Banarasi Saree with Blue Blouse is best for daily wear, party wear and more. This saree could be used as wedding saree. The saree is made up of banarasi fabric and comes with a matching blouse piece. This is an unstitched blouse piece so you can customise it to your desired length and style.

This Pink Banarasi Silk Saree is one of the most desired sarees of Indian women, who like their traditional and elegant look. The splendid designs, intricate embroidery and other traditional features give this saree an unique identity. It comes with a Blue Blouse

This pink banarasi saree is done in the traditional Banarasi weaving style and has a blue blouse. This hand-woven saree is presented in a traditional woven packaging. The design consists of solid golden border with floral motifs woven on blue base with black, white and beige colors.

This Banarasi saree is a masterpiece of art. This saree has floral pattern and comes in soothing pink shade with an amazing blue blouse that goes perfectly with the design of the saree.

One of the most beautiful sarees you can own is undoubtedly a Banarasi sari. This exquisite piece is handwoven and made from pure silk. Pair it with the blue blouse hidden underneath and have heads turn wherever you go.

This elegant saree is a manifestation of the fine craftsmanship and artistry that goes into every Nalli saree. Beautifully weaved in pure silk, this saree boasts a beautiful pallu design, which is accentuated by small contrast border in shades of blue and green. The blouse piece is intricately woven with interesting geometric patterns similar to those found on the pallu.

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